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Sunday 29 June

Went to 8 am than skipped all the ringing and went home for some breakfast. Tried to put dad's cd on phone but it needs converting from .cda. Put video on phone and took memorial photo book with me and went off to crem, parked at crem and walked to ASDA.  Got there just before 10.30 and found John in the queue waiting for the doors to open. We had a cup of tea then bought some flowers and walked up to the crem. There was a lady official clearing out old flowers - huge number, probably because of recent Father's Day. Lots of space for our flowers. We watched the video and I put dad's photo on my flowers with the 3 poems on the back. Then we walked to the garden and laid roses on the ashes spot. Then John went off to catch the bus back to the hotel in kensington where he is staying with Gill and I went home. Had wrap with Lorraine's quorn dish for lunch then went to do church sitting. Caught the bus as it was outside when I came out the door. Mike popped in to church aft…

Saturday 28 June

Mike went to Barnes, and Lorraine went to a festival at Clapham.  Lee came round to do garden, and within minutes the warm sunny day turned to torrential rain.  He did a lot of weeding and deadheading in the rain, then decided to give up and come back the next day.  Put rubbish in car and then the rain stopped, so he started again and finished everything except mowing the lawn, including removing the pond and filling the hole with compost.  Mike came in at 1.30 and we had pate and toast, then he went off to rehearsal and I did emails, personal admin, and brought blog up to date including photos - then realised that photos copied from Dropbox only appeared in blog if I was logged in to Dropbox!  So will need to go through and upload photos from computer.  Ho hum - more wasted time!! Took suki for a walk and then uploaded photos to blog. Phew! Went to chiswick choir concert - I am now a concession!. Monica had got seat right at the front which was excellent for watching soloists and pia…

Friday 27 June

Sorted out top drawer of chest of drawers and most of second drawer - leaving the main bike bits for Mike to sort.  Filled another black bag. Went ringing with Mike and watched the Andy Murray match on my iPad while they were ringing the QP.  Did quite a bit of ringing and went to the pub - had nachos all to myself!  Had small nightcap in bed.  Woke at 2 am with foxes screaming outside.  Couldn't get back to sleep - resorted to music and slept fitfully.

Saturday 14 June

Had intended going to the summer fair, but ended up just sitting in the garden as the weather was so good.  In the morning did the Toby book walk again but came back across Hisley bridge and along the track to the car park, which avoided the sheep and the road.  Really enjoyable again.

Thursday 12 June

Having stayed in London on Tuesday 10 June so that I could attend the meeting after choir rehearsal (but not the rehearsal!) I travelled down to Devon on Wednesday morning, arriving around lunch time.  There was a lovely cushion from Jayne on Uncle Frank's rocking chair which I loved. I spent an hour or so sorting out the bric a brac for the Summer Fair and then emailed the people that it was ready - they came round for it that evening.  It was good to get so much out of the cupboard. Then went for a walk in the plantation.  Got back just about the same time as Jayne and we had a nice mezze supper and red wine to celebrate the start of my "holiday".

There was a tea party at Tracey House on Thursday afternoon which was very well attended and a ve pleasant affair.  It was very hot but there seemed to be enough shade for everyone who wanted it.  I had a nice cream tea and also took some scones home with me.  There were a couple of stalls selling knick knacks and a raffle but…

Toby Book 2 - Walk 10 - Friday 13 June

I decided to make it up to Suki for having a fairly miserable afternoon yesterday, and I did this one from the dog walks book in Bovey Valley Woods which was so lovely I did it again the next day.  4 miles - 2 hours - shaded all the way and most of it by the river so plenty of water for Suki.  Great for a hot day such as we have been having! I was a bit disconcerted when half way round I realised the instructions said I had to cross a very very narrow bridge consisting of a tree trunk sawn in half!  Luckily there was a large well constructed new bridge in place when I got there, and the old bridge had been boarded off but was still there.  I wouldn't have fancied crossing it!

