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Monday 30 December

Strong winds and lashing rain through the night were still raging this morning so I postponed going out with suki. Got up a bit later, at 7.45 and mike and I had breakfast and I washed up and cleared away. Then took suki round the block. Hows emerged about 10.30 for some breakfast. We sat around chatting for a while then they packed the car and we had another round of Chinese for lunch. Gill downloaded the Myfitnesspal pal app and we befriended each other on it! Both aiming for 10 stone! Mike went off on outing -picked up by Barry at 12.45. How's left about 20 mins later and I was finally on my own again. Did all washing and ironing and tidied up and put everything away and back in its place. Then took suki up on to the moor as storms had blown away to a lovely sunny warm day. Had super walk. Was going to put Hoover on when I got back but the new dust bags didn't fit so decided to leave it till I come back.  Had a shower and practiced handbells for a bit. Then put beer and oth…

Sunday 29 December

Got up early and walked suki round block. Very icy and slippery after hard overnight frost. Came back and made mike and I some porridge then we went ringing.  Really nice ringing - with Bob, Barry, Tony Roy and Chris. Met Martin going out for a walk when we came back. Gill and boys just seemed to be surfacing. All went for a walk in stover. Nice sunny day. Ice mainly all gone. Had cold meats again for lunch. How's then went to trago mills and we went to see Mary. She seemed back to her old self again and settled. We stayed for about an hour  - Hows were back when we got in. Got Chinese takeaway for supper. Has swift pint of rockin robin in The Bell while we were waiting for it. Really good food and everyone enjoyed it. They watched Christmas lectures again while I went to bed and watched QI on iPad after doing all clearing up washing up and drying!  Consoled myself with large glass of red wine - opened one of my bottles of montepulciano as everyone else sticking to beer. They also…

Saturday 28 December

Mike and I got up and had breakfast and then sat in front bedroom in sunshine doing stuff - mike on computer me cross stitching. Hows eventually got up and gill wanted a long walk with a pub half way which was also wheelchair accessible. We decided to walk to The Cleave in Lustleigh and we finally set off from Parke car park at 11.30! Really nice walk. I met Denise who used to keep goal for revenue on the railway track which was somewhat bizarre. She now lives in Newton Abbott. Struggled to keep boys going but eventually got to pub to find too busy for us to have lunch. However could do baguettes so we sat in garden and had rare roast beef baguette and nice pint of Otter. Simon played up with a stomach ache - which continued all the way back but there was no alternative to walking! It was mainly downhill all the way back so we only took about an hour or so to get back. They played game when we got in and we all had a hot drink. I did cross stitch and finished another block while liste…

Friday 27 December.

Got up and. Had shower then took tea in to Mary. She was anxious all morning about what was happening and when we were taking her back. We had breakfast and then I took suki for a walk in the plantation.  Templar way now much improved with hard core path and bridges. Probably ok for mike when a bit drier. Wasn't too much of a mud plod and was fine in wellies. Then we had a coffee and I took Mary back to Tracey house. I stayed until lunch time and cleared Mary's room of old papers and letters etc. she even had last year's Christmas radio times! She was a bit disorientated and didn't know what was happening or when lunch was but when I took her down she remembered where she sits and seemed better when I left. Had a nice quiet afternoon - mike took suki out and I managed to do all the stuff I had to do on the computer such as sending email re unattached members to South and west secretaries and making some payments for Barnes tower and updating accounts. Just finished whe…

Boxing Day

Mike rang a peal of four spliced at wobbly bobs in the morning. Mary and I sat in front bedroom in lovely warm sunshine listening to podcasts of archers and news quiz. I finished another cross stitch block. Had lamb steaks and left over veg for lunch. Meat a bit tough for Mary. Took suki for walk in Parke in the afternoon and had nice chat with lady pushing toddler with small dog like Jesse. We walked back together along the railway track and had really interesting and enjoyable conversation. Watched Harry potter film in the evening. Frankly boring and I doubt Mary enjoyed it. She was much more settled again today and was fine when we all went to bed.

