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Tuesday 30 July

Rained hard all day so Gary didn't come at all.  I got very wet walking Suki in the morning because I thought it would pass and only wore a fleece.   Couldn't get to the dumping ground as too wet.  Had fish, potato and broccoli for lunch.  Nearly finished the fish in the freezer now so should be able to clean it out soon.  Went for check up and hygienist at the dentist at 1.30.  In the afternoon sorted out the finances.  Took Suki for a walk about 5.30.  Mike went off to take Tony ringing.  I did cross stitch in the evening watching a Lewis I had recorded.  Suki found a comfortable place to sleep!  Went to bed with a glass of wine at 9.15 and was asleep by 10.

Monday 29 July

Anniversary of Dad's funeral.  Emma came round with her dad, Gary who is going to do the windows.  He got started on the sanding down and is going to source some ladders.  I didn't get round to going to the dumping ground, but did a lot of paperwork and shredding.  Katie dropped out of Guy's peal attempt so I stepped in at short notice.  Tried for 4-spliced with David M, James S and Caroline, but David miscalled it twice.  Then practiced Stedman, Bristol and London.  No time for a drink so got home reasonably early - in time to pop in to Tesco for a few bits just before it closed at 10.

Sunday 28 July

Took Suki out and went to 8 am service.  Mike playing organ.  Treated myself to choc croissant for breakfast.  Did the ringing circuit.  Cleared up the cuttings etc from yesterday's flurry of gardening and mowed the lawn.  Took in chair from Roger for the dumping ground.  Went to Burnham Beeches as soon as Mike came in.  Walked for hour and a half while Mike cycled.  Had panini and tea at cafe.  Got back just in time for Mike to go off to choral evensong.  I decided not to go and did ironing.  Went to Steve's in the evening for a handbell peal attempt of Double Norwich.  Not successful but good fun and had nice beer with pitta humus and olives afterwards.

Saturday 27 July

Got up at 5.30 to see Jayne off. Stayed up and did washing cleaning and hoovering.  Washing machine died on first load (oh dear I shall have to buy a new one! !).  Had to take rest of washing home.  Walked in Stover for an hour on the way home.  Got to London at 1 o'clock and went out in garden intending to cut grass while washing was doing but ended up cutting things back and pulling up weeds.  Felt faint at 2 so ate toast until I felt better then had a sleep.  Felt even better after that but still lethargic.  Mike came in at 4 from running surprise Minor training.  He felt lethargic too.  Must be sultry weather.  Thunderstorms and heavy rain had suki crawling behind computer desk.  Did trip accounts and put photos and video on website.  Struggled to find best format as html 5 code very easy but requires modern browser and video file very big.  Used you tube in the end which worked well even on phone.  Had beer and went to bed at 10.30.

Friday 26 July

Walked on the moor again this morning.  Lovely and sunny.  Up to hay tor down to tramway round to quarry then contour back to car park.  Suki lost two balls.  Took suki home and went to hannahs at Seale Haynes for bacon butty and hot chocolate.  Had a mooch round but not much to get excited about.  Came back through bovey and saw pinks place was open so went and had tea and cinnamon toast.  Delicious but felt stuffed so soon after bacon butty.  Had to sit down for an hour when we got back.  Then went to parke for walk and finished the tea shop fest with tea and cheese scone at the cafe.  Went to see Mary for an hour then came back and went for tea and biscuits with the neighbours.  Had cheesy chips for supper and watched the film Australia which jayne had recorded previously.  A long film and the end was missing!  Luckily jayne had seen it and could tell me how it ended.

Thursday 25 July

Got up 6.45 and had shower.  Put recycling out and swept out back porch of cobwebs and dead bees.  Hung out washed cloths from yesterday's cleaning.  Did washing up and soaked some stuff in bleach.  Walked on the moor again in the morning.  Small car park down towards bovey then contour round to meet the road up to col and back along ridge.  Torrential rain overnight - regional news reported "firemen rushed to Bodmin to unblock a drain"!! Lovely sunny morning although some grey clouds occasionally.  Took suki back and went to Copper Kettle for brunch.  Had poached eggs on toasted muffin with bacon and lovely coffee.  Then went to trago and got storage jars, pens for Mary and rucksack for Mike. Also some bear ornaments for the garden.  Suki very funny with the bears.  Carried one around in her mouth and kept getting them out of the pots and bringing them in the house.  Sorted out threads for next cross stitch project and sewed round the edge with machine.  Helena came ro…

