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Monday 28 October

Predicted bad storm hit through the night but was abating by the time I got up. One of the leylandi had blown over completely and the other was listing - dislodging some of the cooing stones round the raised flower bed. I texted Bill King and he said he would look at it after half term so I decided to leave them where they had fallen for the time being. One of Helena's fence panels was flapping. Will get him to look at that too. Pall went for a walk in stover park -through woods and along Templar way. Lots of flooding of streams and river. In one place had to wade through water up to wellie tops. Luckily other people were there who knew where it was shallowest. Took suki back and went out for lunch. Car park at Brookside was full so went to pay and display and walked up to Olde Tea Shop. Another bad experience so have crossed that one off the list now. Simon being particularly difficult about food and situation not helped by elderly waitress standing over us impatiently waiting fo…

Sunday 27 October

Got up at 6.30 had shower etc and took suki to Parke. Out along railway track and back by river. Lots of water in river. Weir very impressive and yet another tree trunk stuck in it. Got back and had breakfast. Hows began to get up. Went ringing and stayed to service as it was holy communion. Very nice service apart from a couple of worship songs thrown in. Sat with Jean Brothwood who was taken faint during the service. Stayed with her and helped her home - with Barbara who brought her car up to the door to give her a lift. Margaret invited me to lunch with her and Ann Power at Claycutters which was nice of her. Had thought I would go if Hows were out for the day but they were waiting to do something with me so we went to trago mills and had a light lunch and some retail therapy including buying vast numbers of wellingtons! Gill and I went for a walk with suki in Parke - out by woodland walk and back by river then went to see Mary. Had lots of news to tell her from church which was nic…

Saturday 26 October

Slept really well! Took suki to Parke in the morning getting back about 10.50. Had milky drink. How's arrived about 12. After cup of tea went into Bovey intending to have eat in fish and chips but found chip shop does not open at lunchtimes so ended up at the Cromwell. Had nice lunch. Then walked up high street and looked into charity shop. Mike got two blazers two shirts and two ties! Gill found a pair of jeans. In afternoon all went up on to the moor - with the usual result! Simon seemed to enjoy it, Gill was slow and Mike wanted to go back. It was very blustery. Went from top car park over hay tor down to tramway and back through the quarry. 50 minutes.  Hows went out to their party at 6.45 and I had a nice peaceful evening cross stitching in front of TV with a beer. Put the clocks back and went to bed at 10 but had difficulty going to sleep and couldn't get tv to stay on magic so gave up trying to play music on sleep. How's came in at midnight.  Jayne's car alarm w…

Friday 25 October

Didn't sleep too well so got up a bit late. Went up on the moor and had lovely walk. Small car park contour round and up back of black hill then back along the ridge. Mostly sunny and blustery. Ons sharp shower but wind and sun dried me out before I got back to the car. Got back and went off to trago mills and bought lots of new towels, some for home too, and some more fleecy bedding for here. Had stir fry veg for lunch. Took suki to plantation in afternoon - usual route around edge picking up Templar way. Getting very wet now underfoot and willies essential. Had jacket potato for supper. Ann picked me up at 7 and we went ringing at wolborough (via asda). Ropes very stiff and I wasn't comfortable ringing as kept hitting one hand with rope in the other. A bad handling style would have been an advantage! Went straight to bed with ovaltine and scotch when I got in.

Thursday 24 October

Awake in the night again so tried making a hot drink and reading for a while.  Hard to get up at 6.15 to get Mike off to work.  Drove Amanda to Shepherds Bush to get bus.  Took suki for a walk.  Did the ironing then had some porridge, packed the car and went to Devon.  Signs warning of long delays on M5 but had gone by the time I got there and Satnav didn't show delay longer than a few minutes.  Saw on the news later that there had been a huge crash which had closed the motorway for most of the morning.  Really lucky to have missed it.  People were delayed for 3 hours.  Took suki to parke when I got to Devon.  Nice presents from jayne.  She had left house clean and beautiful.  But cutlery drawer stuck.  Worked out how to remove carousel and was then able to remove the offending knife from the back of the drawer. Had Lorraines penne arrabiata for supper with additional cherry tomatoes left in fridge by jayne which helped temper the heat.  Washed it down with red wine and then an ea…

