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Magaluf to Bovey

The Majorca trip was a sudden suggestion from Amanda who wanted to visit and see her friends again before the baby is born (due end-May).  The first weekend in April was the best one for me so within a few days we had booked flights and hotel (just 4 nights) and she had organised child care and we were off.

Our flight out was 7.30 pm from Stanstead on Saturday 2nd April, and the plane was full – but it was otherwise ok and I had a gin and tonic to get in to the holiday mood.  We were met at Palma Airport by one of Amanda’s friends.  As we left the airport I went to put something in my purse and couldn't find it.  I turned my bag out in the car and it definitely wasn't there.  I felt sick!  Her friend dropped us off at the hotel about 11.45 pm and we checked in – we were lucky to be at the far end of the corridor on the first floor so well away from the noise of the reception area (if not of the bars on the Strip!).  My ankle was very swollen after the flight – so I got a pill…