Wednesday 24 July

Rained overnight. Went for walk on the moor slightly later.  Walking at 9. Very warm.  Hour and a half-saddle tor across to quarry back round under hay tor rocks.  Small floral tributes and a teddy bear at bottom of fall.  Very unobtrusive.  Went to ullacombe farm shop cafe and had poached eggs on toast and Bakewell tart.  Then went to see Mary for an hour.  Got back and cleared and sorted all kitchen cupboards.  Then went to house of marbles for cream tea and visited museum and shop.  Called in to beauty salon on the way back and picked up a leaflet.  Finished off cupboards and had spinach and ricotta tortellini with garlic pesto and grated cheese washed down with vintage claret.  Watched csi then news.  Torrential rain.  Dragonflies still not lighting up.  Will investigate whether there is an on switch which needs activating tomorrow.

Tuesday 23 July

Got up at 7. Jayne up at 7.30.  Out at 8 for two hour walk on dartmoor.  Cloudy start although still warm.  Saw lots of ponies.  Out from small car park over back of black Hill summit and on to tramway then up over hay tor and back via quarry.  Took suki home and went to trago for breakfast.  Joined by peacock!  Bought sun lounger plus matching cushion for old sun lounger.  Also rucksack,  shoulder bag,  solar lights and cushion roll. Tried to find a pedestal fan but there were none at all to be had in Newton Abbot.  Came home at 3.30 and set up sun lounger, cushions and solar lights.  Looked lovely.  Sat in garden for a couple of hours and then took suki for a walk around town. Local firemen in uniform putting up bunting in the high street for carnival week next week.  Haveapizza salad and garlic bread again for supper followed by baklava.  White wine this time.  All solar lights except dragonflies came on which was lovely.  Stayed out till gone 10.  Then took Scotch nightcap to bed

Monday 22 July

Huge thunderstorm at 6.30 this morning.  Suki petrified.  Scrabbled at ironing board and then when I let her get behind it scrabbled at bags of wrapping paper.  Awake so got up.  Heavy rain but still warm and muggy.  Cleared up by time I took suki out.  Set off for Devon at 10.30 and had a good run.  Arrived about 1.30 and got the washing on the go.  Sat in garden for a while.  Jayne arrived at 3.30.  Had nice long chat in garden then took suki for a walk in Parke.  Came back about 7.30. Too late for ringing.  Had pizza salad and garlic bread for supper followed by baklava.  Polished off bottle of rose wine.  Scotch for nightcap and in bed by 10.30.  Kate Middleton gave birth to baby boy.

Sunday 21 July

Decided to forego the 8 am service and got up late and had leisurely breakfast.  Mike had haddock with poached eggs which was apparently delicious but smelt very fishy.  Churches more urban today so did most of cross stitching in car listening to England winning second match of ashes series.  Skipped lunch as couldn't cater for 10 after only booking for 8. Others had carvery which was very cheap and good.  I had chocolate croissant from breakfast and later got some bread and cold meat from lidl and made a sandwich.  Wss in the last qp of the trip -grandsire caters at Stoke.  Lovely easy going bells.  Was able to cope quite well.  Qp ok although not much rhythm.  We survived a couple of conducting errors too!  Mike wanted to go for drink after but I put my foot down as had to pick suki up.  Good run home in just under 3 hours with one minor hold up.  Suki pleased to see us.  Had cup of tea then finished off wine from last night in bed.  Very warm evening.

Saturday 20 July

Down to ring in second qp of the day -ladies band attempt of grandsire triples called by Gill to mark 101st anniversary of first ladies peal.  Struggled with the 4 and it fired out anyway so changed to the 2. Not quite so bad.  Lumpy with bad striking and eventually stood up thank goodness because bells had swapped and anyway ran out of time as another group booked in straight after our slot.  Had nice time cross stitching for the rest of the day.  Lovely pub for lunch.  Mike and I shared oven baked camembert. Bear festival at Brereton.  I acquired two homeless bears.  One was smaller version of original bear and the other had a lovely soft fur. They looked a bit grumpy when I first got them but cheered up a bit in the car.  Dinner was good in the evening but too tired to drink or eat much and went to bed at 10. Missed a reunion of old youth club friends in Ealing which was taking place tonight.