Christmas Day

Lovely Christmas Day. Got up at 7 and had shower and did porridge to get mike off at 8 to ring at Bickerton. Took Mary tea and tablets. Put goose in at 9. We all did veg in lounge. Opened presents at 11.30. Suki went mental opening hers. Very entertaining. I got some lovely things - all very thoughtful. Was so pleased by it all. Lunch ready by 12.50 - all cooked to perfection and not too much left over. Microwaved the pudding - and again it was lovely. Successfully set it alight too. All washed up and sitting down with coffee in time for the queen. Watched toy story 3 then took suki out. Spoke to Amanda in the evening. Watched downton abbey with another glass of wine and a mince pie. Suki didn't know what to play with next. I had to confiscate honking duck as she just barked at it. Kept going into sun lounge to get another toy. Went from squeaky ball to owl to snowman constantly! Very amusing. Mary a bit disorientated when we went to bed. Found her in the hall staring at the lamp …

Tuesday 24 December

Got up early and set off for butcher at 7.40. When I got to riverside hotel found road and pavements flooded by leet from river Bovey so couldn't get through. Met another bloke in the same predicament. Ended up flagging down a car for a lift through the water! Picked up meat and then bread and mince pies from bakery then tried to flag car down to get me back. First few cars ignored me then 2 post office vans came along. First one refused but the second one took me across and all the way to the post office despite my protestations! He was bemused that the one in front had refused.   Manns not open till 9 so got cheese from the other butcher. Got veg etc from fruit shop and then home before 9! Had breakfast and walked suki to Parke. Floods a little lower by then but path next to weir completely submerged by rushing torrent of water. Floods in mill park had receded but poo bin knocked over and path under road still flooded by rushing water. Got back about midday and had superb fillet…

Monday 23 December

Mike went off to get new tyres as we had discovered a bulge in the side of two of them. Tyres not in stock so had to go to Brentford. Struggled to find it. They took two and a half hours to do the work and mike got home at 2! I spent the morning packing etc and then doing lots of little jobs and tidying up loose ends. Even did some washing. Kept eye on travel news as weather very bad and there were accidents and delays on m5 in the morning. We had a light lunch and set off at 3. Weather was quite bad but better than earlier and we arrived in Bovey at 6.30 which wasn't bad. Had stuffed pasta for supper.

Sunday 22 December

Got up early to have shower and walk suki in time to go to Barnes for 8am -Monica having said she would be doing that. Arrived same time as Monica. Nice service. Saw Patricia and had a hug which was nice. Did the usual breakfast and ringing circuit. Reminded mike by text to pick up Alley who came back to us for lunch. Luckily stuff prepared by mike for choir party had been brought back untouched so we had that with warm baguette I had found in freezer. Worked very well. Handbell rehearsal in church at 2 was not very good, but handbells before service were quite good. I did a lot of pointing for Alley which helped. Carol service went well and the singing was good. We did And The Glory again which was brilliant. Rushed round to convent and did pretty poor performance for them with lots of mistakes  but they seemed to enjoy it anyway. Had mulled wine and mince pies afterwards. Lorraine went back to Carolyn's even though she had a splitting headache. We had an early night.

Saturday 21 December

Mike went over to help learners at Barnes in the morning and popped back for some lunch before going off to Richmond for rehearsal and concert with Cantanti. I had a good day getting organised for Christmas and catching up with things. Finished another cross stitch block. Monica came round at 6 and we put handbells in car and she drove up to Turnham green to get tube to Richmond.. Enjoyed the concert although felt it was a little lightweight and Geoffrey clearly struggling. I profuced small bottle of wine each for interval. Saw Steve Kille which was nice - and waved at Denise! Went home with Monica while mike went to choir party and got in at 1am!

