A place to keep links to videos, photos, articles etc which entertained, amused or appalled me.

Cheap flights for 50p : http://youtu.be/qHcim_KNZYw

Kings college choir April fool  http://youtu.be/ukDAfF0-8q8

Dubai New Year's Eve celebrations and fireworks December 2013 : http://youtu.be/C9kRCUny7RU

Silent monks sing Hallelujah Chorus : http://youtu.be/pRhjWdr-LAA

Dudley Moore sings Britten and Weill : http://youtu.be/1n7BCUVJkhU

Friendship United Methodist Church- Cast in Bronze Finale @ Groesbeck United Methodist Church :  http://youtu.be/yirgAHNlPBY

Sugar Plum Fairy played on glasses : http://youtu.be/QdoTdG_VNV4

Spanish train crash : http://youtu.be/5HgijA7zz-c

Jesus in every book of the bible : http://youtu.be/OhVrcV6WmfQ

Bells being rung on barge : http://youtu.be/Tc9K_uxQsbI

Phantom of the Opera on handbells : http://youtu.be/z5WeBV92IrY

My year in photos 2014 - a video created by Google from my blog photos

Blindfold Stedman Triples  https://youtu.be/0iUCCv3mpyA

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