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Tuesday 29 July

Got up quite early as Jayne had 9 am appointment for blood test.  I put some more washing on, and once this was out went and picked up Jayne and we went straight on for a walk in Bovey Valley woods.  We started on the usual route and then decided to go left to Houndtor Woods when we got to the footbridge.  We took the wrong path back and had to zig zag down to the correct one later, but it was a good path and quite a reasonable route and we were both very relaxed about it. Some ponies with a foal came trotting into the car park as we were about to leave.  We were out for nearly 3 hours and decided to go to the Edgmoor Hotel for lunch.  Jayne had fishcakes - which were delicious but rather large.  I had the club sandwich - which was rather dry and unappetising.  The chips were wonderful but the sandwich was a ciabatta roll with a chunk of cheese, a slice of bacon, some bits of chicken and some tomato and was quite heavy going.  I felt full and slightly ill for the rest of the day, and …

Monday 28th July

Got up at 6.30 and had shower - had put washing on timer and it was ready to be put out at 7 am.  Put next load on and took Suki for a quick walk round the block - over the hill and back via Rendells Drive and bridleway.  Got back and put washing out, putting third load on, and had porridge and cup of tea then drove to Exeter for 9 am meet for handbell peal with Tim, Sue Sparling and Tom Hinks.  Rang a peal of Bristol - Tim and Sue struggled and often put each other off, but afterwards all agreed it had been better than their first peal of it the previous week.  I was only put off a couple of times and was pleased with the way I had rung.  Then went to Sainsbury and stocked up on stuff.  Jayne helped unload car and I had a hot cross bun for lunch.  Jayne had prepared cabbage and red wine marinade for the pork chops, and we put them on to cook with roasted carrots and beetroot and went out for a walk to Parke finishing with a cup of tea at the cafe.  Had our meal when we got in at 5.30…

Sunday 27 July

Had a good night's sleep. Got up at 7.15 and had a shower - left my teeth as no toothpaste! Took Suki to Parke for a walk and then came back for a cup of tea before going up to ringing.  Tim turned up (he had taken Guy to the station for 9 am and heard us ringing up).  10 ringers there in all as Peter also there, although Lisa was missing (it's her birthday).  Apparently there is also a new ringer called Bobby.  Stayed to the service with Rosemary but went straight home afterwards rather than having coffee because of Suki.  Just wondering what to do for lunch when Margaret came to the door and suggested going out for lunch.  So we went to Pink's Place and had a really good 3 course lunch with coffee for £11.  Got some Lenor and toothpaste on the way back and put my first load of washing on.  Attached my new USB extension leads to the computer (HUGE hairy spider behind computer desk)! Took Suki for a quick walk up to the quarry and round over Hay Tor from the bottom car par…

Saturday 26th July

Decided to spend some time with Mike before dashing off to Devon, so we had some breakfast and then took the handcycle and Suki to Richmond Park.  Very hot sunny day so  immense amount of lycra on display.  The place was heaving with cyclists.  Mike did a couple of circuits while Suki and I walked along by Beverly Brook with me throwing the ball in the water for her.  Had Camembert for lunch which John and Ionie had brought back from Paris - very good - with some toast.  Mike had a shower and I patched him up.  Then helped him grease the cranks on the handbike before setting off for Devon around 3.30 pm.  Girls had gone over to Carolyn's for the day.  Got to Devon at 6.40 just after Jayne had got in.  I had set the tripometer at the petrol station on the Chiswick Roundabout, and it showed exactly 200 miles when I parked on the drive.  We had a cup of tea and a chat and then went down to Party in the Park at Mill Marsh Park.  Had a lovely pork roll from the hog roast and a pint of …