Friday 19 July

Four year anniversary of dad's death. Three quarters scored skipped lunch-ate apple and banana from breakfast.  Had tea and scones at Phil Gay's. Did lots more cross stitch.  Also rang at 12 in Newcastle.  Didn't ring on mini ring but would have liked to try out technique learned at bob's.  Clapper fell out at Madeley.   Tenor clapper seized up at Keele.  Treble clapper seized up at Betley.  So 3 qps lost because mechanical failure in the afternoon.  Most went off to pub in evening and fish and chips.  We stayed in hotel bar and had nice charcuterie followed by lemon meringue pie.  Nice evening with small group.  Amanda rang while I was sitting outside last tower to announce she is 12 weeks pregnant.  Lovely.

Thursday 18 July

Nice breakfast.  Had to eat in downstairs bar. Had nice day sitting in churchyards doing cross stitch.  Another very hot day.  Jeremy upset rod at Tower 1. Apparently apologised later and rod started having a go back.  Ho hum.  No wonder I don't really want to come on these things any more.  Buffet lunch was good. Nice hunter's chicken for supper.  Managed to escape handbells - mike Sheila Jeremy and Robin had a go at Stedman triples.

Wednesday 17 July

Got up early and walked suki via cash machine.  Mike announced needed 14 emails printing out which put my schedule out by half an hour.  Set off at 9. Dropped suki off at Linda's picked monica up and drove to handsacre.  Several accidents on other carriageway and huge queues in places.  Arrived at pub early and rang handbells till it opened.  Had huge Yorkshire pudding with veg and mash for lunch.  Spent afternoon going round ringing.  5 towers.  Did some cross stitch.  Poppies kit.  Lovely churches and places to sit.  Spent evening in hotel bar.  Had salmon fillet.  Pint of dombar, glass of red wine and two single malts to finish.  Glenfiddich followed by Talisker.  Quite a contrast.

Tuesday 16 July

Had pedicure and manicure.  Lovely.  Did all paperwork etc for trip.  Did packing.  Mike went ringing at chalfont with Tony.  I stayed in with cold beer and csi followed by Foyle s war.

Monday 15 July

.Mary's birthday.  Late out with dog again.  Another very hot day.  Uneventful.  Washed sandals and dog towels.  Eamonn finally came back to remove temporary support on fence.  Went ringing in the evening at Chiswick.

Sunday 14 July

Took suki out at 7 for short walk in Wendell park.  Another lovely hot day.  So different from lovely walks in Devon.  Did church and ringing circuit.  Then did ironing while watching csi.  Also washed bedding etc.  Mike came in at 12.45 after failed qp at mortlake.  Had veg pasta for lunch then went to Burnham beeches with hand bike.  Walked suki for hour and a half.  Mike came back with tale of holding up the traffic when headstock came off as he was across the road so no steering.  Helped Mike fix bike when we got back.  Went to Highbury and rang peal of Ilkeston on 3 - 4 after couple of false starts. Very pleased.  Got home at 10.45 and had some toast and shared a beer with mike.

Saturday 13 July

Got up early and had breakfast.  Closed house up and went to haldon woods.  Walked for an hour then went back to London. Very hot.  Arrived at 1.30 and Mike still there so had light lunch.  Spent afternoon doing computer stuff.  Monica picked me up at 6.15 and went to cantanti concert.

Friday 12 July

Went up to the moor a bit later as going for coffee with Mary at 10.30.  Cool cloudy start again although forecast to be hottest day yet.  Glad of fleece at the start although had to take it off later.  Saddle tor then contour round below hay tor rocks and up through the middle then down to quarry back along tramway. Saw several goldfish today so glad to know it is not just one lonely one.  Investigated the other quarry. Mainly bog.   Back over saddle tor.  Had coffee with Mary and gave her card and turkish delight.  Then went up to her room as suki thirsty.  Heard huge number of sirens going up to the moor and helicopter.  Found out later 24 year old woman had committed suicide and killed her 5 year old son by jumping off hay tor rocks.  Also dead two year old at her home.  Sat in garden in the afternoon.  Also finished off washing and general tidying up and packing.  Rowena took suki out and I took opportunity to wash car and hoover it.  Anne picked me up at 7 and went to wolborough…