Wednesday 23 October

Missed the target this morning. Was awake for a large part of the night and slept in till 7.30.  Amanda came walking with me when I took suki out.  When we got back Lorraine still in comfy clothes and had decided to skip college.  All 3 of us went to sainsbury in alperton and did yet more shopping - mainly Christmas presents.  Found the new Wilbur Smith book for half price so bought it.  Got lots of beer and wine to take some down to Devon.   Walked suki when I got home.  We went to Strada in the evening for a meal.  Restaurant empty when we arrived but filled up during the evening.  Lorraine and I both had penne arrabiata.  Too spicy for Lorraine.  It was very hot and I picked out the chillies.  Mike and Amanda had seafood linguine.  We had nice bottle of montepulciano - I was driving so only had one glass but there was enough left over for me to have another glass at home.  Amanda was sick in the night so looks like Bethany not impressed with meal choice.

Tuesday 22 October

Got up 7.20 again but it was 10 am before I got out with suki. Where does the time go. Did some improvements to the chiswick choir web site. Amanda arrived about 11.30. Went to Brent Cross with her and Lorraine. Spent a happy 3 hours shopping for Christmas presents and baby things. Had nice lunch in pizza express. Walked suki when I got back and then cooked tortellini for mike. Went to chiswick choir and came straight home and was able to say goodnight to the girls who were just going up to bed. Mike and I had a beer before going to sleep. Mike cracked a few hazelnuts and suki ran out of the room to hide!

Monday 21 October

Got up 7.20.  Target to get up by 7 every day so not too far off.  Took suki out after breakfast and leg seems fine now.  Not even limping.  So I let her off lead although will continue with medicine.  Carolyn Leanne Amanda Lorraine and Ollie arrived at 11.45.  We all went to Westfield on the bus and had nice lunch at Jamie Oliver's. Went shopping.  I ended up keeping Ollie amused while the others went round.  There was a play area which kept him happy for hours.  We all finished up with a cup of tea etc at the chocolate cafe and then they caught the 148 back to Walworth - which came just as we got to the bus stop.  Lorraine and I got back at 5.30 to find Mike had taken suki out which was a lovely surprise.  Went ringing at Chiswick in the evening.  Tony came along and was quite an asset.  He seems to be able to manage the 3 quite happily and we were able to ring Stedman and PB Triples with him there.

Sunday 20 October

Didn't sleep well.  Suki woke me at 12 barking and I just couldn't get back to sleep.  Got up 6.30.  Had shower and made last minute decision to take suki for short walk.  She enjoyed it.  Very heavy rain but we missed it.  Did the usual circuit of church breakfast and ringing.  Sorted out paperwork and also changed my bedding and got square pillow back out of storage to see if that would be more comfortable for sleeping.  Sorted out bedding in linen cupboard and put a lot more into storage under my bed. Had grilled lamb steaks and stir fry veg for lunch followed by chocolate filled crepe.  Still haven't been able to cook them nicely.  Shan't get them again.  Torrential rain alternated with blue sky and sunshine all day.  Took suki out at 4 when Mike went off to ring qp at East Molesey.  Suki limping on leg but putting it down rather than hopping on 3 legs so hopefully getting better.  Did cross stitch all afternoon and evening again and nearly finished another block. …

