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Sunday 30 June

THottest day of the year so far.  Got up at 6 had shower and walked suki up to collect car. Went to church in separate cars and I came straight home afterwards while Mike went ringing.  Had a nap!  Went off at 10.30 to putney vale. Met up with others at asda cafe.  John and Gill came by cab so we had a bit of a transport problem.  Carolyn hadn't slept all night so very tired and not up for much.  Ollie now talking very well and chatted to me quite a bit.  Got flowers from asda and did the usual with them.  John and Gill had to wait long time for cab and Gill very upset when they arrived at restaurant and had major strop.  Not very pleasant way to end the day.  Did church sitting in afternoon. Did another report on middx database. Watched first episode of Lewis with a beer in the evening. Went to bed at 10.30 and read book for half an hour.

Saturday 29th June

Mike went to Barnes in morning and I spent morning going through pieces on you tube with score. Very useful.  Also washed all bedding.  Went to rehearsal.  Suki picked up by Lee and Emma.  Back home by 4. Mowed lawn.  Watched some tennis.  Back to st nicks for 7. Concert was mediocre but not disastrous.  Went to tarantella afterwards and had lovely meal with lots of red wine.  Left car and walked home.  Got to bed at just gone 1am!

Friday 28 June

Woke early so got up.  Had shower and walked suki then did breakfast.  Went to Twickenham to ring handbells at 10. Again failed to ring peal but got a quarter peal with Margaret on 3-4. Came back and cooked veg pasta for lunch.  Watched Laura Robson game. Updated ringers Web site with summer trip details and St Stephens website with BTs and bob's article. Mike not in Barnes quarter so we were able to leave later than usual which was nice. Lots of people there so didn't have to ring except in final touch.  Read web user magazine and downloaded recommended game of mastermind.  Tried new chicken wrap in pub but heavy going and came with chips so heavy on the calories.

Thursday 27 June

Got up early and got Mike off to work.  Delayed my breakfast till 10 as still full from last night's meal.  Eamonn from apex came at 8.15 to fix the fence.  Took them most of the day.  Made a good job and didn't disturb Roger's garden too much.  Eamonn said John had only quoted for one rotten post but he had replaced 2.  Presume that means invoice will be higher than the quote.  Set off at 6 for Twickenham to ring handbells but Chiswick High Road and Sutton court road gridlocked.  Ended up turning round and driving to turnham green tube station to go by tube and train.  Forty-five minutes late!  Several attempts at peal of Yorkshire without success and also lost a quarter peal attempt of spliced.  Had a beer and got back by 11. Straight to sleep.

Wednesday 26 June

Got up late - 7.30 - and had breakfast before taking Suki out.  Washed final bits of Hugo's bedding and towels.  Cleaned out hoover (bag failed again) and put new bag in. Washed out the other hoover.  Poached eggs on toast for lunch.  Sorted out house insurance for Bovey.  Time seemed to go by without me achieving very much - didn't get lawn mowed or ironing done.  Trying a new attitude - everything will get done eventually.  Will see if it works or whether things just don't get done. Went for supper at TAS with Caroline and pru.  Mike went to SRCY at Cornhill. Went to bed at 9 with coffee and a scotch and read book for an hour - Count to Ten by Karen Rose.

Tuesday 25 June

Roger's birthday.  Got up reasonably early, had shower and had breakfast then took Suki for a walk.  Nice warm day - good for drying huge amount of washing.  Spent the day putting the house back to rights, doing the washing and putting everything from the holiday away, plus trying to catch up with emails etc and housekeeping on the computer.  Downloaded 3 weeks of Archers Omnibus.  Cooked smoked haddock, mash potato and carrot mash with ginger for lunch.  Mike cooked mega omelette for supper.  Went to choir practice.  Not too bad.  Checked with conductor and he was happy for me to sing in the concert on only 3 rehearsals!  Went to pub and had a pint of Chiswick and provided cashews and viagra nuts for group.  Got to bed at midnight.

Monday 24 June

Got up early and went out by the pool and swam 50 lengths etc.  Came in at 10 am and had shower, breakfast etc and did last bits of packing.  Borrowed the scales and did some moving around of stuff until I thought I was ok.  Paid Kamil - he mentioned that next year my apartment will be one of those which will not be self catering but will be 2-bedroomed with fridge and tea making facilities.  Sort of helped the intention not to come back!  Said goodbye to everyone and went to airport at 12.  Nice and early although still lots of queues.  Though I had done quite well to find a check-in with only one person in front of me - and when she was done they started dealing with someone who had got the wrong seats so had to wait for ages.  Didn't buy any duty free but went straight to departure gate and sat and read until time to board. Flew back on brand new Dreamliner Airbus 787 which was brilliant.  Touch screen on the back of each seat with a choice of films, TV, music, games, flight in…

