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Return to Devon

I went back to Devon on Friday (5th Jan) so that I could go to Tim's handbell day the next day.   I arrived at 3 pm and had a quick chat with Malc before taking Suki out for a walk.  Peter had prepared bolognaise for supper and we had it with jacket potato.

The handbell day was good fun although I didn't like leaving Suki for so long - I ended up being longer than intended because someone was ill and I had to cover for them.  I rang 3 QPs - Cambridge Royal, Yorkshire Major and Little Bob Royal - and over the day 7 QPs were rung which had been the target.  The Cambridge Royal was a real struggle and we had so many restarts that we ran out of time for the scheduled Yorkshire Royal, but then fitted in the Yorkshire Major to keep the total for the day on schedule.

It was Suki's official birthday on Monday 8th Jan - I discovered birthday cake for dogs in the local pet shop (made primarily of lard I think) so of course I had to get it for her.  She didn't look particularly i…

2018! New Year

Got up extra early on New Year's Eve so that I could go to 8 am communion at Barnes because there wasn't a service at Chiswick.  When I got there discovered it was Matins!  Monica was there - I hadn't been expecting her but she had come back early - so we went for a lovely breakfast of porridge at Gail's after the service.  Did the ringing circuit and then came home and worked my way through the pile of stuff I had dumped in the living room the day before.  Everything had been found a place and put away by the time Mike came in from playing the organ at the convent.  I had also filed all the music away again - for a fresh start in 2018!  We were still working our way through the cheese at mealtimes.  I made a start on my own paperwork - which I wanted to clear before setting forth on Mary's probate.  There were a huge number of Christmas cards to open and log and lots of letters to scan in.

My new year's resolution is to keep an expense account for a year and I…