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November - more birthdays and dinner with Adrian!

Wed 9th - went over to see Keith, went to Sainsbury for him and then sorted out his computer. In the evening went to Goldsmiths for the first Messiah rehearsal.  It was nice to see Trish again - we had communicated beforehand by email this time so we were primed to save each other a seat, but in the end we were both early and met up in the coffee area beforehand.  Mike and I had a very quick and trouble-free bus journey which made a nice change.  It was great to be singing it again - especially And The Glory.  Simon and Ian were there with a friend from Saddleworth days who was an alto, so we took her under our wing for the evening - she was only around for a week's holiday so would not be coming again.  We stopped off for a kebab on the way home - I just got doner meat and salad but I couldn't finish it and it laid heavily on my stomach all night.

Thurs 10th - went walking with Maryanne.  Mike went off to work at 7 am so I had plenty of time thereafter to get ready, clear away…

November - the birthday month - mine

How can it be November already!  I just don't know where the time goes.  My 64th birthday is looming - how did that happen??

Tues 1st.  Determined that all my efforts now will be to get the house straight and catch up with the admin etc.  Feel things are slightly out of control at the moment. Mike went to work - I went out of the house with him at 7.10 so had walked Suki and was back home raring to go at 8.30 am.  I tackled the Organ music today - and succeeded in cataloguing all of it and putting it away in the filing cabinet drawer.  It all fitted in one drawer and I printed off an index for the drawer.  Very satisfying.  Had some lunch and took Suki out - I need to make sure I get out earlier in the afternoon now that the clocks have gone back.  When I got in I tackled the ironing - I was still at it when Mike came in from work.  I finished it all, including all the bedding etc from the guest room which had been languishing in the airing cupboard.  Another good job done.  There …