Saturday 19 October

Latest start yet!  Got up at 8.40.  Suki s leg no better.  Mike went off to Barnes.  Lorraine went to pick up Amanda and then to Carolyn's. I spent the morning changing the beds and doing washing.  Cleared linen cupboard of old towels.  Piled them up in extension for now.  Put sun bed upstairs ready for loft and moved beer to give more space.  Tidied top of organ which had become a dumping ground.  Phoned vets around 11.45 expecting to get answerphone message with weekend emergency arrangements and was pleasantly surprised to find they were open till 1 and had an appointment free at 12.45.  Walked suki to the vet.  We shared the pain.  She hopped along on three legs and when she had enough I carried her until my wrists gave out.  Alternated like that all the way there and back.  Vet gave her anti inflammatory injection and some pain relief medicine for me to give her each day.  Spent the rest of the day cross stitching.  Mike went to come and sing Messiah at Teddington.   I watche…

Friday 18 October

Got up late again - really must get back in to the habit of getting up by 7 or the day just goes. Had shower then realised suki was holding her right front leg up and couldn't put any weight on it. She wasn't chewing at the foot and we couldn't see anything wrong so I thought she must have jumped down awkwardly in the night and twisted it. I didn't think anything was broken as she didn't make any noise when we touched it nor was it swollen.  She was still able to run on 3 legs and jump up at the door when the postman came.  She clearly couldn't go out for a walk and had little interest in going out in the garden although she did eventually go out for a wee at lunchtime. So I sat indoors all day and did cross stitch - also giving myself a break from learning music and practicing handbells. I managed to cross stitch a complete letter from scratch starting at 10.30 and finishing at 7.30 at night with an hour off to make and eat lunch and a few other distractions d…

Thursday 17 October

Got Mike off to work and resisted temptation to go back to bed. Took suki to Acton park. Lovely morning. Came back did washing and made Dahl and veg soup and cooked the beetroot from the veg box. Practiced Abel a lot and did the ironing watching downton abbey on itv player on the tv. Suki spent the morning following the sunshine around the room and basking in it.  No problems with it this time.  Several parcels delivered by postman tied together with rubber band. Thought they were all for Lorraine as she had said she was expecting a lot.  Later realised one was for me from fragrant earth which should have been delivered to Devon for Jayne. Emailed strong letter and they told me to use their account to get TNT to collect it and deliver it the next day. Did that and had quick shower. They asks they would come before 4.45 as I was going out at 5 for handbells. When they didn't arrive by then I phoned and was told the driver had tried at 111 at 3.15. So basically I had been sitting th…

Wednesday 16 October

Another relaxed start. Slept badly and did my usual of falling into a deep sleep about 5 having been awake between 3 and 5. 10.30 before I took suki for a walk. Had veg laksa for lunch. I had another crepe. Realised I was cooking them incorrectly so will try again tomorrow and see if they improve.  Booked hotel for Manchester trip and mike booked train tickets. Practised a lot on Abel as well as doing personal admin and email housekeeping. Upated chiswick choir web site and sent out draft minutes. Went to festival hall in evening to concert by GCU which mike was participating in. Met Monica at shepherds bush. Got there in good time and we both had a large glass of wine and ordered one for the interval. Quite an enjoyable concert.  Not really my cup of tea although thoroughly enjoyed Edgar's cello concerto. Had drink with mike in bar before coming home.

Tuesday 15 October

Relaxed start. Practised on Abel, sent out remaining paperwork for AGM and prepared papers and template for the meeting. Learnt the music scheduled to be rehearsed tonight. Had mike's birthday sausages with garlic mushrooms and cauliflower cheese for lunch. Finished off the cauliflower cheese for supper and had chocolate crepe for dessert. Good rehearsal and AGM went well although chairman was very waffle. Had nice evening in pub for a change and we only got home at 11.45.

Monday 14 October

Got up 7.30 and had slow start. Had breakfast then took suki to Acton park. Hung new curtains when I got back. Look lovely although make the room seem darker. I like them though. Practiced a lot on Abel but also played too many games of solitaire. Must wean myself off it! Tidied up my emails and did other bits of personal admin. Mike had goldsmiths rehearsal. I took suki to southfields. Went to chips wick early to clear out rubbish mike had removed from the flue yesterday. Discovered it was qp week but no one had mentioned it to me. It didn't matter too much as they were so late  starting  they just tried a 720 which fired out anĊ·way.  Well attended practice. I took opportunity not to go to,pub afterwards and went home and had cheese on garlic toast and a beer.

