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Monday 27th October

Jayne and I went to Burnham Beeches for a walk with Suki.  The weather was lovely.  We walked for about an hour and a half and then had a bacon bap and a latte at the cafe.  Went ringing at Chiswick with Mike in the evening but only Roberto turned up so at 8.20 we locked up and went to the pub where we were joined by Francis.  Had fish pie - nice but I can't stand the rubbery lumps of egg white that is in it.  I left early as was intending to be home by 9.15 to see Jayne - but Mike wasn't long after me.

Sunday 26th October

Clocks went back - and I was awake and ready to get up at 6 am new time so I did!  Took Suki for a walk and then went to church and did the ringing circuit.  Mike did readings at 8 am and then went to play organ at convent so we travelled separately.  No-one in the cafe for breakfast but I didn't mind - treated myself to a chocolate croissant. When I got back went to Tesco with Jayne and then to Lebanese for take away mezzes. In the afternoon I went church sitting and Jayne came with me.  It was nice to have company.  Mike walked Suki.  In the evening we had the mezzes with red wine and watched Lewis then Downton Abbey.

Saturday 25th October

Mike and I took Suki to Stover for a walk in the morning while Jayne went for coffee with Pat and Annette.  Then we tidied up the house and Jayne hoovered round and touched up the paintwork in the bathroom.  We had veg soup for lunch and then we packed up the car and left for London.  We got back home just after 5 and booked a table at CJs for 7 pm.  We had a cup of tea and sorted stuff out and then went round for a lovely meal - we each had ristafel extra.  We took a good bottle of red wine, plus the bottle of dessert wine we had had for years which needed drinking up.  Went straight to bed when we got home.  Lorraine stayed at Carolyn's - she was a bit upset as her car had been vandalised whilst parked in Dordrecht road so she didn't want to risk it happening again.

Friday 24th October

Went to Bovey Valley woods for a walk in the morning with Jayne and Suki.  Spent the rest of the day helping Jayne get ready for India, downloading programmes on iPlayer etc.  Mike rang a peal of Stedman Triples at Bovey called by Pladdys which was apparently quite good - then went for lunch at the Cromwell.  I walked Suki in the plantation in the afternoon.  Mike and I went to Wolborough practice in the evening - they were very welcoming and pleased to see us again, and Ann was very helpful in assisting me to get Mike up and down.  Had a beer when we got home before going to bed.

Thursday 23rd October

Walked Suki in Parke in the morning and then had a useful day doing washing and catching up on admin and paperwork.  Rang handbells with Tim, Lyn and Sue Sawyer at lunchtime - tried to ring 6xspliced major again but failed, although got past the course of Rutland at the end so very nearly there.  It seemed to be my fault again - although I know I wasn't wrong, so probably it was miscalled. Somewhat unsatisfactory. Went to handbells in the evening at Moretonhampstead and had a great time - what a contrast!  Ann gave me some runner beans from her garden - she had a whole washing up bowl full.  When I got in had glass of wine and maltesers left out for me by Jayne and watched some tv with Mike.

Wednesday 22nd October

Jayne went to Glastonbury for a couple of days to say goodbye to friends.  Went for a walk with Trisha and Suki on the moor - the usual one from the top car park, over Hay Tor and down to the tramway then back through the quarry.  Got back with just enough time to change shoes and make Mike a cup of tea, then drive to The Dolphin for 11 am meeting  - where we got a cup of coffee.  They couldn't do next July because they have a regular car rally group that weekend.  Then went on to The Cromwell.  Gary very helpful and we had a look at the rooms which were very nice.  Dates clashed with possible wedding of wife's schoolfriend that weekend - but they are going to ask her if she can change the date!  Got back to house at 11.30 and then the three of us went out for lunch at Cafe 64 which was very nice.  I had the pate and toast again.  Dropped Trisha off at Newton Abbot station at 2.30 and went straight on to plantation for an hour's walk with Suki.  Tim came over in the evenin…

Tuesday 21st October

Jayne and I went for a quick walk on the moor and then picked up Mary and took her back to the house for a coffee.  Took her back at lunchtime and got back just in time to eat something and go and pick up Trisha at Newton Abbott at 2.30.  We had a cup of tea, then Trisha and I took Suki out and we walked up to the church and then down the high street, into the Cromwell to book a table, and then past the Dolphin to Parke, round Parke then back through Mill Marsh Park and along Le Molay Litry finishing with the bridleway.  In the evening the four of us went out to eat at the Cromwell and had two bottles of wine - although we brought half the second bottle home with us.