Sunday 23 June

Got up 6.45 had breakfast and on sunbed by 7.30.  Swam 50 lengths at 8.30 and came up to apartment at 10 to get ready for church and have mug of apple tea. Very hot again today. Church very friendly and lots of hugs and goodbyes from sonya and Kate. Wonderful gooey chocolate cake.  Went to market and bought a few more bits and pieces.  Spent rest of day by pool.  They brought round bananas, then tea and biscuits then freshly cooked doughnut balls. Went up at 7 and packed my case. Determined to eat out on the last night I went down to the sea front looking for inspiration.  Quite busy but Nur virtually empty so went there.  Waiter professed to recognise me but I bet he says that to all the girls!  Nice meal but definitely most expensive.  I had borek followed by veg casserole and turkish coffee.  Glass of red wine seemed quite a big one - and cost 15 lire as opposed to the usual 9 or 10 so possibly it was a bit bigger than usual.  Sneaked back in afterwards as lots of people around th…

Saturday 22 June

Up with the lark as usual.  Breakfast before hitting the sunbed at 7.20.  Had the usual 50 lengths swim and finished the blue tit.  Did some of bayeux and then it got so hot I just lay and dozed and had great thoughts.  Had beer and borek for lunch.  Fridge has struggled this week with the heat and tomatoes and apricots both went over.  Milk turned this morning so back to black coffee again.  Finished Stephen Fry book in the afternoon then Kate arrived so had long chat with her.  Tea and cake served again today.  Soaked up the last of the rays and came in at 7 for shower and coffee. Plagued by cramp in my right foot all day. Went to West to eat.  Had the amazing meatballs again.  Finished with turkish coffee.  Unfortunately was then abandoned and found it impossible to attract anyone's attention for the bill. At 10.30 got up and left leaving money on the table.  Read for a bit when I got to bed as wound up! Have started Postcard Killers by James Patterson on phone.

Friday 21 June

Mid summer's day.  The evenings get shorter from now on.  Hope there's some good weather at home at last when I get back.  Up at 6.45 and finished off apricots for breakfast as many of them had bad patches.  On sunbed by 7.30 and swimming at 8.30.  Just lovely.  Nearly finished blue tit.  Just backstitch on rose to do.  Finished Perfect People ny Peter James on my phone.  Started paperback Making History by Stephen Fry. Had beer with lunch and also one later by pool.  Also got afternoon tea and cake today.  Had oily hair all day after massage yesterday so was very glad when I got into shower and washed it out.  Couldn't get interested in eating tonight so went for a wander around and bought some orange juice and iced tea and then came back to yagmur for cheese omelette and chips.  Was nowhere near as good as the first one I had.  Presumably cooked by sirdar this time rather than the chef. Had couple of glasses of red wine and then polished off the gin on the balcony with s…

Thursday 20 June

Woke at 5.30 and got up at 6.  Had got ready and had breakfast by the time the alarm went off.  Went down to pool at 7 and got sunbed ready and did some cross stitch then walked down to ferry for 7.45. Kate and I sat on cushions at the very front of ferry which gave us a wonderful view.  Walk back took about an hour as we stopped to look at things on the way and didn't walk all that fast.  Decided to go back on the 5 o clock ferry for a turkish bath.  I went over to ask Kamil to book it and found Terry having breakfast. He is staying in marmaris with friends. Didn't see much of him again.  Went over to club marina and had lovely turkish bath and oil massage.  A bit painful in places but has done wonders for my shoulder.  Will be interesting to see how it feels tomorrow.  Came back on 7 pm ferry and went to Mercan with Kate and had chicken sis.  Met a Danish friend of hers called Henry.  Got back at 9.30 and washed out swimsuit then had coffee gin and tonic and turkish delight…

Wednesday 19 June

Up at 6.30.  Had breakfast before swim again.  Spent the day by the pool.  Very hot again but not so windy so did quite a long stint of cross stitch on the bayeux one as well as the blue tit. Bed change day again.  I didn't bother washing my nightdress this time.  I have a spare if needed.  Down to 2 tea bags.  Doreen is going to give me some tomorrow.   Saw Kate in the afternoon and agreed to go for a walk with her in the morning.  We are catching 7.50 ferry to club marina and walking back round the bay. We also agreed to have turkish bath if she has time.  She goes back to England on Monday and has sermon to write and house to clear ready for moving to new house when she comes back in Sept. When I went up to apartment there was water coming through the ceiling.  Selcuk came to investigate and started by wiping it several times with a towel.  Unsurprisingly this didn't fix the problem however after some work with a heavy spanner in the apartment above all was well.  Went to M…

Tuesday 18 June

Awake at 5.30. Very windy.   Couldn't get back to sleep so got up.  Had breakfast before going down to pool.  Apricots so delicious decided to have bowl of fruit for breakfast without yoghurt etc.  On sub bed at 7.20.  Carried on with simple cross stitch.  50 lengths at 8.30.  Young lad came out to pool but he kept out of my way.  Went up at 10 to change swimsuit and have cup of apple tea. Too windy to do bayeux so did blue tit.  All the other brits went to fethiye.  Very hot day.  Had usual fetta cheese olives tomato and salami for lunch.  Went to shop for tonic ice tea and fresh bread. So hot in afternoon couldn't be bothered doing stitching or reading or even listening to music - even though pool full of noisy splasy turkish children. Kamil came out midday in his hat to hose down poolside to cool it down.  About 4  had half litre of water and a beer and did some more cross stitch.  Was going to eat here but heard that the 4 were going to be eating here so went off to West …