Friday 20 December

Lorraine drove me and presents to Carolyn's and I spent the day there with Leanne and Ollie. We went to Frankie and Bennie's for lunch and all enjoyed it. Dropped Ollie off at James house on the way back. Lorraine drove me to Waterloo on her way to outreach shift and I went straight to Barnes. Thin on the ground but visitor was very good and useful addition. Shared nachos with Mike at pub.

Thursday 19 December

Strong winds and rain through the night. David Brown couldn't get to Steve's last night as train in front of his had hit tree. Arrived at 10.15. Very glad I hadn't rushed to get there! Thought the peal of Bristol would be a dead cert but Steve very trippy - not helped by roofers chatting right outside the window. They had turned up unexpectedly to repair garage roof. David stood it up after an hour because too trippy. Got home early enough to heat up Lahori for mike's lunch. I had muesli and yoghurt. Lee and Emma picked up suki at 1.30. I did some cross stitch and kept scanning and paperwork up to date. Wwent to Guy's in the evening and unexpectedly scored a peal of surprise minor with Caroline and James.

Wednesday 18 December

Got up just before 7 - had set alarm but didn't need it. Back to 10:11 after blip back to 11 so good start. Made breakfast before walking suki. Met Emma and dogs in park so walked round with her. Then went for pedicure and manicure. Had the stir fry for lunch - very hot sauce. Finished wrapping all presents, updated cards received list and put them up. Finished cross stitch block. Went to bell and crown in the evening for dinner and carol singing. Dinner very good - had lovely steak. Singing a shambles. On two separate tables so had to shuffle into middle of bar area to sing. Much faffing and no spontaneity. Second sing was after 10 pm! After first sing surprised to turn round and find Wayne Sleep making appreciative comments right next to me!

Tuesday 17 December

Got up early to see Mike off to work (Christmas lunch at wetherspoons today) then went back to bed until 8.45.  Clearly needed the sleep.  Had shower and walked suki then had breakfast at 11.  Decided to spend the day cross stitching as nothing much left to do for Christmas except shopping for when we are down there.  Made good progress on another block. After walking suki in the afternoon cut up veg for stir fry. In the end had jacket potato for supper because watching Harry potter film and had to cook in adverts! Had nice bottle of red wine. Went to bed early.

Monday 16 December

Set the alarm for 6.45 and actually got up just before it went off.  Put washing on and tidied up a bit then had shower and walked suki before breakfast.   Scales showed 10.11 which is the lowest yet,  and although I know it won't last it is at least a positive reduction and means officially a loss of half a stone. Yippee.  Took car to car wash - new guys and no queue.  Went to morrisons and got tripe sticks - which have changed and become more rubbery.  Saw Joyce at the checkout.  Then went to tesco and got bits for xmas presents.  In afternoon wrapped all presents - and even did wording etc for our surprise.  Went ringing at Chiswick then we had festive menu at the pub.  Got home just after 11 and then realised had left ipad at church so had to drive back and get it.  Finally got to bed just before midnight and did online jigsaw with scotch and hot drink.  Leg still painful.

Sunday 15 December

Set the alarm for 6.20 and struggled out of bed at 6.25. Got washing out of machine. Had shower and walked suki then went to 8 am with mike. Horrid banner across screen again - something to do with nativity. Jackie took service which was nice. Went home for breakfast and to pick up food for food bank. Then went to Barnes and then to chiswick ringing. Not comfortable ringing at chiswick -rope on 3 too stiff and Sally too high so had to ring 2. Got handbells from sacristy and took them home. Roger got them out of the car for me. Mike went to ring qp at mortlake. I scanned all paperwork and put up cards. Did ironing too had jacket potato and cheese for lunch. Suki went off with lee and Emma at 1.30. We went off to Albert hall at 4.30 and were there in an hour so sat around in the artists bar for an hour as couldn't use changing rooms because of previous concert. Got changed just in time to go on stage. Hadn't realised we wouldn't be coming off again! Luckily went to loo befor…