Thursday 11 July

Up early again and up on the moor by 7.45.  Cloudy start although forecast was for hot sun to burn the clouds away later.  Bit chilly when I got out of the car and wondered if I would regret not having a fleece but was fine once I got walking.  Sun out by 9 anyway.  Did straight out from small car park to meet hound tor path then diagonal to tramway,  up towards ribble then left and up and over hay tor round to quarry back to tramway and then up joining path to original path. Over that and up to large cairn below black Hill  and back round contour path.  Nearly 2 hours.  After breakfast sorted out hall cupboard and twin bedroom wardrobe.  Carried on washing all blankets pillows etc.  Another lovely hot day. Great drying weather.  Had shower at 12 and went to town via textile recycling.  Hair appointment for fringe at 1.30.  Then had hour to kill before bank appointment.  Had coffee and tea cake then went to library and got another book on cd. Appointment lasted an hour in bank.  Real…

Wednesday 10 July

Got up 6.30 and went out before breakfast - just a cup of tea and banana.  Very hot again - 20 degrees in morning 29 degrees in afternoon.  Lovely on the moor at 7.30.  Sunny and warm with nice breeze.  Did small car park, contour round to back of black tor and up on to the summit.  Then over to tramway picking up yesterday's path.  Up tramway to quarry then along tramway back to car park.  One and a half hours.  Lots of livestock around especially ponies including lots of lovely foals.  Suki had to demonstrate bravery on many occasions.  Was particularly spooked by calf with herd of cows lying on path - had to encourage her round the side by clambering up rocks.  Had shower and porridge with blueberries for breakfast.  Then went to bank and greengrocer.  Spent small fortune on soft fruit.  Had bowl of cherries raspberries and grapes for lunch.  Sat in garden for a couple of hours.  Did lots of washing of pillows blankets and sleeping bags.  Cleared out bathroom linen cupboard. W…

Tuesday 9 July

Got up at 6 to go walking on the moor before it got too hot. Did washing and had breakfast first.  Walking by 7.45.  Over saddle tor and hay tor,  through the quarry where the foxgloves were looking lovely in the sun.  There were lilies open on the water and saw a goldfish.  Walked out along the route to hound tor then tried to find a route back along the valley again.  Thought it would be easier as paths seemed better defined between ferns so tried the lower fork but nice wide path ended in a clearing with no obvious exit.  Tried several but ended up as usual floundering around in bog and impenetrable undergrowth. Retraced steps and followed upper path l know goes through by going up to col to meet path from ribble tor.  Difficult to follow in places because so overgrown with ferns.  Eventually made it to path and went down again at end of tramway.  Difficult to see path in places but did eventually get on the path which goes through enclosure back to car park.  Map by gate emphasis…

Monday 8 July

Got up 7.30 and had breakfast.  Took suki round Wendell then went to tesco for a few bits.  Set off for Devon at 10 . Mike went to Stoke Mandeville for bi-annual check up. Good journey down.  Saw two accidents en route.  Had air conditioning on full as very hot day.  Arrived at 1.30.  By time village clock struck 2 I was lying on sun lounger in the garden topping up the sun tan!  Did washing I had brought with me and hung it out.  Sorted post etc. Took suki out at 3.30 - walked along the river in Parke under shady trees.  River just a trickle now with side streams dried up. Suki couldn't wait to get in the water and sit her back end in it.  Horrid new benches sprung up all round the national trust cafe but still no much needed umbrellas. Went to see Mary who was very pleased to see us.  She seems fine. We sat in her room and chatted for an hour.  Had veg soup for supper sitting in garden. Such a pleasure.  Washing had dried already so brought it in. Went ringing in the evening an…

Sunday 7 July

Went to breakfast after church but skipped the ringing and went home to get suki and pick susie up from station.  Then back to church to pick up Mike and set off for the George at Eartham in Sussex. plan was a pub lunch at 12 followed by handbells at hamish's house while Mary and susie walked from the pub to the house with suki.  As we set off Satnav warned of 87 min delay due to closed road on the route but initially did not offer any alternative.  We decided to head for m3 m25 a3 and about 10 mins later it recalculated a route that would avoid the delay.  When we got to m25 there was sign saying a3 closed so we did the bird world route suggested by Satnav.  Got to pub at 12.20. Steve and Mary not so fortunate.  Went on a3 and got stuck.  Eventually police closed off Guildford which couldn't cope with volume of diverted traffic.  They eventually arrived at 3.45! Meanwhile we had nice lunch. I had goat's cheese and leek tartlet.  Mike had half pint prawns in shells.  Then …