Barbecue and sunshine Friday 13 June

We used my little pink barbecue for the first time on Friday evening (ringing at Woolborough was cancelled).  Did everything wrong such as putting the lid on while the coals were heating up (which ensured they didn't) and noticing I should have lined it with foil after I had lit it.  I made veg kebabs and had marinaded turkey steaks in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice and garlic.  We ended up eating very late but the food was delicious.  We used it again the next evening with much more success - I had the coals lit at 6 and the food cooking nicely over hot ash by 6.45.  We used up the meat I had in the freezer - minted lamb kebabs and chicken lollipops, and again had veg kebabs.

Thursday 26 June

Woke up at 5 sneezing and with runny nose but it didn't turn into a cold. Couldn't get back to sleep so got up and had shower and did some washing. Made breakfast and washed up then went with Mike and he dropped me off with suki at chiswick house on his way to work. Had hour and a half walk and finished listening to East of Innocence. Complete tosh. Finished sorting out cupboard stuff and did emails and personal admin all morning - seemed to have lots of time as started so early. Lorraine put lots of stuff back in her room which made the house look a bit better. Decided to get Lee in to do garden on Saturday which took a load off my mind. Lorraine and I had garden potatoes, cauliflower and carrots with gravy for lunch. Did ironing I the afternoon and watched some tennis but it was a bit boring. Did a small amount of cross stitch on the wolf with the filament thread. A little more successful than before but still very tricky. Took suki to southfields then had my "doggy bag…

Wednesday 25 June

Sorted out all the maps and put the uk ones in the under bed storage boxes Lorraine had got me. Catalogued all the non-OS ones and put foreign ones to go in loft. Emptied cupboard in Lorraine's room - amazing collection of very old stuff including Corby hockey club shirt and track suit top! Arranged furniture in bedroom to accommodate chest of drawers. Did some washing. Took suki for shortish walks to give her leg chance to recover. Had garden potatoes, broccoli and carrots for lunch with gravy. Went to Guy's in the evening to ring minor on handbells with Caroline. Not very successful but enjoyable - Mike even managed to smile occasionally - and we did eventually ring a QP of Cambridge 6. Went to cafe rouge afterwards. Shared a rustic use platter and goats cheese tartlet with Mike. Couldn't finish it so they gave me a doggy bag on a plate!

Tuesday 24 June

Jayne came for a walk. Went on TobyBook 2 Walk 10 again. Very nice - still lovely weather. Suki limped a bit but was game. Took two hours. Then took suki back and went to Newton Abbott. Pat asked to borrow a lawn mower as his had blown up, so gave him the one in the shed. Had nice lunch I. olive Tree tapas bar then had a mooch (3 hours parking). Bought a couple more t-shirts in EWM.  Packed the car when we got back and I set off home at 5, getting back to London at 8. Lorraine came in shortly after having taken Carolyn home so we had a good catch up. I had pizza for fridge and a glass of wine. Glued milk rack back on to fridge door. Lorraine's newly decorated room looks amazing. Still awake when Mike got in so had a catch up with him too. Struggled to get to sleep - awake till about 2 am.

Monday 23 June

Took Jayne tea in bed. Did some washing and took Suki out for an hour on the moor. Her leg seemed ok at first but she was soon limping again. Just went from small car park to quarry and back round. When I got back Jayne was up and doing stuff on computer. I had coffee then went to Exeter and rang nice QP Of 6-spliced wih Tim, Sue Sparling and Lynne. Went to Sainsbury again and got a couple more t-shirts and some wine and Becks Blue for home. Picked up veg samosas for lunch and spinach cheese and roasted pepper tartlets for supper which we had with potatoes from the garden. Sat in garden for a couple of hours with Jayne which was nice and had gin and tonic. Went to Bovey practice and then went for a drink as last night for a while. Had nightcap with Jayne when I got in.

Sunday 22June

Took suki to Parke at 7.15 am - hundreds of cyclists on road in cycling event going along le molay road. Went ringing and to service then picked up suki and went to see Mary. Spent the rest of the day sunbathing. Having finished brilliant book on Audible - The Woodcutter - am now ploughing on with complete drivel -East of Innocence. A sort of poor imitation of Mickey Spilane. Tried to do cross stitch but am now onto pearl filament and it was not very successful being outside with sweaty hands. Jayne came home at 5 and we both sat out until 6. Sun still very hot. Drank sparkling non alcoholic wine. Had shower and then we went to Cromwell for a meal. Took suki with us. Had butternut squash and mushroom cannelloni. Managed to finish and get out just before music quiz started! Watched a bit of tv with a cup of tea before going to bed.