Monday 20th October

Had a nice day with Jayne.  Went for a walk with Suki then went in to town for light lunch and coffee.  Had a mooch about afterwards. Found a frame for the poppies cross stitch in a charity shop.   Bled the radiators - and then found the pressure had dropped too much in the boiler so it wouldn't come on.  Tried following the instructions for filling but nothing seemed to work so phoned plumber and he told us how over the phone.  Radiators working much better now.  Went ringing in the evening with Mike and went to the pub afterwards - although left before Mike as he was getting involved in the pub quiz machine.

Sunday 19th October

Went ringing and came straight back without going to the service as it was Morning Worship.  Went for a walk on the moor with Jayne and Suki.  In the afternoon Rowena came and took Suki out for two hours and Jayne helped me make up the beds.  Picked Mike up at 16.40 from Newton Abbott and we had a nice night in watching Lewis then Downton Abbey.

Saturday 18th October

Jayne looked after suki all day. I went to handbell rally in Wincanton. Ann picked me up and drove to Joyce's where Jimoy picked us all up and did all the driving. Rally was very good with intervals for packed lunch and bring and share tea. I won maltesers in the raffle. Fountains was a bit of a disaster but people liked it anyway. In the evening watched TV with Jayne and drank wine and had nibbles and maltesers. Both of us flagging by 10 so had an early night.

Friday 17th October

Went for a walk in plantation with Jayne in the morning. Then she went to meet Jackie for coffee and I went into town for some bits and pieces. I have forgotten suki's tablets but was unable to buy over the counter. £15 to get prescription from the vet so I could order on line. Had hair trim with Ryan. Took suki to Parke at 4. Railway track looking very attractive in the grey afternoon light. Went to handbell practice in the evening which was very enjoyable. Jayne waited up for me and we had red wine, hot drink and a couple of cream liquers before going to bed at 12!

Thursday 16th October

Finished off 1990-91 report except for deceased members. Went to Civil Service Club for lunch with CSWHA reunion. Quite a nice meal except for dried out cannelloni, but I enjoyed the company as sat with Liz, Anne C and Dot Brown. Beginning to know some of the others too. When I got home I took suki for a short walk then packed the car and drove to Devon. Got stuck in rush hour traffic getting out of London but otherwise ok journey. Arrived at 9.30. Jayne had glass of wine waiting.

Wednesday 15th October

Spent all day doing membership database for 1990-91 report. Didn't quite finish before having to go up to Guy's for minor. Reasonable journey up there. Didn't get a peal but eventually tried a new strategy of ringing spliced for every extent and scored a Qp of some of the combinations. Went to Cafe Rouge afterwards and had usual fougasse and steak frites.

Tuesday 14th October

Took Suki to Burnham Beeches in the morning. Had a lovely 2 hour walk. Practised on Abel in the afternoon and also spent an hour on the music for choir. Really paid off at the rehearsal. Went home by bus as did not want to go to pub. Just caught 10 am one so was home by 10.15. Couldn't go to sleep and ended up drinking red wine and watching Wycliffe till midnight by which time Mike was home.

Monday 13th October

Went to Guy's to ring Yorkshire with Mark James and Caroline. Stopped after an hour because Caroline put bells down and rushed out of room. Rang some Bristol and then went home,

Sunday 12th October

Slept fitfully so got up at 6 and had shower.  Took Suki early so went to Southfields - lovely clear cold morning and no-one around.  Wonderful.  Also left for church early!  Harvest Festival but you would hardly have known at 8 am (except for stupid orange things hanging from ceiling).  Treated myself to chocolate croissant for breakfast.  Avoided ringing at Barnes (wrists have been throbbing lately) but had to ring at Chiswick as I made them up to 8. When we got home we had a go at putting the feet on the sofa, but they didn't want to fit properly and some of the screws were stuck in the holes so in the end we decided to leave them off.  Then replaced broken cassette player with the one I had brought back from Devon, and threw away lots of old cassettes and CDs to make the corner look at bit tidier and cleaner. Had jacket potato with cheese for lunch. Chopped up lots of veg  and made curried lentils with veg - had to go to Tesco to buy a can opener! Mike went off to ring QP at K…

Saturday 11th October

Mike went off to Barnes in the morning.  I did some washing and took Suki for a walk, then wrote the two certificates which were needed.  Mike didn't want any lunch when he got back so I finished up pasta from yesterday.  Mike went off to Middx Autumn meeting at 2.30 but I stayed at home and gave Suki another walk.  Set off for Fulham at 4.30 by public transport (with District Line west of Earls Court not operational except for Wimbledon line) and got there at 4.50 via Piccadilly line.  Met them outside church after service and walked down to the hall with them.  Rushed round getting certificates signed and handing them out, plus new member pack, and selling raffle tickets.  Macaroni cheese was very good but the curry looked a bit washed out and was apparently not so nice, so good choice!  Played sudoku on phone during meeting - which was typically boring.  Went straight home afterwards, giving Monica a lift, and watched recorded Lewis with glass of wine.  A bit miffed to find it …

