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Lord's - and focus on fitness!

I decided to concentrate on improving my fitness for a week before going back to Devon as I was feeling somewhat lethargic not to mention large and bumbly.  So I did three lots of Group Cycling in addition to my usual Forever Fit and Active Circuit classes.  It was hard work, and quite exhausting, but it did seem to have a positive effect so I will endeavour to keep it up.

Mike and I had a nice day at Lord's cricket ground, as guests of Clare and Francis Judge, who is a member.  They had arranged for us to have a parking space inside the ground so we were able to drive there and back which was something of a luxury (although public transport might have proved more efficient!).  It was rather a dull, cold day but very enjoyable - with a county match taking place between Lancs and Middx (divided loyalties for Mike).  We went into the Pavilion and watched a bit of cricket from inside by the door where the players go in and out, and also had a look round at the paintings etc on the wa…

Another week in Devon

I fitted in another enjoyable week in Devon - driving down on Tuesday 12th.  Jayne and I are beginning to work through "The List" of things to do or sort out before she goes back to India in October.

I finished off sorting out her music library, getting rid of duplicates and putting albums in the right folders.

We also made a start on refurbishing the shed to withstand the winter.  We couldn't get the cladding we wanted in B&Q or Jewsons, but were directed to a timber merchant near Ipplepen.  We went there in the pouring rain, intending to pick up the timber and then go on to the storage unit in South Brent.  However the cladding only just fitted in the car lengthwise diagonally and so we decided to take it back to the house and make a separate trip to the storage unit.  Jayne was squashed under it in the front seat holding it from hitting the windscreen.  Then we went to the storage unit and emptied it - and again Jayne ended up squashed under the Ikea unit which j…

Autumn begins in London

Tuesday morning - went to Forever Fit class.  I had been on the waiting list for a week but managed to get booked in late on Monday evening.  However there were over 30 people there, with many on the waiting list showing as ticked in - so annoying!  Hardly any room to move.  It was taken by Adil - so lots of stuff with bands (which I did with weights) and not very much bouncing around.  Spent the afternoon sorting out my Kent walks - preparing route cards etc - and updating my blog.  I tried Active Circuits for the first time on Wednesday - and rather enjoyed it.  On Thursday I got up early to go to Aerobics - Linda was away and the replacement leader was rather energetic!  I hardly had the energy to do anything else for the rest of the day.

Went walking with Maryanne in pouring rain on 8th September.  It was a new walk from the book we were recceing for the first time and was supposed to be 5.9 miles - however we ended up doing about 8.5 miles and walked for nearly 4 hours!  We were …

Reunited with Suki!

Suki's holiday photos!

Mike and I had a lovely day on the Saturday after I got back from Butlins.  We neither of us had any commitments until the evening, and with Suki still on her holidays we had the whole day to ourselves.  We sorted out the bathroom door and then the door to the utility room downstairs - working as a team to remove the doors and shave off the bottom until they fitted and closed properly.  The plumber came round and fixed an air lock in the hot water system - which was lucky as we thought we would have to wait until the next working day.  I had a shower while Mike went to the Lebanese for some things for supper, and then he cut down the diseased looking bits of the fuscia while I did the ironing.  A very productive day all round.  Pam Purser arrived about 5.30 pm and we had a good catch up over the Lebanese supper.  Then we went off to Ealing for the youth club reunion.  We arrived at 8 pm to find the usual tables reserved from 7 pm but no sign of anyone we kne…