Saturday 21 June

Got up,early to give suki a good walk. Went to lower trebadere car park then down to,pick up RUPP. Went up by river Bovey then across to join up with RUPP again. Hadn't banked on the joining path being quite so seriously steeply up - I guess the clue is in the name (Houndtor Ridge). Walked quite quickly round, even on steep ascents and got round in hour and a half. Ann put her car on drive and Bob took us to Ideford for QP Of plain bob minor. Not bad. Lynne's daughter Sophie rang 5. Ann struggled with fourths at singles having practiced thirds all night the previous evening at Wolborough. Another hot sunny day. Ann came back for cup of tea and we sat in the garden. Then I sat out on lounger sunbathing all afternoon. Finished background on wolf - now just got the snow to do. Had shower at 6 just before Jayne came in. Took suki for short walk. We had first crop of potatoes from garden with steak and salad followed by cheese and biscuits and then Eton mess all washed down with bo…

Friday 20 June

Rowena's birthday. I sent a text. Got up at 7.30 and did same as yesterday. Drove to lower Trendebeare car park and picked up footpath into Bovey Valley quite easily. Kept to the path and up on to hound tor ridge the along behind Becky Falls. Lots of miserable signs warning people not to go off path without ticket so decided to return the way I had come. Then went up by stream onto the Heath and contoured round to road before being able to cross steam and contour back to car park. Thought my car had been stolen then realised I was in middle car park not lower one. Went to see Mary and have a coffee with her. Got back about 12 and went straight into the garden where I stayed sunbathing and cross stitching until 4 again. Lorraine rang to ask about buying new carpet - Carolyn is at the house helping her decorate her room. Had shower at 4 then took suki out for short walk - still very hot. Went to barn dance in the evening at The Dolphin. Margaret had asked me to go and Jayne came too…

Thursday 19 June

Decided to do things a bit differently from the norm and just get dressed and out walking before the day got too hot. Went to Yarner Wood car park (which I noted had toilets!) and explored the wood with the aid of leaflet for about two hours. Then came home and sat in garden and did cross stitch. Suki decided the flower bed looked like a good place to settle! Caught the sun nicely. Had shower about 4 then took suki for walke in Parke. Squeezed into small space in lay by which pleased me. Set off early to handbells because of roadworks - but they were just finishing so I was early. Had great handbell session. There were the full team of 10 so we could ring lots of complicated stuff. I was very sad saying goodbye at the end of the evening knowing I wouldn't be coming again for a month.  Had cup of tea when I got in and decided against any alcohol. Struggled to get to sleep - resorted to music in the end about 1 and probably went to sleep about 2.

Wednesday 18 June

Jayne had bad headache so we went for a walk round the plantation for an hour. When we got back we did bits and pieces on our computers. I brought my blog up to date. Annoyed to find all photos of had disappeared - I had spent hours on Monday putting them all in and adding captions. Also unable to copy photos from Flickr - so left final photo finishing for the time being. About 2 Jayne made me a jacket potato for lunch and we spent the rest of the day sitting in the garden soaking up the sunshine. Had chicken breast, mash and peas for supper and an early night.

A nice weekend - but must stop falling over! 6-9 June

I went home on Friday 6 June, calling in at the Half Moon in Horsington on the way to meet up with Jay for lunch.  Had beautiful Ham Eggs and Chips - although it lay heavy on the stomach for the rest of the day.

