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Recovering in Devon!

Suki and I arrived in Bovey about 4.30, dirty, dishevelled and tired.  Jayne was delighted to see us earlier than expected, and showed me round the house improvements since last time - curtain poles all up and curtains up in my bedroom, new blind up in the bathroom etc.  Then we had a cup of tea and I had a long awaited shower and good clean of my teeth.  Got into my comfies and threw everything I had been wearing into the wash.  We had a nice evening in watching tv with a glass or two of red wine and some pasta for supper.

Suki was exhausted and slept solidly for about 36 hours!  It took both of us that long to recover!  I got up early on Sunday to go to church and then to ringing.  There were only 3 of us so we didn't ring.  I heard later that 3 people turned up to ring for the 11 am service as it was the third Sunday.  So 6 ringers around but no ringing!  Bob was away which explained some of the confusion.

Lee and Emma came round about 11 to pick up the keys to our house on th…

Intrepid 2017


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Sunday dawned reasonably bright and sunny.  Adrian came round at 1.30 pm and by 1.45 we were on our way to Heyford Fields Marina.  Everyone else had arrived by the time we got there and there were many willing hands to help me on board with the bags etc - to the extent that I had to take two of the bags back off the boat as they were to stay in the car for the week! JJ left almost immediately - he was joining us later in the week - and Adrian drove our car to the car park to get used to it, with me in the passenger seat. After much faffing about trying to get the code for the lock we had it parked and it was all aboard and off we went - bang on the scheduled time of 3.45 pm.  Suki and I got off at the first bridge to walk - well technically Suki got off at the exit from the marina but we got her back on again!

We were soon joined by Claire and Bjørn - who had overheard me mentioning two and a half miles.  However that was to the scheduled overnight stop at Stowehi…

Back home before Intrepid

Mon.  Went ringing with Mike for the handbells 6-7 pm.  Then read book while they attempted a QP of Yorkshire.  It didn't go well!  Had  nice Shepherd's pie in the pub and made a better fist of being sociable.  Peter R shocked to be told Cher version of "It's In His Kiss"playing over the speakers was not the original!

Tues.  Had a really productive day, clearing all the paperwork and admin stuff, including all email admin etc.  Washed all the bedding including both duvets and mattress protectors.  Weather was a bit cold but dry and sun came out in the afternoon.  Following day was even better - sun had some warmth and shone for longer!

Wed.  6.44 am.  New great nephew born.

Finished printing maps for Intrepid and synced all the Marks to my phone ready for next week. Really pleased with the outcome - map on phone now shows overnight mooring points and ringing venues for each day.  I found out how to change settings to show OS grid references rather than co-ordinate…

A holiday week in Devon

When I arrived Jayne had a wonderful surprise for me - she gave me a beautiful writing desk which she had bought second hand and refurbished for me.  I was overwhelmed as I had wanted one for ages.

We talked all afternoon - then went for a walk in Stover and carried on talking!!

We had a great week together.  I had to look at an awful lot of curtains - but still managed to fit some cross stitch and handbells in!  We had lots of nice walks together - including a lovely walk through Furzeleigh Wood and Shaptor Woods where the bluebells were amazing.

I drove up to Furzeleigh Wood to save the steep climb up Trough Lane - it was a very scary narrow road but luckily we were able to park when we got there and it certainly saved a lot of time and effort.

We went to Glastonbury for the day - where Jayne had a meeting at her house with the farmers and builders and I took Suki on a walk I had sorted out which started by Pear Tree Farm just up the road from her house.

The start looked very uni…