Sunday 13 October

Got up early and took suki for a walk in parke for an hour. Then went ringing . Made them up to 6. Had some good ringing with bob, Barry, Austin , bill, Chris and me. Went back and packed car. Set off at 11 to meet jay at half moon inn in horsington. Got there early for once. Chucking it down with rain. Had lovely roast beef carvery followed by home Mede rice pudding with blackcurrant compote. Got home about 4.30. Mike church sitting for me. Took suki for a walk in southfields. Miserable compared to Devon. Had Christmas handbell practice in evening. Went quite well.  Monica and Ali stayed on for a drink afterwards.  Lorraine not there as still at Carolyn's. She  was involved in a car crash - someone turned right. Across her path as she was going through traffic lights. Quite a lot of damage to the car although she is alright. Car being picked up for repair tomorrow from wallworth.

Saturday 12 October

Got up at 7.30 and had toast and marmalade for breakfast. Practiced on Abel for a bit till Jayne got up. Went up to the moor for a walk. Lovely but started in drizzle which cleared for a bit then got heavy. We got so wet we went back to change before going up to see Mary. Sat in back lounge with Mary. Took suki back at 12.45 and then went to dolphin for lunch. Had beef and Guinness pie with chips. Put music on to jayne's USB sticks and took suki for short walk in the afternoon. At 5.30 went to Anne's. Douglas drove us and Joyce to lamerton for the handbell festival. Very interesting and enjoyable. We rang our pieces well, as did the four in hand band, both bands coming second in their respective sections. Lamerton won all the trophies - well it was their festival. The "peal" ringing was amazing. One band rang grandsire doubles by lapping and the lamerton band rang call changes including raising and lowering. They were standing but still managed to pass bells between …

Friday 11 October

Went out for walk with Jayne and suki at 9.30. Went to stover and did Templar way circuit from Teignbridge road. Copied more CDs when I got back. Also did small amount of ironing.  Jayne made lentil soup for lunch. Also ate the other Belgian bun. Rang peal at wobbly bobs in the afternoon. Had my arm twisted! Actually had some bits of nice striking. Left arm and shoulder began to ache after a bit and gradually got worse until I thought I would faint with the pain at every backstroke. Then about 20 mins before the end it got better. May even have been good for it. Garage door was left open as beautiful sunny day however it got very cold towards the end. Popped to Tesco for milk and presents for bob and Michelle then went home. Jayne arrived back at same time. Had been for coffee with friend from river dart. I took suki for walk in parke. Ear muffs were brilliant. Jayne cooked supper - chicken in tomato sauce with courgettes from ann plus curly kale and mash. It was delicious. We washed …

Tuesday 8 October

Went walking in plantation in the morning with suki and Jayne. Usual circuit round the outside taking in the bits of Templar way that go through.  Went in to bovey for a mooch and a cup of coffee.  Tried the cafe I used to go in with dad as under new management.  Quite nice but a bit noisy. Had fring cut by Ryan.  Came back and did cross stitch while Jayne did her tax return.   In the afternoon took Jayne on circular walk from house starting by Bradley ponds and coming back along bridle way. Took longer than we anticipated. Decided to have fish and chips rather than cook. Watched silent witness which kept us up past our bedtime finishing at 11.

Wednesday 9 October

Had a bad night and felt sick in the early hours - blamed the fish and chips. Tree surgeon gang turned up unexpectedly at 8. Expected them on Friday! Luckily not yet out with dog. Delighted they could do it early. Went for walk in parke with Jayne and suki finishing with coffee and tea cake at cafe.  Tree people were there till 3 pm.  Did an excellent job. Everything looking much neater. Can see fence now. Lots of gaps in hedge where suki might get out but plugged the one in the back so that should be ok. Took lights in for the winter. Went to Exeter for handbells at lunchtime. Sue Sparling forgot so we rang Yorkshire major with Lynne on inside pair. Can't believe I went wrong twice again. They are going to think I am a liability at this rate. Was pleased not to have to ring a second  which apparently was the plan. Jayne had hair appointment at the same time. Did cross stitch in the afternoon. Finished another block. Jayne got her photo book which she had done for her mum of the c…

