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Devon again - stressed out!

Well I never thought I would be writing that as a heading!  I went back to Devon early on Thursday morning, after seeing Mike off to work at 7 am, and arrived at lunchtime having been delayed by an accident on the M5.  I was lucky because the satnav was telling me to come off at junction 22 to swop 45 minute delay for a 20 minute one but the traffic came to a halt just before that junction.  When it got going again it was clear that all 3 lanes were moving so I stayed on the M5 and sailed through.

The hedges had been done and the magnolia pruned while I had been in London, and it looked very bare - but neat!

Jayne was champing at the bit to get started on moving the furniture etc so we spent several hours doing that and eventually got the sun lounge and living room furniture in place and I set up the TV.  I phoned Ann to say I couldn't go to handbells as I had completely run out of oomph. I took Suki out for a walk (tourist info car park, through Mill Marsh and into Parke and back…

Back in London for a week!

Wed 7th - Harrison's birthday.   I took Suki for a walk in Wendell Park and noticed the Polling Station signs outside Wendell School.  I then had a complete senior moment and rushed off to Southfields School to vote.  I couldn't see any signs, or find any way in, so I thought the polling station must have moved and I went to the hairdressers to make enquiries.  They pointed out that the election was the next day!  I had my fringe cut while I was there and Suki was very good and sat quietly next to me the whole time.

Thurs 8th.  Went out early to vote with Suki - who was eventually let in to the polling station because she was making so much noise tied up outside! Had a quiet day otherwise.  Mike went to work and then to Fulham to ring in QP of Stedman Caters for Eddie's birthday.  Apparently a struggle, with many starts, but eventually scored.

Fri 9th.    Rang handbells with Steve and team in the morning.  Very disappointed with the outcome.  I was feeling confident and happ…

Eddie's 80th Birthday Celebration


I came back from Devon on the Tuesday because we had been invited to Eddie's 80th birthday celebration in the evening.  I got back at lunchtime and we ate the pasties and then I took Suki out for a walk before having a short nap in the hope that I could keep going later in the evening.  Mike had found out that morning that Eddie wanted us to ring handbells - but ours were still on Intrepid, and the Barnes bells were being used by their ringing group, so in the end Sue Reed brought along the Fulham bells.

Monica came down to the house just after 6 to share the taxi we had booked for 6.30 pm.  It was about 10 minutes late, but we still had time for a glass of champagne (or two) before being called through to dinner.  The event was held at the London Rowing Club near Putney Bridge, and there was quite a bit of rowing activity going on.  We were shown to the disabled lift by a strapping great chap in shorts looking annoyingly healthy!

The dinner was excellent - and Eddie's …

Back and Forth!

I had to pick Mike up from Intrepid on the way back on the Bank Holiday Monday.  He estimated he would be at Saltford at 10 am - so I arrived there at 9.45 am which meant a very early start.  However the boat got held up at Keynsham locks for a long time - which was just as well as it gave me lots of time to research where would be best for him to get off the boat. I had thought that the Riverside Inn would be good as it was next to a lock and a marina, but the lock turned out to be on the other side of the river and there was a boat on the one pub mooring - the rest of the bank being private moorings and access.  I walked about a bit trying to find a suitable mooring point - slipping and falling at one point in the mud and forcing mud between my toes and up my toenails and gouged a 'V' in my big toenail, as I was wearing sandals. I eventually drove to the next lock by The Jolly Sailor which was much more accessible.  The lock was right next to the pub garden.  It was a nice p…