Saturday 14 December

Very late start! Got up about 8.30. Took suki out at 10.30. Mike went off to ring QPs at Norwood Green and Ruislip. I spent all day finishing off cards. Finally posted the last batch at 3.30 when I took suki out. Did personal admin when I got back including forms for endowment maturity payment. Mike came back at 5 and spliced rope for chiswick. Watched tv in the evening with glass of wine. Went to bed at 10.30. Leg a little easier but still uncomfortable. Had scotch and ovaltine and played spider for a while then resorted to music again. Leonard Cohen again as worked so well last night. Didn't even get to the second track this time.

Friday 13 December

Woke mike up at 6.20 by putting the light on. Made him some breakfast and both of us a cup of tea. I had packed his rucksack last night so just added the rest if the baguette to it for later. He went in to work for his works Christmas lunch. I went back to bed till 8.30. Then took suki for a walk to Wendell and then carried on to askew road to the print shop where I was able to buy more cartridges - and they didn't mind suki going in. Got back and sealed and addressed Jayne's parcel and took it to the post office and posted it.  Also,posted first tranche of Christmas cards. Then went to Tesco and got a few bits. Then did some more printing of letters and also did the Sunday stewards rota. Emma came for suki at 1.30 and then I had a shower and packed my rucksack with concert stuff plus flask of coffee, flask of red wine (!) and jam sandwiches. Set off at 2.35 to catch 272. Arrived at Albert hall nice and early. Went to usual dressing room - nice and quiet and nearby toilets als…

Thursday 12 December

Mike didn't go to work as going in tomorrow for Christmas lunch. Got up at 8.30! Got out with suki just after 9.30. Back in time to make mike a cup of tea then went to station to meet Susie. We immediately went for "breakfast" so I dutifully had beans on toast. It was lovely to see her again and have a catch up. We went to the lighting shop where Susie bought 3 glass shades for her hall and I bought a new shade for the bedroom to match the curtains (£9).  Got the bus to larden road intending to come home for a coffee then realised Susie due at solicitors at 3 so turned round and walked to the station. Got mike a baguette for lunch on the way back and me a tuna bap for supper.  Did all the abroad cards then took suki for a walk and posted them.  Then had a productive couple of hours writing up all the other cards and printing more letters. Stopped when down to final two cartridges. Listened to music on PC while doing this. Had it on shuffle so heard tracks from albums I h…

Wednesday 11 December

Got up a bit earlier and had porridge for breakfast with banana. Helped beryl book tickets for the theatre and showed her how to attach photos to emails. Left for home at 12 and got in at 2.30. Suki had just gone out. Had cold lamb and bread and butter pickle for lunch. Made good progress with printing newsletter and labels. Put all the labels on to the envelopes. Had pasta for supper while Lorraine and Mike had Thai curry.

Tuesday 10 December

Had a great nights sleep. Got up very late as waiting for beryl and Chris to be clear of the bathroom. In the end put jumper over nightie and went down for breakfast at 10. Then had shower and got ready for lunch. Successfully used my phone as a portable hot spot for the iPad. Admired Chris's new convertible Peugeot sports car and sat in it.  Pearl picked us up at 12. Had a lovely lunch at the three swans in a private room just big enough for the 8 of us. Drank a toast to Ros. I had brandy to finish. Spent afternoon and evening watching tv and chatting. Leg very uncomfortable - still a bit swollen and tight across the scab. Found it difficult to get to sleep.

Monday 9 December

What with doing breakfast, washing up, getting myself ready, walking dog, doing the cards, wrapping Beryl's present and packing I was finally ready to set off for Beryl's at 11. Mike had been up to ford at top of road and sorted out wipers at last. Gave Lorraine a lift to chiswick and then went back to m40 and up to a43. Arrived at 1.20 and we had a light lunch. Went into rothwell in the afternoon and then to Kettering to do some shopping. Got myself some trainers for £10! Had nice locally made pie for supper. Stayed up watching tv and chatting till quite late.