Friday 10th October

Recorded a couple more of the Dorothy L Sayers books on tape to MP3.  Did the ironing in the morning watching an old episode of Morse, and then did the bits of sewing which had been lying around which was a good feeling.  Lorraine made a delicious lunch of pasta and veg.  Got paperwork up to date, including new member pack and paperwork for Autum General Meeting tomorrow. Stannah engineer came to service stairlift.  Lorraine wanted to borrow satnav for work but I was reluctant to do so.  Went to Barnes later than Mike so was able to come straight home afterwards and have glass of red wine and jacket potato while watching Inspector Lynley and still have a reasonably early night.

Thursday 9th October

Got up at 6 am after restless night.  Mike went to work and I took Suki out early.  Did some more taping of book/drama tapes - it will be a slow process.  Converted Dad's CD to MP3 so now I can listen to it on my phone.  Went to Tesco with Lorraine and bought a few bits and pieces. Finished Audible book Natural Causes by James Oswald.  Enjoyed it except for reliance on existence of "demons" passing from one person to another.  Seemed to spoil an otherwise good story.  Scored highest Bejewelled score to date this morning. Went for supper with Pru and Caroline in the evening - went to Tas again and had a delicious meal, including baklava (a three-pieces portion each!) and I had a raki. When I got in I converted Dad's Memories DVD to MP3 and loaded it on to my phone - very pleased with the free software I found to do this.

Wednesday 8th October

Spent the morning on email admin, paying bills etc.  Spent the afternoon practising spliced CYN on Abel. Went to Guy's in the evening to ring it with Adam, Mark and Caroline, but it fell to pieces at 7.30.  So we rang some Bristol and went for an early glass of wine at Azzuro.  I had some garlic bread too which was delicious. Lady gave me a pen at the bus stop which had a rubber end that could be used to operate iPad.  Went straight to bed when I got in with hot drink and G&T.

Tuesday 7th October

Slept badly again, although not as bad as the previous night.  Rained heavily in the night and Suki started scrabbling at doors - I got up and let her out but she rushed back in, so I shut her in the bedroom with me and left the doors to the wardrobe open and then ignored her.  She didn't do it again so I got off lightly.  Got up at 7.30 full of energy.  Had shower and then put towels etc in to wash and short dry.  Had breakfast and did washing up.  Then did ironing.  Then hoovered bedroom and quickly round the other rooms.  Jayne went off to Glastonbury at 9.45.  I hung out towels and other washing, locked the windows, packed the car and left.  Went for a walk on the moor and then dropped in to see Mary.  Set off for London at 12.15, getting petrol in Bovey Straights on the way.  Got a sausage roll and some small doughnuts to eat on the way - but still ended up yawning and eating fruit pastilles.  Good journey until A404 junction then satnav and overhead gantries warned of long (…

Monday 6th October

Slept really badly.  Got up at 2.30 and made cup of tea and watched an episode of Wycliffe.  Jayne also slept badly - may have been the stilton last night.  Went for a walk and then went to Exeter to ring handbells.  Tried to ring Yorkshire Royal but could hardly manage a plain course - I hadn't been expecting Royal so hadn't done any practice and Lynn was the same.  Felt quite miserable about inability to get it right at one point but the others were very supportive and I was ok by the end.  When I got back had intended to walk Suki in time to visit Mary, but firstly we tackled the toilet seat again and of course it took longer than we thought.  Eventually we got it fitted tightly, but I decided not to glue it so that if necessary Mike could help fit it properly when he comes.  We then changed the toilet roll holder, which fitted nicely onto the existing plate so no need to drill new holes.  However the towel holder would not stick on with the no nails pads so we left that un…

Sunday 5th October

Walked Suki round the block before going to 8 am service then ringing.  Rowena texted asking to walk Suki in the afternoon, so we abandoned our walk plans and rushed off to sort out toilet seats at Homebase where we also got a better toilet roll holder, with the idea of using the current one as a towel holder, and also go to B&Q to return sealant and a couple of other shops.  Bought a cheap new mirror for bathroom.  Got back and saw Suki off with Rowena, then left Jayne sorting out clothes for India and went to Trago for some browsing.  Absolutely packed and quickly lost the will to live!  Got heated electric towel rail and a couple of new bath mats plus stocked up on sweets and got some spare mugs to cover breakages.  After Suki got back had drink and chat with Rowena and then put the towel rail together and set it up in the utility room.  We decided to leave the toilet seat until tomorrow.  Made a cheese sauce and put it over leeks and broccoli, finished off with 20 mins in oven…

