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January Catch Up 3 - the car goes to Devon

Fri 22nd.  I shouldn't have had that kebab last night! It laid heavily on my stomach all night.Got up at 6.30 and had shower then took dog out.  Made breakfast and cleared away, dressed Mike's back and packed the new car.  Ready to go at 8.55-to avoid parking charges.  Couldn't get audible to play through bluetooth so listened on headphones.   Satnav said no maps found.  Screamed in frustration!  Then enjoyed three and a half hours drive to Bovey.  New car absolutely lovely.  Sat at 70 on cruise control most of the way.   Someone rang me while I was driving and I was able to answer the phone through the bluetooth which was great.  I also have something called Emergency Assist when my phone is connected – if I have a crash my phone will automatically contact the emergency services!  Wet and dirty weather so car a mess when we arrived!  By the time I got to Bovey sun was shining and it was quite warm - 14 degrees.  Apparently torrential rain in the morning.  Had a couple of …

January Catch Up 2 - I buy a new car and Monica gets stuck in the lavatory

Fri 15th Jan   I bought a new car today! !  Rang handbells in Twickenham in the morning.  Lots of Cambridge Royal practice.  Joan Hooton died.  Judy sparling dropped in for cup of tea. Amanda and Sam arrived back in the afternoon after lunch with Lorraine and suggested going with me to Ford to look at cars.  So took suki for a walk and then we went off.  Two hours later I was the proud owner of a 5 door fiesta titanium  1 year old with 3000 on the clock.  It is classified as a used car, but is an ex-demo model and only has 3000 miles on the clock.  It is a black, 5-door Fiesta Titanium with all the bells and whistles that bigger cars have, plus the DAB radio with bluetooth and voice recognition. It is also turbo-charged and eco-friendly - to the extent that it is exempt from road tax!  Amanda and Sam sat in the back for the test drive and they thought it was great too.  The three of us went to Lara to celebrate and Lorraine joined us after work.  Came home and had a drink together in …

January Catch Up 1 - New Year

I had a back up for this month from the diary - it ended on 27th January so catch-ups will be a lot shorter with a lot less detail after this!  Hooray do I hear you say??

New Year's Day

Stepped on scales this morning with fear and trepidation and found I hadn't put on any weight over the Christmas break.  Overjoyed.   Made a great start to  the year.  Several resolutions made - one of which is to have lost weight by the time Jayne comes home in April. (Some of which never got off the ground and all of which except that one didn't last very long!)

Went walking with Maryanne,  Mary and Steve on a walk from their (very old) walk book which started at St Peter's Wootton.  Very very muddy especially in gateways.  Two dogs latched on to us for miles and we didn't know how to get rid of them - I kept swearing at them and shouting but that didn't seem to work!  Then just before we got to the pub, one of them got stuck in a field and started yelping because it couldn't…

Christmas 2015 catch up

Went to Devon as usual for Christmas.  We drove down on Monday 21st after doing Messiah at Albert Hall on Friday 18th, Cantanti  Christmas Concert on Saturday 19th (where the handbells were particularly good this year - see video below) and St Nicholas Carol Service and handbells at the Convent on Sunday 20th.  Phew!  I have some diary entries for this month as follows:

Christmas Eve: Pouring with rain when I got up at 6.30 having given up trying to get comfortable enough to sleep.  Updated the Chiswick Choir website before breakfast!  Took suki to Parke and as we got out of the car it started to brighten up and before long there was sunshine and blue skies.  Walked for just over an hour.  Stayed bright all day.  I laid the table and did the veg prep and stuffing. Had last of humus with bread for lunch.  Mike came out for a walk in the afternoon and we went to Stover. Watched carols from King's on TV and forgot about bellringers meeting in pub!  Mike went to make brandy butter in t…