Sunday 8 December

Slept with my leg on a pillow all night. Quite stiff and painful in the morning. Decided not to go to church but to get up slowly and have a shower and then remove dressing and see how it is. Mike didn't go to church either but he did go off to Barnes at 9. Leg looked a lot better and although hole still quite deep I decided to leave it open to the air as it was drying up nicely. Took suki for a walk then set too getting lunch ready and setting table. Lorraine helped all day. She made pumpkin soup and mulled wine both of which went down very well. I put suki on a lead round me when first people arrived and she turned positively angelic - hardly barking at all when the others arrived and then just lying sweetly in the dining room while they practiced handbells. The lunch itself went very well - roast lamb followed by chocolate cheesecake and mini mince pies from Abel and Cole and fresh strawberries with cream. Lorraine did all the washing up. Took suki out when they had gone and th…

Saturday 7 December

Mike and Hugo went off for the day ringing.  I was going to take suki for long walk but lost the motivation after Mike sent Hugo back in three times for things he had forgotten,  with all the barking that entailed - and thus ensuring Lorraine had to wake up - and then Mike phoned me to say windscreen wipers didn't fit.  Walked round acton park then went up to Acton with Lorraine to Christmas Market and to take clothes to charity shop.  Bought flashing Christmas trees from poundstretcher and a few baubles. Little one for home and bigger one for Devon. Also bought a candle for beryl but forgot to put it in the parcel when I wrapped it! Spent a couple of hours finishing off newsletter with more photos and also creating cards for Kettering girls from collage of photos of last year's lunch. Uploaded it to Drive but colours didn't look right when I got it up on PC so I went back and got laptop to take it into back bedroom to print direct from publisher. As I was carrying it thro…

Friday 6 December

Hurray.  The magic 10 again this morning.  Had a great night's sleep.  9.15 to 7.30 am. So a good start to the morning.  Lee came round and bagged up the compost and did the front garden.  Did another amazing job.  I went up to Mackens to get the meat for Sunday.  Butcher took bone out of leg of lamb - didn't know they could do that.  Greengrocers has gone and been replaced by really posh veg shop.  Much too intimidating.  Christmas cards arrived so went up to post office and got stamps.  Paper and ink arrived too. Total spent on sending out cards just short of £200.  (Cards £60 stamps £85 paper and ink £70). Mike not in qp because today was originally late night shopping in Barnes but put back to next week.  Both went ringing at 7 and to pub. Hugo and Rod had fallen out and Hugo particularly annoying about it in pub.  Hugo stayed overnight again.

Thursday 5 December

Bob's birthday. Sent him a text. Carried bells and music stands round to car for mike. Then got a call to come out and wipe his windscreen as someone had nicked his windscreen wipers.  I hate London. Set off at 8.30 for Crowell to meet up with Maryanne and Mary for a walk. Got there nice and early. Very cold and very windy but we had a nice 6 mike walk lasting three hours. Nice lunch in pub which had recently reopened under new management after being closed for 18 months.  Got back and went up to get mikes wiper blades as he had been unable to get them in Bracknell. By then lashing down with rain. Offered to talke them to Bracknell by train but mike said he would be ok. Did ironing then did washing and had shower. Watched old Lewis with couple of hot drinks and then went to bed with a scotch and my book at 8.30!  Had been awake since 3 am so nicely tired this evening. Sorted out some headphones for the bedside drawer so that next time can't sleep can listen to music.