Friday 25th July

Didn't need the ear plugs after all that as there was only one swift delivery this morning, and even the gulls were quiet.  Had a shower and packed and we were all up with the chalet empty in good time.  We put all the stuff in the car and then went and had breakfast/lunch in Rosso's - which was air conditioned and very pleasant.  The food and the service were very good.  We then changed up the tickets and generally mooched around for a while.  Carolyn and Leanne went off with Ollie about 12 and then we went back to Rosso's for a drink and for Bethany to have a feed, before setting off about 4.30 pm for home leaving John to get a taxi to the station.  A good journey home until we got to the bottom of Roehampton Lane - satnav showed long delays on all routes in from about 5 miles away (probably because Putney Bridge and Hogarth Flyover closed).  Decided to try Castlenau but traffic queuing back to Rocks Lane so went over to Chiswick Bridge and were ok until Sutton Court Roa…

Thursday 24th July

Got up at 7 and had a shower - having been woken at 6 by screeching gulls and deliveries again.  Found ear plugs waiting for me on coffee table - too late for today but will have them ready tomorrow morning! Went over to the fairground and went on horses and helter skelter with Ollie - then he went on the racing cars while Lorraine and Leanne did the ropes challenge again.  Then more fairground - trampoline, trabant and dart throwing stall. Then went and had lunch in the diner at 1pm when Mitzi Melba was due to be working and singing as Ollie was very keen to see her again.  She came over to see him and sang to him and was generally very sweet and so was Ollie - clapping her as she was singing and hugging her.  I didn't have a meal myself but helped Carolyn and Ollie out with their chips. In the afternoon we went to Soccer for Tots - it was very hot with no shade at all.  Afterwards we all felt wiped out and went back to the chalet to cool off and recharge the batteries.  In the e…

Wednesday 23rd

Had a much better night's sleep.  Woke up once with very bad cramp and was awake at 5 with screeching gulls then noisy deliveries.  Gave up at 6.30 and watched an episode of mock the week on ipad before getting up and having a shower.  Made porridge again. Leanne did a load of laundry - she Ollie and Carolyn went off to find breakfast and play in the play area.  Lorraine,  Amanda, Bethany,  John and I went in to Bognor - John took the noddy train and the rest of us walked along the sea front.  Another beautiful sunny day.  After a little time we split into two groups.  John and I went to Boots and then wandered right round the town.  We all met up in the coffee shop.  I only had a latte but then helped Lorraine out with her gooseberry and elderflower cake (with icing! ). John and I then went back on the noddy train and the girls stayed on for more shopping.  I had an hour to myself guarding the chalet as the windows were wide open with washing all over the place while the others …

Tuesday 22nd

Having slept badly woke up late at 8 am. Made some porridge for breakfast which John enjoyed as well. Went to Splashworld with Ollie.  Braved the white slide a few times - including first thing before we had got properly wet which was a bit of a shock - and I finally worked out that if I covered my face at the bottom I wouldn't get water forced up my nose at a furious rate.  Leanne called time after 2 hours but it was quite a struggle to get Ollie out.  Showers were too hot for him.  Had a coffee afterwards but still not feeling like eating much - which is good so trying to capitalise on it.  Very difficult to work out where it is possible to access Internet via mobile signal on site.  It seems to be in odd spots around the place - so difficult to update Myfitnesspal.    We all went and sat around the chalet in the sunshine (or shade) while Ollie had a sleepy.  I went for a wander and bought myself some flip flops and a scrunchie and wrote some postcards.   When Ollie woke up we …

Monday 21st July - Butlins

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Felt better although still had blinding headache mainly at the back. Slept heavily again. Got up at 8. Mike had shower.  I printed off paperwork and did a couple of emails then had shower and got breakfast. Up side of being unwell is that I was back to 10:12 so decided to use Myfitnesspal again. Walked suki and finished packing.  Svetla arrived just before we left for Butlins so she was able to meet Bethany.  We left about 11.40 and had a good run down except for hold up on m25 and arrived at butlins at 13.30.  Bethany slept all the way. We went for a coffee and a bite to eat and then went to the gate to wait for the others.  Reception was open early so Lorraine checked and our chalets were ready so she was able to book us in.  Then the others arrived together in the same taxi having been on the same train. So we got our bags from the car and took everything to the chalets.  They are very clean and new looking whi…