Saturday 6 July

Mike and Hugo went off at 8 on qp morning.  Suki and I left at 9 for Amersham. Went walking with maryanne and John and his two year old springer spaniel labrador cross called Ralph.  Very energetic.  Very hot day.  32 degrees according to car thermometer.  Good walk from great kingshill. Suki did her first two-step stile on her own.  Ralph was blocking the dog hole and I went over the style and suki then followed me  over.  Brilliant.  Had lunch in garden of the polecat.  Smoked haddock fishcakes and salad.  Delicious. Got back in time for last few games of ladies final.  Spent rest of afternoon watching tennis - wheelchair men's doubles,  ladies doubles,  boys doubles and men's doubles.  Made Mary's birthday card while I was watching. Had nice cheese salad for supper with pinot grigio blush and watched Lewis.

Friday 5 July

Relaxed start to the day.  Took suki out at 9.30. Lovely hot sunny day.  Acton park in the throes of being fenced off for carnival tomorrow.  Yuk.  Did lots of scanning.  Manjira delivery.  Pasta and garlic manjira for lunch.  Watched men's semi final in afternoon.  Djokovic v del potro.  Had to walk suki before it finished but it was still going on when I got back and in fact we had to listen to the last bit on the way to Barnes. Rang in the quarter - superlative called by oli.  Rod wound me up before it started and I seemed to be tetchy the rest of the evening.  Watched the very end of the Murray match in the pub.  Had oven baked cod.  Didn't really enjoy it but not sure why as it was ok. Hugo stayed the night and asked for Scotch again.  I was feeling magnanimous and even put some ice in for him.

Thursday 4 July

Got up early to get Mike off to work.  Took suki out then did stuff on computer for a while.  Sent email to Gill.  Came off aces distribution list after 28 years as member of club. Took a break from screen and did ironing while watching csi. Have started season 9. Grated 6 blocks of cheese (12 tubs). Thank heavens for the food processor.  Watched some tennis in the afternoon - ladies semi final and men's doubles semi final.  Also junior boys semi final which was very good. Practiced some Cambridge royal on Abel.  Had abel and Cole roast veg lasagne for supper which wasn't as nice as i had hoped.  Had some low fat version garlic bread too.  Finished off red wine while watching wytclyffe and then Lewis.

Wednesday 3 July

Delayed taking suki out till 10 so as to give svetla maximum time with hoover unmolested.  Did washing.  Mike spilt tea on bed and floor so had to wash duvet etc.  Nice weather which was useful.  Watched ferrer lose to del potro. Went to guy's with Mike.  Bus hot and full of fractious people.  Little toddler in pushchair sang his way through repertoire of songs with actions including wheels on the bus and if you're happy and you know it etc.  was delightful.  Should have got the whole bus to join in. Helped me cope with crush and attitudes!  Got to guy's at 6 and had a couple of good attempts at peal.  Then tried practising Norwich and Ipswich with not much success!  Went for nice meal at cafe rouge as cotes was full. Had steak frites with tomato and onion salad followed by tarte citron.  Mike had fish stew!  Nice bottle of merlot. Got email apology from Gill which made me feel a lot better about things and had a good nights sleep at last.

Tuesday 2 July

Went to st Stephens in the morning to hand over the web site and show him how to use the database.  Met the new curate.  Saw bob - his aunt Louise had died the previous evening. Had coffee with Anne.  Took baguettes from forest bakery home for lunch.  Mike ringing at Streatham in the evening so had the evening to myself with glass of wine and Lewis on the tv.   Suki made herself comfortable in the back room!

Monday 1 July

Took suki to the vet for 6-monthly check up and got her glands emptied.  Obviously hurt her this time.  Bought her some special liver treats to make up for it.  Watched Laura Robson lose.  Paid bills and generally sorted out paperwork.  Updated ringers website and Chiswick choir website.  Got email housekeeping up to date. Cooked duck with plum sauce potatoes and and chard for lunch.  Took suki for early walk in afternoon and then went to ring at Danes. Nice view of tower and law courts tower walking up from temple as they are knocking down the nearby buildings.  £40 for 20 minutes ringing - and an hour of sitting around waiting to start. Got back in time to go to Chiswick ringing.  Lots of people there. New bloke Ali turned up.  May be a regular.  Bob doubles standard. Had nice smoked mackerel salad in pub and mixed fruits cider. Finished book count to ten.