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Roving Ringers Reunion Weekend 21-22 Feb

Lee and Emma picked up Suki on Friday afternoon - which left us clear on Saturday to just get up and go.  We were going to listen to the Everest book on the way up to Huntingdon - but we couldn't get the phone audio to work through the bluetooth on the car, even though the phone was shown as paired.  So we listened to an interesting programme on the Bach Magnificat instead.  We set off a bit late but got to the first tower at Godmanchester about 10.20 am and Hal immediately came down and carried Mike up.  I tried to ring there but they were too heavy for me and the ropes were new and springy so I didn't carry on.  The next tower was St Ives - which was a ground floor ring with an awful lot of rope, so I didn't ring there but stayed around in the body of the church chatting.  I walked back to the town before the session finished and had a happy time browsing round the shops and farmers marker.  I got myself some nail varnish - another first shock horror!!  At the market I b…

Back in London - Lent begins

With Mike cooking pancakes on Shrove Tuesday!

And Suki finally destroying the letter cage - after years of abuse jumping up at the door and using it as a staging post to get higher up the door!

I have decided to give up playing games and sweets for Lent - so I got the Kobo account up and running again and downloaded Gone Girl to see if the book was better than the film.  I think I am still going to be disappointed with the ending but I might understand it more.  I intend to read whenever I feel the urge to play Bejewelled or Solitaire.

I went to Westfield all on my own and did some clothes shopping!  Tried things on too.  Spent about £200 - unheard of.  That's that for 10 years.

Feb week in Devon

Treated myself to 8 days in Devon - missing a choir practice.  I had a good journey down on the Saturday arriving early enough to have some lunch and a rest before going for a walk on the moor and then visiting Mary.  The cleaner had been in the week before, so everywhere was clean and fresh - it was lovely.  The gardeners had also been and the back garden was also looking much tidier and the earth had been turned over and weeded.  The ivy is now gone from the back porch which is much better.

I had a very productive day on the Sunday - after ringing and communion I washed the car and hoovered it out, then I cleared out Shed 2 - and started on putting the tools and garden things in there from Shed 1.  This motivated me to continue with the clearing and sorting of Shed 1 (Jack's shed) through the week and by the end of the week I had managed to clear it - and hoover it! - and just have the shelves at the back, and the contents of the bureau to sort out which I shall probably do with…

Snow - first week of Feb

Mike went off on the Barnes outing on 31 Jan - Christine had organised it and all the towers were ground floor.  Tony and Jem also went so there were 3 wheelchair ringers, and they rang a touch of plain bob doubles together which is a "first".  See the ringers Blog for a full report.

Meanwhile Lorraine went off for a 7-hour £500 session with a tattooist and came back sporting a very impressive and beautiful drawing on her leg.  She was in a lot of pain for several days (and nights) but presumably it was worth it.

We both did choral evensong the next day - Roy was there so I was very happy and enjoyed it.  Monday was freezing cold.  I took Suki to the vet for a check up and he was very pleased with her and said she was now using her back leg muscles more, and did not react so violently to having her hips manipulated, so she was obviously in less pain.  In the afternoon I went over to Clapham for another go at the Carlisle 11.  We had two attempts, both of which were much mor…