Sunday 20th July

Mike went to breakfast and then ringing and service in Evesham.  I stayed in bed until last possible moment - getting up at 10.  Had a shower and packed case and then car and then checked out and waited in lounge.  Sipped from bottle of water all day.  Had J2o and bowl of custard at lunchtime!  Did more sleeping at every opportunity.  Finally began to feel a bit better by the time it was time to go home.  Last QP of the tour was a not very good one of Grandsire Caters.  Mike went for drink afterwards but I waited in car with Monica.  Some minor holdups but otherwise good journey back.  Picked up suki at 9.30 and took Malcolm to Turnham Green then home.  I took cases in but left rest in the car for tomorrow.  Amanda and Bethany were there although Bethany was asleep so we tried to keep suki quiet.  Mike had his doggy bag fish curry and I had some rice and cheese.  Was very glad to get to bed.

Saturday 19th July

Awake from 3.45 - heavy rain with thunder and lightning.  Got up at 6.30 and got ready leisurely.  Went to breakfast at 7.40 and discovered it was 8 am breakfast at the weekend!  However they were very good and brought out tea and coffee and toast and all the cereals and fruit were out.  They started taking cooked orders early too. Torrential rain all morning.  Sat in car to cross stitch.  Rang QP of plain bob major in hand in yard behind pub at Broadway.  Excellent ploughman's for lunch. Dried up for a short while at lunchtime then torrential thunderstorms in the afternoon.  Hammered down on the car while I was sitting in it and I was concerned I would be struck by lightning although I assumed rubber tyres would insulate me.  Had a snooze during first QP - which they lost in the 9th extent when Malcolm lost control of his bell. Sun had come out when I woke up.  Began to feel distinctly unwell during the afternoon with indigestion and flu like aches. Tummy rumbling away although …

Friday 18th July

Didn't sleep well after 4 am - but wasn't aware of thunderstorms we apparently had.  Tried the pink grapefruit curd at breakfast but not as nice as the lemon one.  Mike couldn't get up the tower at the first church so QPS swopped and we went to the second one where I sat in the sun in the churchyard. Hot at 9.30 although actually clouded over for a while which was very pleasant.  Adrian arrived at second tower.  Arranged food order at lunchtime tower and missed out on the ringing - had to climb a ladder and I wasn't going to do that twice!  Lunch time food very good.  Got hot and sunny in the afternoon.  Sat under oak tree planted for queen mother's 90th birthday in Beckford.  Treated myself to white magnum.  Enjoyed another day of cross stitching.  Monica and I ate in hotel restaurant again while the others went out for a curry.  Joined by AHS when he arrived.  Francis also arrived in the evening but he went and joined the curry group.  Mike got back with doggy b…

Thursday 17th July

Lovely hot sunny day.  Hotel breakfast very good and suitably quirky.  Four varieties of homemade curd. Sorted out phone via web chat with O2 again using hotel wi fi.  Sat in the sunshine cross stitching for a while at the first tower but it got too hot so for the rest of the day I found shady places under trees where the sun could filter through. Rang handbell QP with Mary in the churchyard at the third tower.  Found a brilliant tea shop at lunchtime in Pershore. Very Mediterranean courtyard.  Got back to the hotel just after 7 and sat in the bar for an hour with Mike sending up QPs to campanophile. Most of us ate together at a long table in the hotel restaurant which was very sociable.  Food very good and sensible portion sizes.  Mike s stomach not good and ate and drank very little. Got to bed a good bit earlier than last night thank goodness.