Saturday 4th October

Rained heavily all night and still raining when I got up (latish). Walked on the moor in the morning - thinking we were going to get wet, but as we got out of the car the rain stopped and we could see the edge of the weather front passing over us followed by blue sky and sunshine.  Went from small car park to Black Hill and back along the tramway.  Then went to see Mary - she was playing bingo but stopped to come and talk to us.  Suki rather truculent and grumpy!  In the afternoon wrestled for two hours with the loo seat, and came to the conclusion that it was faulty as the spindles kept falling out when we tightened them.  Left it in place albeit somewhat wobbly until we could take it back.  Took Suki for a quick walk in Parke - got a space in the layby after third time of passing!

Friday 3rd October

Got up a bit later than planned  at 7.45. Took suki for quick walk round the block.  Went to Glastonbury.  Planned to walk for half an hour but place jayne thought of had been turned into nature reserve which did not allow dogs.  Eventually walked for 20 mins by river ignoring no dogs sign so as to stretch suki's legs and find a bush for a wee.  Went to jaynes storage unit and spent a couple of hours sorting it out.  Suki eventually settled down to sleep.  Then went for lunch at Cafe and then for a lovely hour's circular walk at Westhay nature reserve which did allow dogs.  Lovely hot sunny day.  Came back and dropped into Cromwell for a drink.  Left stuff in car when we got home except for jaynes TV  which we brought in and set up.  Had relaxing evening drinking red wine and watching Lewis.

Thursday 2nd October

Went for a walk with Jayne and suki in Bovey woods then dashed over to Argos in Newton Abbot and got bathroom cabinets.  Got back 11.30 and discovered handbells in Exeter cancelled because Lynn working.  Stiff email from Tim!  Gave us all day to assemble cupboards and put them up.  Took suki for walk in plantation in afternoon and got good advice about noise phobia.  Just got cupboard on wall in time for leaving for handbells in evening.  Had great time practicing for Wincanton and Christmas stuff - so different from Chiswick!  Went to Tesco on the way home.  Jayne still up so had glass red wine,  hot drink and baileys  and went to bed at 11.30.

Wednesday 1st October

Went to Devon.  Had a good trip down with no holdups.  Jayne not in when I arrived at 13.30  but came back about 3.30.  She has decorated bathroom and cloakroom - had quite a shock when I walked into the bathroom on arrival.  It is fabulous and the cloakroom is amazing -and pink!  Took suki to plantation for an hour in the late afternoon after a couple of cups of tea and then we had chicken and roast potatoes followed by trifle while watching Wycliffe and Miranda DVD.  Had nice early night.

Tuesday 30th September

Did the circular walk Book 1 number 21 from Penn Street  Church in the morning.  Lovely sunny day.  Found route fairly easily.  Met Maryanne for lunch and catch up in the Hit or Miss. Let when large funeral party arrived.  Went to choir separately in the evening - had working group meeting after rehearsal.  I went straight home afterwards while Mike went to the pub.  Had drink with Lorraine then went to bed.

Monday 29th

Tried drinking more water and jogging on the spot when suki stationary on walk.  Must try and get more exercise and lose weight.  Lucy Eyles came to Chiswick plus another visitor and also Adrian and Robert P so quite a good practice.  I took tuna wrap with me to eat and so to avoid eating pub food,  although also helped Mike out with his chips.

Sunday 28th September

Went to east carlton country park for a walk in the morning. When we got back we went to Thai Garden in Rothwell for lunch.  Called itself a buffet but food brought to table.  Food was excellent but service very slow and pint of diet coke cost  £3.60.  They wouldn't let us take leftovers away because it was a "buffet " which incensed me  - not because I was particularly keen on taking it away but because of flawed reasoning.  Took suki for short walk afterwards then drove home getting in around 5 pm. Sorted out stuff then mike got in from failed QP  at East Molesey and cooked wonderful omelette with black pudding.  Watched Downton Abbey with glass red wine.

Saturday 27th September

Went to Stanwick Lakes for a walk in the morning finishing with tea and scone at the cafe.  Then went back and got Beryl's car and went to car wash then to garden centre.  Bought a bench and sleeping dog ornament for Bovey.  Had supper of sausage casserole and watched strictly again.

Friday 26th September

Went to Beryl's arriving about 1 pm.  We went into town to the opticians to collect contact lenses and found ourselves drinking coffee and eating lemon drizzle cake as part of macmillan coffee morning.  Then took suki for nice walk round the back of Rothwell through woods and fields.  Had nice pies for supper made by neighbour and watched strictly.