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Saturday 26 April

Mike went to Barnes in the morning.  I made veg pasta sauce and veg soup with veg box stuff. Monica picked me up at 1.20 and we went to Hillingdon for striking competition. In the B band but at least we completed the touch which was something of an achievement. Came last. A band disqualified because touch did not come round as miscalled by Chris O'Mahony. Lucy judging said it was by far the best ringing of the afternoon so some consolation even though disqualified. Went to st Margaret's for service tea and meeting which were all very good. Went home wih mike and potted up the veg stuff for the freezer and did washing up. Suki spent the afternoon with Lee and was tired and quiet she we got in. Didn't want any food. Went to bed early with hot drink and brandy.
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Friday 25 April

Went to Steve's in time for breakfast and then tried peal of Lincolnshire with him, Hamish and Muffie. After three attempts we then practiced three spliced. All good fun. Wrote membership certificates in the afternoon and di other admin ready for meeting tomorrow. Went later to Barnes and rang a bit and lurked a bit and did the washing up! Didn't go to pub. Had garlic cheese bread when I got in and a cider then ovaltine and orange brandy and watched programme on iPad before going to sleep.

Thursday 24 April

Saw Jayne off on the bus to Devon from hammersmith at midday. Did email admin etc and got inbox down to under ten again. Practiced Lincolnshire on Abel all afternoon and evening. Had chicken salad for supper and watched silent witness. Then watched another one and did huge pile of ironing having got a second wind. When Lorraine came in at 10 I was wide awake and full of energy. No alcohol day.

Wednesday 23 April

Went to Denham with suki and Jayne for a walk. Did circular walk and finally discovered how to fit far side of canal into circuit. Lovely walk with reasonable weather. Came back and had Lebanese mezze for lunch then went to Tesco for a few bits. Mike and I went to guys for handbells. Rang lightfoot methods for a couple of hours but didn't score anything. Had nice meal at cafe rouge - I had usual steak frites followed by tart citron. When we got home Lorraine and Jayne were still up talking so joined them with a cup of tea and didn't go to bed until midnight.

Starting again! Tuesday 22 April

Decided to leave the catching up and restart blog from today and fill in the past month or so as and when I can. Otherwise will never get going again. Decided to fight depression about being back in London by putting positive slant on things. Today is the start of the rest of my life. Started well by being 10 st 9 lb which is lowest yet. Can't last now I am back in London but nevertheless gave me a lift to start the day. Put out the rubbish and recycling and then remembered later that they wouldn't be coming till tomorrow because of bank holiday, walked over to Patricia's for lunch and to help her with tax stuff. Stopped off at Turnham Green tonwait for Jayne who came back from India via Greece today. It was lovely to see her again. We got 272 home which got into a standoff at the chicane with oncoming van for some time,  Had a couple of cups of tea and lots of chat and then the three of us, Mike, me and Jayne, went up to chiswick high road to try Indian restaurant we had …