Wednesday 16th July

Very organised and calm setting off this morning.  Got up at 7 and put bedding on to wash. Had shower and took suki out to Wendell.  Hung washing out and put clothes in.  Had breakfast,  cleared up and packed car all in good time.  Set off ahead of schedule so dropped suki off at Linda's first.  Suki looked daggers at me as I left.  Picked Andrew up at station then Monica.  Trouble free journey to Cleeve Prior. Lovely weather.  Had sandwich for lunch in pub - and it came with chips which was unexpected.  So of course I ate them. We were lucky to arrive early as only one person serving drinks and bringing out food so some people had quite a wait.  Walked up to church after lunch - short staircase to ringing gallery.  Watched the ringing up and decided it was not the tower for me so went back and sat in the car.  Had a lovely afternoon cross stitching while the others rang.  Got to hotel at 6.30 and had a cup of tea then walked up to Bell Tower through Abbey Park to join locals for…

Tuesday 15 July

Mary's 92nd birthday. Sent flowers from flower shop in Bovey and homemade card with photo of her aged 1 on the front.  Relished the prospect of all day and evening to myself.  Mike went to work and Lorraine over at Carolyn's for second viewing of new flat.  Took suki to Acton park for a longish walk then did lots of bits and pieces getting ready for going away. Contacted o2 via web chat and got new sim activated. Also updated Chiswick choir web site and prepared a page for recruitment documents.  In the afternoon packed cases for Evesham and Butlins and cleared dog stuff out of the car. Had lovely long chat with Jayne on the phone and helped her solve laptop problem.  Had jacket potato with cheese and tuna for supper and watched silent witness before having an early night.  When Mike came in he had huge rope burn round his neck where he had nearly hanged himself ringing at Bramley in Hants.  He had taken two work colleagues to show them what ringing was all about!

Monday 14 July

Got up nice and early and cleared up after breakfast and did some washing before taking suki to Burnham beeches for a nice walk. Lovely day with warm sunshine. Got back just before 12 and had veg korma from freezer for lunch. Then went over to Clapham for another QP attempt at the Carlisle 11. Unsuccessful again but good practice. Got back at 4 and took suki for quick walk in Wendell park. Then off to Guys for handbells. Luckily 272 had started running again - Larden Road had been closed since 6 pm on Friday for roadworks and I had already walked to and from Turnham green station once today for Clapham and wasn't relishing doing it again! Got watch from Caroline - I had left it last Thursday. We scored a nice peal of Cambridge called by James with Mark on 5-6. Came straight home and had glass of wine before going to bed with hot drink and scotch. Mike said well attended practice at chiswick. Scored the QP after Christine Yandle's funeral but failed to score the one at chiswick…

Sunday 13 July

Got up early to walk Suki and go to 8 am.  Mike playing organ at convent.  Had porridge at Gail's for breakfast which was very good.  Rang at Barnes and Chiswick then came home and did ironing and mended hole in Mike's jacket pocket.  Went off to Steve and Mary's at 1 pm and rang handbells with Steve - minor.  Suki was very good - quite quiet and lay on her fleece for a while.  We didn't get a peal but did ring a QP of spliced plus Norfolk.  They went off to Molesey to ring a QP and I took Suki for a walk along the river Crane - rather a lot of people around but otherwise very pleasant.  I couldn't make the keys work when I got back and thought I was in for a long wait on the doorstep but luckily the next door neighbour came out and saw me and showed me the knack of unlocking the chub!  Just as well as the QP was delayed and they only came back at 7.30.  Mary made the most delicious Penne Arrabiata followed by exquisite Tiramasu for supper and we all watched the wo…

Saturday 12 July

Got up at 8 to say goodbye to John and Iona who went off to Paris at 9 am.  I took Suki to Acton Park for a wander.  Mike went to District meeting at Ruislip.  In the afternoon did scanning and shredding and generally caught up with admin.  Phone still not registered on network.  Went to Geoffrey's farewell concert at Sunbury church in the evening.  Mike rang in nice QP of Double Norwich beforehand which sounded good when we arrived.  Excellent concert - lots of my favourites and finished up with Just A Song. Lots of ex-Cantanti people who joined choir for Zadok and I Was Glad.  Monica picked me up and drove me home, so enjoyed a couple of glasses of white wine too.  Mike went to after concert party and got in at 2 am!