Thursday 10 October

Slept really well and for over 8 hours. Got up 7.30 had shower etc. Found missing album info from last night. Went to moor with suki and Jayne and had lovely walk for an hour. Saddle tor then up on to hay tor and back round and down to public footpath. It was a beautiful day.  Much colder than yesterday but the sun shone and the sky was blue. Wind was very cold.  Then went to see Mary. They had just finished harvest festival so lounge was packed. Jayne showed photo book to Mary. Took suki home. Bill king turned up to do lawns. Jayne and I went to Newton abbot and had lovely lunch at Olive restaurant. Five tapas dishes and a bread board. Then mooched around looking in shops. Bought huge Belgian buns on the way back to the car. I bought £5 pair of ear muffs as wind very cold and didn't want to get dizzy. Took suki for quick walk when got back.  It was a lovely evening. Sun still shining but sky now cloudless blue and the wind had died down.  Went handbell ringing in Moretonhampstead…

Monday 7 October

Slightly more relaxed start. Got up at 7 and had shower then breakfast. Jayne also got up and came with me on moor.  Walked for an hour from small car park along ridge then towards hay tor and back along tramway. Went to Tracey house and brought Mary back for coffee. Showed her butlins photos. After taking Mary back helped Jayne with Indian visa application. Went to post office to send it off then bought a few bits in Tesco and manns and came home and had jacket potato with cheese and ham with salad. Finished off with manns treacle tart. Jayne had custard I had yoghurt. Watched lots of house buying programmes. Went ringing at 7. Only three of us there because coach trip to see war horse the stage production in Plymouth had been arranged and lots of people on it. However new learner turned up. Moved in to bovey 5 months ago with husband. I tried not to be jealous! So she got a good long go and was ringing both strokes with assistance by the end of the evening. Austin and I demonstrated…

Sunday 29 September

Got up early and had shower and walked suki then went to 8 am service.  Stayed on for the ringing.  Made them up to 5. Ladies outnumbered the men too. . Me rosemary Diane Barry and Austin.  No one could call on 5 so I did simple calling taking front bell to back till back in rounds.  Barry tried calling it and did it twice and was very pleased.  Settled down with cross stitch when I got back and discovered to my horror that I had left pattern in London.  Mike came up trumps and loaded software on to his computer and scanned in pattern and emailed it to me.  Meantime spent the afternoon loading final butlins photos from Leanne and dealing with emails. Took suki for a walk in plantation.  Getting very muddy again and wellies now essential rather than just useful.  Loaded word onto jayne s laptop for India and also made it Internet ready and did instructions on how to create pdfs.  Then loaded more cds. Jayne cooked delicious supper of salmon with sour cream and chives plus roasted veg a…

Saturday 5 October

Got up early and had shower. Out on moor by 7.30. Lovely morning.  It was wonderful to see the sun come over hay tor and start to light up the rocks on the other tors. Couldn't really do it justice with photo. As hoped for, hardly saw anyone else. Difficult to see when facing sun as low in the sky. Got very warm. Got back to house at 8.45 and Jayne and I went to trago mills. Had breakfast then looked for curtains but none suitable for home. Bought a pink pair for Devon lounge. Bought lots of dog food too.  Then went to dun elm and other stores looking for green curtains but couldn't find any suitable ones. Went back to house at 2 and ordered them on line, spent the rest of the afternoon putting up new curtains and moving others around. Took suki to parke at 6. Field by river padlocked because of sheep. Had to stick to railway track then higher path and back by river. Had steak and home cooked oven chips for supper with red wine. Watched foyles war and copied jayne's CDs to…