I have fallen over twice this weekend.  The first time I smacked a full bottle of Chateau Neuf du Pape which was somewhat distressing. I was walking round to CJs on Saturday and thought I would take one of my special birthday present wines for a change. Trust that to be the time when I misjudge the kerb and fall flat on my face ( well hands and knees ). I scraped the skin a bit, but was most upset about the wine.  I went back and got the other bottle I had - anniversary 2012 this time.  Then on Monday I skidded on the wooden ramp outside the back of the pub ( before I had had a drink!) which was wet and slippery with mossy stuff - and I was only checking that no-one had blocked the disabled access with their car as Tony was at Chiswick that evening so their were two wheelchai…

Monday 16 June

This morning was warm but cloudy and I went and explored the bit in between the small car park on the moor and Bovey Valley Woods.  Followed Templar Way down off the moor and into Yarner Wood and then circled round the bottom of the wood to pick up the footpath back up the side of the wood, then round by the house and discovered the path on the same side of the road so that I didn't have to cross it.  2 hours 10 minutes - with all the down in the first hour and constant up thereafter!  I didn't quite make it to Bovey Valley woods but have discovered a good mid-way car park at Middle Trebare Down to use for my next exploration, which should join up the two and also take me up behind Becky Falls.  Spent the rest of the day tidying up emails etc on the computer and organising my blog photos.  Took Suki out again to Parke in the afternoon - began to feel a bit light headed so had a couple of jam sandwiches when I got back even though I would be eating an hour later.  Cooked mash …

Bovey - first week in June

I came down to Devon on Wednesday and immediately felt the stress fall away from me.  I had a lovely walk in Parke and then went to see Mary, who was ok but seemed mostly interested in stroking Suki (who was behaving really well that afternoon - hardly even growling at the staff).  Jayne came in at 6 and it was lovely to see her again and catch up.  We had a lovely chicken and veg stir fry with a glass or two of wine and a nice early night too.  She is working at Trago Mills 8-6 each day although on Friday she went to Glastonbury for the weekend for a wedding so I had a couple of days to myself which is nice too. She has Mondays and Tuesdays off so we plan to go for a walk on the moor whatever the weather.  I went up on the moor on Friday morning and it was very wet and misty - I had a lovely walk but it was easy to see how someone might get lost when the cloud comes down as I was on a route I knew very well but still had some unsure moments.  When I got back the rain turned torrenti…

Friday 23 May

Went walking with Maryanne in the morning - did the walk from Middle Assendon.  Lovely - excellent weather (just started raining as we were driving home).  Had lunch in The Rainbow - I had the broccoli and  stilton tart again.  Went later to the Barnes practice and rang quite a bit.  Tried to remove lid of collecting box to take proceeds home but couldn't (which was a shame as a few days later it was stolen in yet another break-in!).  Went straight home and had a glass of wine and an early night.

Fontainebleau weekend 24-26 May

The weekend in France was reasonably enjoyable - given that I was committed to go I just kept telling myself to enjoy it when I was flagging and did the nodding and smiling thing!  We went by taxi to St Pancras after much careful negotiation with Mike, who always wants to go by bus and tube.  However it was raining and since it was me carrying the bags I got my way.  This meant we arrived at the station in plenty of time for the train and completely stress free.  We joined up with the rest of the group, but had to separate on the train as the wheelchair space is in First Class!  I really enjoyed the journey on Eurostar - nice and quiet with plenty of space and we were served breakfast on the way out and supper with red wine on the way back.  There was also a big discount for the wheelchair and companion (my ticket said "exchangeable/refundable companion"!!) so we also travelled much more cheaply than the others.  Apparently their carriages both ways were crowded and noisy. …

Thursday 22 May

Went to Specsavers.  Now entitled to free sight tests as over 60!  Also had an offer for over 60s of 25% discount.  Ordered new varifocals with usual extras and anti-glare and got £90 off.