Friday 11 July

Bit the bullet today and went to Carphone Warehouse to upgrade my phone.  Had dithered about whether to simply reduce my monthly bill but in the end decided to go ahead with another two year contract.  Couldn't believe how long it took to complete the transaction - I was in there for two hours, having picked the Galaxy S5 within about 5 mins of getting there!  I was very reluctant at first to trade in the old one - I couldn't bear to be parted from it - but after two hours I had got a bit more used to the idea and it seemed silly to refuse the £181 being offered.  It may take up to 5 days to get the number transferred to the new sim. Then went and had a fringe trim - tried Rush on Chiswick High Road and they made a good job of it.  Spent £5 on the trim and £35 on shampoo and conditioner!  Impressed with sales assistant who recommended various Kerastase products and how to use them.  Then went to Sainsbury's and bought the baby stuff for when Amanda comes.  Finally got home…

Thursday 10 July

Got mike off to work the. Took suki to Denham for a two hour walk. Talked to Carolyn on phone at the same time for about two hours! Pleasant morning - warm but cloudy. Did cross stitch in the afternoon. Finished up toast with some pate for lunch and had muesli and yoghurt before going off to Guy's to ring handbells. Scored a nice peal of four spliced called by David M. Went straight home again and went to bed with a glass of wine and chocolate buttons and watched Wycliffe on iPad.

Wednesday 9 July

Got up at a reasonable time. Took suki to ravenscourt park for a longer walk. Listened to podcasts. Did cross stitch again for a couple of hours which was lovely. Took suki to southfields in the afternoon. Then Mike and I went to Guy's to ring minor with Caroline. I took my portable charger and charged up my iPad on the go. Was fully charged by the time we had finished ringing. This time we nearly got a peal! We were in the sixth extent (Cambridge!) when it went wrong. Had nice supper at cafe rouge again. Took the plate back!

Tuesday 8 July

Got up at 7.30 which was a bit better than yesterday! Took suki out then did ironing while watching silent witness. Washing left out dried quite nicely so could do it all. Then did some cross stitch in the afternoon. Very slow and tricky using pearl filament thread but it is very effective. It was good to have a day where I didn't turn on the computer and actually had some time to sit and cross stitch. Sainsbury delivery turned up at 2.30 so now have plenty of UHT milk and wine! Mike didn't want to go for a walk today as he spent the evening re confirming towers. Had sausages and last of my potatoes for supper then watched more silent witness. Had nice early night.

Monday 7July

Had a long lie in and a very late start. Only got up at 8.30. Washed bedding. Breakfast at 9.30. Out with suki at 10.30. Finished Hangmans Song on audible. Did the tower donations for the Barnes trip. Then went to Tesco and got some nice Boursin to go with our goats cheese and sundries tomato artisan bread for lunch (at 2.30!). Started to rain in the afternoon so brought in first lot of washing and placed it around the hot tank. Put second lot of washing out when the rain stopped. Later I the afternoon had torrential rain which soaked that load of washing so left it out all night. Took suki to southfields about 5.30 when the rain stopped and kept her on the extendible lead so that we actually made some progress! Did a Sainsbury order on the iPad which worked well. Went ringing at chiswick in the evening. 4 at the start and 7 at the end, had steak baguette and chips in the pub. Not really happy about amount of bread and chips in that meal but it is about the only thing in the menu I li…

Sunday 6 July

Took suki for short walk and went to 8 am. Went to artisan bakery for breakfast. Very good although very crowded. Delice and Greek both closed! Ann's first Eucharist at Barnes. After chiswick ringing went and picked up suki then drove down to Sussex. Got to pub at 12.30 and shared artisan meat board for lunch. Spent the afternoon at hamish's trying to ring Cambridge royal while Mary walked suki back from pub. Then went ringing at walberton - mike hauled himself up the wooden staircase. I sat in car with suki and listened to men's final which went to 5 sets. Had supper in the garden and drive hone at 8. Light traffic so we were home by 9.30. Went straight to bed with hot drink and scotch.

