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October Catch Up - part 1

2nd - Handbells with Steve in the morning.  Peter joined us and we worked on Cambridge Royal - with me on 3-4!  It went quite well and this is now the project - to eventually ring a peal!  In the afternoon took Suki to the vets - got more tablets, this time for the arthritis.  However have now received two cheques from the insurance, one for £1500 and one for £650 so the expense has been nullified a little which is a help.  I have discovered that giving the tablets to her in peanut butter is the best way - and she looked really interested when the vet was counting out the tablets as she associated them with a nice treat.  He was somewhat amused.

Mike got his new car - very swish.  It has several features which will take time to get used to, especially the navigation system which has a mind of its own and has been driving Mike to distraction ever since he got the car.

3rd - Leanne and Ollie came over for the day and we had a lovely time.  I met them at Shepherd's Bush and we went …

An extra week in Devon

I managed to sneak an extra week in Devon, unplanned, at the end of September and it was great to have that extra time with Jayne.   Lee and Emma stayed on until the Tuesday - which was the day I was travelling down - so we decided that the best thing was for them to take Suki to Bovey and leave her with Jayne on their way home.  I went walking with Maryanne on Tuesday morning and then drove down to Bovey in the afternoon.  It was weird walking without Suki and also driving down without her in the car.  Lee and Emma's car broke down and they spent all afternoon in the garage after dropping Suki off.  I got a plaintive call from them as I was driving to say that the garage were charging more than they were expecting so I helped out with my credit card details!  They later did the garden for me in return - so mutually beneficial.

We ticked lots of things off the to do list prior to Jayne's return to India.  We also did lots of walking - including the River Teign walk from the To…

SRCY Dinner weekend

This was held in Norwich on the weekend of 19th/20th September.  We were not involved in any peals, and had only a half-hearted intention to go to the general ringing in the afternoon so we decided to leave around 10 am.  Lee and Emma had picked up Suki the day before and taken her to Devon for the weekend - they were signing the papers for their house swap to Dartmouth, so we were able to just get up and go in a leisurely fashion.  We made good time until we were held up by an accident on the A1 - on the other carriageway but it seemed as if the queues on our side were caused by people slowing down to look!  We decided to stop just short of Norwich for some lunch - picked an excellent cafe/garden centre/farm shop (posh) at Elvedon.  It was very busy and we had to sit outside, rather than in the restaurant, but service was very quick and we had excellent soup and a cup of tea.  We arrived in Norwich at the time the general ringing was finishing, so we went straight to the hotel (Trave…