Ringing Weekend in Devon

I got back home at 9.30 pm - and met Mike in the street returning from a QP and practice at Chelsea Old Church.  It was a quick turnaround the next day as we were heading to Devon for a ringing weekend organised by Mike. Claire, Bjorn, Louise Palmer and Dave were coming down to stay with us, and the bands were being made up by locals, including Bob (on Friday) and Peter (on Saturday and Sunday).

We travelled independently so that I could stay on for a few days afterwards.  Mike went to work and I unpacked, did all the washing, put the house in order and walked Suki before setting off - arriving about 3 pm.  I just had time to sort out the huge pile of post before Mike turned up at 5.30 pm which was a nice surprise.

It was a very successful weekend - they scored all the QPs that were attempted (7 on Friday, 5 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday).  There was a curry theme to the methods chosen so it was appropriate that we had a curry on Friday night in Bovey, which was very nice. On Saturday w…

Birthday and Visit to Majorca

November started as October had finished - with no time to go to fitness classes! Monica fell over at the weekend in Maidenhead - dropping Marcia off from their trip to Tulloch, so she had been driving for 10 hours - and was in hospital in Slough with a broken hip, which had been pinned.  I went over to see her - what a nightmare it was trying to park in the hospital car park, with lots of vehicles going round and round waiting for someone to come out of a space.  In the end I gave up and came out intending to park on a road somewhere and walk, and was extremely lucky to find a space in the long layby outside.  A two-hour slot which suited me well.  Monica seemed to be quite cheerful and well and was already able to walk slowly down the corridor on someone's arm to use the facilities.

I had lunch with Len and Janet on 1st Nov - we met at Paddington station (torrential downpour thankfully easing as we left its shelter) and went to the Ask Italian Restaurant just a couple of minutes…

Frenetic October

October was a very busy month - the first week was a social whirl! Walking with Maryanne on 1st, coffee with Muffie on 2nd, supper with Pru and Caroline on 3rd, handbells at Guys on 4th (another failed attempt at Lincolnshire) and a QP of Grandsire Triples at Barnes on 5th.  I managed to fit in Aerobics on the Thursday and Forever Fit on the Friday and then didn't manage another class for the rest of the month.  I was a bit worried about my foot in any event - I kept thinking my sore heel was getting better and then it would flare up again very painfully after a class, so it was just as well to give it a rest.

Mike was off early on Saturday 6th to the Bletchingly training day, so I was able to get off early to Devon for the week - Jayne's last week before going back to India.  Suki decided to go and sit in her cage - and shut the door behind her - which she has never done before, although she has always been very comfortable about going in and out of it.  No idea what was goin…

A whole month in London!

I stayed home in London for the whole of September.  I went to all my fitness classes, made good progress with the baby afghan cross stitch I had started for Leanne, and caught up with all the admin and paperwork which had piled up over the summer as well as making some progress on the decluttering projects (new year resolution!).

I bought a new Freeview recorder and set it up quite easily - the other one finally gave up the ghost after many years and I needed one to be able to record programmes onto DVD for Jayne.

We went to the SRCY Triennial Dinner on Saturday 8th.  We had both overlooked it until the day before when I saw it on my phone's calendar.  Mike was out ringing QPs in the morning.   I booked the taxi to take us to St Martin in the Fields.  We went down to the cafe and found it full of normal customers.  After a quick look round I checked my phone and found we should have been at Christ Church Spitalfields!  We managed to hail a black cab straight away and got there ju…

Bank holiday in Devon

Lee and Emma had stayed at the house again while I was in Butlins, and had taken Suki back to Dittisham with them the day before I got back.  I spent the Friday afternoon when I got back sorting out all the unpacking and putting it all away, and putting the house back in some semblance of order, before going out ringing with Mike at Barnes.  I put all the laundry into a big bag to take down to Bovey to do.

Mike was out ringing all day the next day so I was able to make an early start down to Devon to try and beat the worst of the bank holiday traffic.  Even so it took me about an hour longer than usual, but at least I didn't have Suki in the car. Jayne was at work when I got there, so I had a few hours to myself to wind down and relax.  Jayne and Jackie went to a wedding reception in the evening at River Dart Country Park - and I provided a taxi service home.

Jayne was working the following morning, but when she got home we went off to collect Suki.  We stopped off at Dartington f…