Saturday 4 July

Lorraine and friends set off for Lake District at 9 am and Mike went off to Harefield to help with middx training event. I had a lovely morning. Gave suki a short walk as we were intending going to Richmond Park in the afternoon. Sent out new member pack, practiced Cambridge Royal on Abel and scanned in all Mary's old photos - with the intention of making a photo book for her birthday. Rained on and off most of the day so when mike came in we deferred trip to the park and finished off pate and toast for lunch and watched ladies final and Tour de France. Finally went out at 6. Got oil on pink top and pink cut offs so not a happy bunny! Much less traffic at that time in the park so better for hand cycling and made for a nice walk too. Walked suki along Beverley brook and back throwing a ball all the way. Only lost one! Had fish with watercress and Stilton sauce, broad beans, and my potatoes. Only really enjoyed the potatoes but mike thought it was ok. Watched silent witness with a b…

Friday 4 July

Lorraine went off in the early hours of the morning to pick up her friends from gatwick - they all walked in at 7 am whereupon I leapt out of bed and into the shower. Lorraine showed them round the garden - and john stepped in pooh left by suki the previous evening! Good start! Went walking with Maryanne, Mary and Linda. Met up at Wiggington and did three hour walk in very hot weather then had lunch at the Greyhound - a nice chicken caesar salad. Watched men's semi finals in the afternoon. Went to CJs with Lorraine and friends in the evening instead of going ringing. We all went to bed when we got back in at 9!

Thursday 3 July

Suki hopping about in three legs when she got up and was holding her back leg up and looking pathetic so decided not to take her for a walk. However she had a miraculous recovery at 11 when the postman arrived so I took her for a quick walk round Wendell. Went for lunch with Len and Janet at Bill's in Covent Garden. Brilliant. Had two bottles of rose wine between us over several hours and I had a great rump steak followed by Eton mess. They witnessed my will so at last I have a will in place. Only got home at 6! Lorraine was in when I got home - she had got a job that afternoon doing relief work with Srreet Rescue. Tried to take suki out for a walk in the evening but she didn't want to know so I didn't force her. Watched silent witness with a cup of tea and then had a nice early night and watched Quirke on iPad with another cup of tea,

Wednesday 2 July

Got going at the proper time this morning. Had hygienist appointment midday then went to surgery to register for on line services. Did ironing the afternoon and watched Andy Murray lose his quarter final. Went for supper with Caroline and Pru in the evening.

Tuesday 1 July

Had a late start with a lovely lie in. Only took suki out about 10.30! Then went to home base and bought a few plants to brighten up the garden and planted them as soon as I got back. About 4 went to Burnham beeches with mike and suki for a walk. Walked for about two hours - beautiful sunny evening. Heard Nadal losing his match on radio on the way home. Mike cooked one of his amazing omelettes - and washed up! I popped to Tesco to get onions and cheese. Watched silent witness in the evening and polished off rose wine from Saturdays concert.

Monday 30 June

Got up quite late - seem to find it easier to sleep between 6 and 8 than between 2 and 4! Walked over to Patricia's with Suki for lunch. Patricia had put some plastic and a towel on suki's chair and it was once again needed. Had lovely lunch of chick pea casserole and took recipe home. Walked back about 4 and caught bus from Edensor Road. Lee had been and made a brilliant job of cutting the lawn. Garden looks great now. Went ringing in the evening at chiswick with Mike. Thin on the ground but eventually there were 6 of us to ring some minor. Had cheesy chips in the pub. Got home quite early and was in bed by 10.15.