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End September-Jayne arrives in London

Mon 26th - decided to clear the admin pile today and then shred it all ready for the recycling collection tomorrow.  It took most of the day but I shifted the lot which was very satisfying.  Went early to Chiswick in the evening with Mike to ring handbells with Peter and Monica, with Sofie turning up at 7 for a half hour slot.  Simon has also expressed an interest in joining the handbell group so when Richard returns it will be quite crowded!  I suppose we will be able to have two groups on the go.  The practice was quite well attended - Ann Playfair was there on her annual visit.  My wrists were really painful but I managed to ring when needed.  We took the spinach and feta flatbreads from the market to eat.  Had a pint of lager in the pub but didn't really enjoy it - I don't know why.  I shall have to go back to beer now the weather is getting cooler.

Tues 27th - met Gill How for lunch at Bill's in Covent Garden (St Martin's Courtyard).  Had a great meal -  three cour…

London home gets a bit of a facelift

Wed 21st - Mike went to work.  I went over to visit Keith - with instructions to bring him a big mac and fries this time!  Popped to Sainsburys for him (where I was able to get a brilliant birthday card for Mike) and then down to the Co-op.  Then changed the sheets on his bed - which gave us chance for a bit of a chat.  I got back before Svetla left and, as arranged, we went up to the spare room to get it set up the way I wanted -  only to find it was still full of Lorraine's stuff and also that the bed was piled high with stuff.  We moved it all out into the back room and just had time to move the bed over to the other corner before Svetla had to go.  In the afternoon I made up the bed with the superking duvet and duvet set and cushions and throw which Jayne had given me and it looked really nice.

Took Suki for a walk and then went to Guy's where we scored a nice handbell peal of Lincolnshire - there was a bit of chaos after a couple of hours but it got sorted and otherwise …

September trip to Bovey

Monday 12th - I had intended to pick Suki up early from Linda's and set off straight away for Devon, but really I shouldn't have got up at all today but just pulled the blankets over my head and stayed in bed. It was one of those days!!  When I turned my phone on (after turning it off last night for the recording) I got the message that the SD card was corrupted.  I couldn't rest until I had sorted it out, so I decided to do it before going to Devon.  I went off to collect Suki at 8.30 and then settled down to my computer expecting to sort it out in half an hour.  I was very lucky first of all to find that the card could be read quite happily by my computer so it was just a problem with the phone.  However it took two hours to move the content from the card to the computer as the  PC kept freezing, or slowing to a virtual halt.  Eventually I managed it and was able to format the card on my phone and then put it back in to the PC to copy my music back on to it.  Luckily all…

Back in London for a fortnight - 2

Sunday 4th - we were rehearsing in Knightsbridge this afternoon for the recording of Songs of Praise - Big Sing next Sunday in the Albert Hall.  As it was going to take all afternoon I decided to take Suki to Linda's so that she was not in the house on her own for 6 hours or so.  I went to 8 am service - which was taken by the new lady associate vicar and I found that I often couldn't hear what she was saying even with the microphone, so it will be interesting to test whether the hearing aids I am picking up this week will make this better.  Then did the usual ringing circuit of Barnes and Chiswick - starting with a pain au chocolat for breakfast - a little treat!  As soon as I got in I walked Suki through Acton Park and on up to Linda's, and then did some shopping and got us some baguettes for lunch on the way back.  We went to Knightsbridge via bus and then tube to Hyde Park station - where Mike was able to use the escalators up from the platform without interference fro…

Back in London for a fortnight - 1

We both noticed immediately how much hotter and stickier it was in London than in Bovey, especially at night.  I didn't have time to go to any fitness classes during this fortnight because of appointments, handbells or other clashes.
Wed 31st - Mike went to work by train so that he could go directly to London Bridge and Guy's in the evening for handbells.  He left the usual time but apparently it took two hours to get in.  I did some washing, and practice on Abel  - Lincolnshire for this evening and then Cambridge Royal for Friday.  At 9 went to arranged meeting with potential dog walker, Emily, whose posters I had seen on a lamppost in Valetta Road.  Unfortunately she didn't turn up! I hung around in Wendell Park for a while and then went home  I got a text from her later to say she forgot! We rearranged for Friday. Went over to see Keith.  He had sprained his wrist badly opening a bottle of wine! Not up to going to the village for a haircut today.  I went to Sainsburys f…