Friday 4 October

Got up about 7 and had shower then did breakfast. Took suki for a walk. Went to Tesco. Washed up and cleared away. Set off for Devon at 11. Satnav a bit temperamental after updating but cleared it by turning off for a while although had lost my personalised menu. No live services. Discovered when I got to Devon that this was because subscription had expired.  Renewed it. Also disconnected from Twitter and set up the speed camera alerts to only ping if I am speeding. Took suki to parke. Immediately had contretemps with woman about suki growling. Tried to ignore it but as usual it mithered away in my head. Saw her again later and grovelled a bit which soothed her. Wasn't going to let her spoil my walk. Light rain but blue skies interspersed. Met some nice dog walkers too. Had upset stomach - not sure if related to large amount of dried apricots eaten on journey in attempt to wean myself off sweets! Decided not to visit Mary in case it was a tummy bug. Jayne got back from Exeter just…

Thursday 3 October

Got up early and had shower before getting Mike off to work.  Lorraine also got up at 6!  Made her a cup of tea. Spent all day doing middx association stuff including forms for tower subs and new member pack and cert.  Went to committee meeting in evening at st Margarets vestry.  Was rather gratified to hear pru say new Web site needed an overall web master who cares what is on it. Just what I offered to do at the outset.  Glad to leave them to it now.  Took the minutes.  Passed forms over.  Picked up salad wrap on way home.  Met Lorraine on 272.  Finalised minutes when I got in and emailed them off.  Also paid Mary's expenses.

Wednesday 2 October

Not quite as early this morning but still out with suki by 7.30.  Cross stitched again all morning.  Had sausages potatoes curly kale and carrots for lunch. 10 sausages in pack so cooked them all and made sausage sandwich for Mike to take to goldsmiths.  I had lettuce sandwiches for supper.  Did lots of admin and also practiced Cambridge again on Abel.  Watched silent witness with glass of red wine in evening.

Tuesday 1 October

A much better start than of late. Up at 6.15 and out with the dog by 7 to Acton park. I had forgotten how much nicer it is at that time of the morning. Did cross stitching all morning and finished another block. Had veg pasta for lunch. Practised on Abel in the afternoon. Have out middletons into the compositions. Made a bit of headway. Took suki to Southfield in the afternoon. Saw people exercising with crutches! Went out to eat with TARTS in the evening at Meson Don Philippe in Southwark. Lovely food and great to see the others again but very noisy exacerbated by wooden floors. Man played guitar sitting on chair on small platform! Just drank a couple of San Miguel beers so much more restrained than usual which was better. Picked up some Lahori on the way home and divided it into meal sized portions and put them in the freezer before going to bed with a hot drink. One final practice on mobel before turning in.

Monday 30 September

Had shower and breakfast before walking suki so quite late before got on with stuff. Mowed the lawn and did a bit of weeding before hanging out last little bit of washing.  Did personal admin most of the morning in the front room connected to router with cable.  Updated Satnav.  Uploaded rest of John's photos. Cooked steak onions chips and beans for lunch.  Walked suki at 3.30 and then did ironing while watching silent witness.  Went ringing early to sweep up mess which has started to pour out of the boiler flue again. Nick and shona already there.  I was able to not ring very much which was good.  Had nice ham sandwich in pub.  Put recycling out when I got home and pumped up flat tyres on bike.  Was unable to open valves as hurt hands and wrists but managed it with pliers.

Sunday 29 September

Went to 8 am, breakfast and ringing.  Didn't feel too bad considering quantity of Chardonnay consumed last night. Realised I had left handbag in restaurant.  Phoned them when I got in and was lucky to find them there.  Went to pick it up and dropped in to tesco on the way home.  Went to Highbury in the afternoon for handbell peal of superlative with David Peter and Chris O'Mahony. Failed after about half way but nice ringing.  Picked up kebab for Mike and salad wraps for me and Lorraine from Lara on the way back.  Christmas handbell practice in the evening.  Went quite well.  Alley stayed on afterwards and had a drink and we tried plain hunt on handbells for a while.