Tuesday 17 June

Hot and sunny day.  Washed all the sheets and towels today as such a good drying day.  Went for an hour's walk in the morning with Jayne up on to the  moor.  Walked from small car park out along the ridge then back round via the quarry.  Two large groups came through the quarry while we were there - and we saw a crocodile the size of a coachload walking up to Hay Tor!  Got back and had a coffee then I went off to Exeter and rang a QP of Norwich S Royal in hand with Tim etc. Much more successful than last time - I rang much better even though I hadn't done any practice.  Must be my new laid back attitude! Let the usual comments wash over me this time.  Went to Sainsbury afterwards and got some shopping plus three pairs of tracksuit bottoms for Mike and a couple of nice T-shirts for me, and also stocked up on red wine and non-alcoholic wine and beer. Got home and sat in the sunshine for about an hour - which was lovely - and then we had some arrabiatta tortellini and salad aroun…

18 -21 May

Rang a nice handbell peal of Yorkshire S Major with Chris O'Mahony, Sam Austin and Pete King on the Sunday after we got back.  It was nice to ring with Pete again and see him out and about.  I took Suki to Denham for a walk Wednesday morning which was lovely.  Went to supper with Pru and Caroline in the evening - tried the Italian for a change.  Very good.

Intrepid 4-17 May

Full photo album on Flickr

In the morning I realised I had left USB plug in car, so got off boat to walk back for it - but couldn't get back across to the marina so left it in the end.  Suki got off with me but hopped back on at the first bridge, and then realised I was still on the bank.  She got more and more stressed out, and just before the next bridge where she could have got off again she leapt off the front of the boat and swam over to me where I had to drag her out!  So wet on day 1!!.  Later that day we met a couple with a dog - who pranced away from Suki as she growled at it and promptly fell backwards into the canal and had to be dragged out by the owner.  Luckily they saw the funny side - apparently the dog had not been in the canal before.

Suki was ok for the first few days but once it got windy she started doing her scrabbling again.  I put the calming collar on her to see if it had any effect.  I am not sure whether it did …

Sunday 15 June

Got up early and took Suki for a walk to Parke from the house, up by the river and back by the railway track, for an hour and a half.  Went ringing - there were 7 of us so I ducked out of the last touch and went downstairs to see if I could see Ann Power.  She was just coming in the church as I got there which was great timing.  I checked she knew that we were lunching at Brookside and then headed off home as I couldn't bear to stay to Morning Worship!  I looked for a service on the TV or radio but there wasn't one.  I thought afterwards I could have gone to the service at Tracey House!  When I got back I picked up the cross stitch and realised I had done a whole chunk yesterday with the stitches crossing the wrong way, so I spent an hour unpicking it.  Went to pick up Mary at 12 - found her sitting on her own in the summer house which looked very pleasant and it seemed a shame to disturb her.  Went to Brookside where we were lucky enough to get a parking place.  We were the f…

Catch Up 10th March to 22 April

Neglected the blog during this time so here is the catch up of things I can remember.  It's annoying I can't change the order of the archive links so I can't position it in the correct place chronologically - ho hum!

Having negotiated with Mike that I should stay in Devon and not drive back just to go to Just A Song, I was able to stay through the weekend and go back the following Wednesday.  On Monday morning Lee and Emma went to Trago to get more mortar and to look around and I took all three dogs for a walk in Stover which was really hairy trying to keep an eye on all 3.  I kept Neville on a lead but Beau was ok, as of course was Suki, although Beau kept wanting to head back to the car park at every opportunity.  At lunchtime I went over to Tim's and rang a QP of Woodstock with the two Sues.  In the evening went ringing at Bovey and then Lee and Emma brought the dogs up to the Bell to meet me.  There was a darts match going on and the pub was a bit full so I though…

Sunday 4 May

Didn't sleep very well - woke up with cramp in the night. Got up about 8 and went along for breakfast - good timing as just before mass arrivals of people!  Mike had a cooked breakfast and I had nice selection of fruits with yoghurt.  Tea was luke warm which was a shame as otherwise very nice.  It was rather cool in the restaurant but was nice and sunny outside and warm in the sunshine. Mike stayed in Oxford to go to punt and picnic party at midday so I left him reading the paper in the sun on the terrace while I checked out and drove home.  Very easy journey just about an hour.  Finished off the packing and packed the car while the dog was still away so (a) nice and quiet and (b) I could leave the front door open.  Had a shower and drove back to Oxford to pick Mike up outside Magdalen and then on to Nether Hayford where Intrepid is now based.

 Lovely sunny day.  Much easier to load things on to boat as pontoon runs alongside.  JJ picked up Tony and Gill from station and when all …