Wednesday 4 December

Waited for text from Lauren and had given up and just going out the door with suki when I got it. Texted several times that I was coming to chiswick house anyway but got no response so decided just to meet up with them in the grounds. Went to loo and saw them as I came out.  Just Lauren  and Monica. Walked round with them. Asked Lauren about baby only to find she had been still born! Felt awful but Lauren able to talk about it. Walked back and got home about 12.  Put newsletter on web site then set up. Ike with forwarding address for MCALD group and then got domain name for rovers and set it up. It was much easier than it had seemed when I last looked.  I had one free domain name so I used that. Also set up forwarder for Used dream weaver 4 on new computer and seemed to be fine for what I wanted to do. cPanel also seems quite useful for editing. Went to BP House at 5 and arrived nice and early again. Went to Paul's and got interesting baguettes for break as this was th…

Tuesday 3 December

Seemed to spend the whole day doing stuff on the computer without actually progressing the Christmas letter, but it was all useful stuff.  I caught up with the Archers while walking Suki this morning so she had a nice long walk.  Then prepared veg for Sunday.  I used the food processor to shred all the greens - cabbage, broccoli, kale and chinese cabbage which I then put in the freezer.  Then I made carrot and ginger mash with all the carrots from 2 weeks veg boxes, and froze that.  I will be able to use up all the old potatoes too for the roast so that is very satisfying.  Still found plenty to distract me through the day on the computer rather than get on with the Christmas letter, but I did at least get up to date with emails etc.  Had to wash Mike's bedding again - including duvet - another distraction. Finished text of newsletter by 7 and produced some pizza for mike. I had jacket potato and cheese. Mike went to choir but I stayed home as not doing party or park club this yea…

Monday 2 December

Finished the first draft of the Christmas letter and then spent some time putting my blog into Word and then printing it out so that I could refer to it.  I then spent some time reading it and making notes of anything else I wanted to add in to the newsletter, and also reviewed what I had written.  Did some personal admin, paid some bills etc, and have started to make lists to get organised for Christmas - now that it is December.  Went to Chiswick ringing in the evening - Tony turned up which was a nice surprise.  He had a couple of interesting moments with the rope but was generally ok and useful to have as we were able to ring triples (Robert Piggot also turned up - but still not sign of Alley).  At the end the rope on the third caught on the chair and broke - so we had to replace it before we went to the pub and as a result the food was a bit on the cold side but ok otherwise.  Monica had forgotten to order my sandwich so I just had a few chips off Mike's and Tony's plates…

Sunday 1 December

Nice not to have to get up to walk dog before 8 am service.  Mike got up and ready to come with me then checked his diary and found he was playing the organ.  I went to church and did the usual circuit and then went to Sainsbury's for a few bits and found a good Christmas present for Mary in the form of some hyacinths which grow in water in a vase, and Beryl' Christmas present. Finished "Lost River" by Stephen Booth by skimming it. Wasn't impressed with it at all. Started Life and Limb by Jamie Anderson - a paperback.  Also successfully worked out hoe to get the epubs into Books on iPad - by emailing them to myself. So that will be useful. Went to Highbury in the afternoon and rang peal of Superative Major with David, Peter Blight and Chris O'Mahony.  My 60th in hand - who would have thought it.  Came home and got some doner meat with salad from Lara.  Grilled half of it when I got in and ate it for supper.  It was delicious - definitely do that again.   Mike…

Saturday 30 November

Mike went off to help with Barnes learners and I pottered changing the beds and going through the music again. We had some poached eggs on marmite toast for lunch. Lee and Emma were a bit late picking up Suki - and actually turned up just as we left the house to go to the rehearsal.  They had been delayed by someone collapsing in their street and bashing his head open and had been helping him until the police arrived (the ambulance service were "too busy" to come!).  I gave them some of the oxtails from the freezer for the dogs - which apparently they loved.   We went to the rehearsal and I managed to get a reasonable seat - albeit next to Jo Mansell Bentley who is a first alto.  The rehearsal had some scary moments and I went through the alleluia again when I got home to be sure I would be confident about when to come in.  The staging had disappeared so we had to make do with a few bits and pieces - there were lots of complaints but actually I thought it was better.  The li…