Monday 17 June

Got up early again and was on the sun bed by 7.45 - just before the sun. Towels etc smelt lovely after being washed.  I always think how lovely my apartment balcony is. All the others are either in the shade in the morning or in the blazing sun but mine is in sun but shaded by bougainvillea.  Almost finished simple dolphin cross stitch but got too hot by 8.30.  So then went for swim.  Selcuk brought over a saucer of fresh strawberries for me.  I was only on length 2 at the time!  Did my 50 lengths and then enjoyed the strawberries sitting drying off in the sun.  One of the 4 got in pool as well but it was ok as she kept out of the way!  Went up for breakfast about 9.45. Bed change day again!  Very hot today and very windy.  Gave up doing fiddly cross stitch in afternoon as sweating much and wibd was knotting thread.  Finished off simple dolphin cross stitch and started on simple blue tit. Also started new Stuart McBride paperback Blind Eye. Resorted to headphones again to block out i…

Sunday 16 June

Didn't sleep too well.  Got up 6.45 and had breakfast.  Was on the sun bed doing simple cross stitch by 7.25. Sun came over the tree at 7.45.  Swam 50 lengths at 8.30.  Came in just before 10 and had a drink and went off to market. Bought lots of things as these are going to be the last lot of souvenirs I get as not planning on returning - at least not on my own on a regular basis.  Replenished stocks of cheese,  olives,  cherries and apricots.  Also another box of turkish delight!  Spent rest of day by pool cross stitching and reading.  Nice and quiet now turks have gone.  Just a couple of children left and the brits. They brought round tea and biscuits today about 5 pm. Finished Cold Granite by Stuart McBride. Started Stephen Booth one.  Washed towels etc through when I came in.  Had shower and went to West again.  Had delicious penne arrabiata.  Cherries came with apple this time so ate the lot.  Red wine comes in lovely huge glass like at home.  Had a preview wander round tat …

Saturday 15 June

Woke early so got up early. Anticipating (correctly) bed change day washed nightdress.  Had cup of tea then out on favourite sun bed just before sun got on it at 8. Did simple cross stitch for half hour then had swim.  Still managing 50 lengths each morning.  Once again just in time as same huffing puffing spitting turk got in as I got out.  Dried out in sun then came up for breakfast.  Finished apricots.  One days muesli left.  So can replenish tomorrow at market and shop and know I will use it in a week. Clouds came over in the afternoon and there was thunder but no rain.  Finished Shall We Tell The President by Jeffrey Archer.  Started work on drinking up the gin from last year.  Had lovely meal at West- and most expensive yet at £15. Lovely bread and oil on the house.  Then lovely meatballs amazingly presented.  Lettuce standing up in hollowed out cucumber.  Grilled half big tomato in its own little bowl.  Grilled peppers in their own little bowl. Yoghurt in a bowl and fantastic c…

Friday 14 June

Woken at 4.30 by strange noise.  Probably frog in drain in road outside.  Couldn't get back to sleep.  Put enya on. Still awake 5.30.  Put angel clare on and that did it.  So of course deeply asleep at 7. However got up and was by the pool by 8 and in it by 8.30.  Just as well.  Had just finished my 50 lengths when large turkish man dived in and then swam about noisily.  Part of large wedding party who have been arriving all day and filling the place up.  All noisy and of course take all the attention of staff.  Put headphones on by pool today to try and shut them out.  Had a good day in the sun - it was hotter today.  Got quite a lot of cross stitch done too.  Came in just before 7 and had coffee then cooked myself veg pasta and finished off the dikmen, the garlic manjira,  the veg, the cherries and the turkish delight!

Thursday 13 June

Swim and breakfast to start the day as usual.  Some clouds today but no rain and sun hot in between.  More slow progress on cross stitch.  Kate came to pool in afternoon so chatted to her for a while and bought her a drink. Finished the Stephen King book.  Rita and Alan left.   In evening went to kebab hospital for lachuman as recommended by Kate.  It was delicious.  Ted and doreen there when I arrived so sat with them.  Said goodbye to oriel but didn't stay for drink as 10.30 so bedtime.

Wednesday 12 June

Got up at 8 so took cup of tea down to the pool so as still to be out by 8.30 target.  Had 50 lengths swim then breakfast then lazy day by the pool.  Slow progress continued on cross stitch.  Also read over half of Stephen King book Dolores Claibourne. Clouds came over just before sun disappeared.  Had shower and went to shop to replenish breakfast supplies and then went into town to eat.  Walked right round again taking photos of new bits including new Dim Elit Hotel,  huge grey monstrosities attached to what was Swiss Hotel and a dreadful monstrosity of a delicatessen called gourmet garage.  Found the Mercan pizza restaurant relocated in road up from post box so went there and had lovely vegetarian pizza with mixed salad on the house to start.  Took a long time to drink the beer with it - felt dizziness was lurking but luckily it held off. Read my Stuart McBride book on my phone.  Also saw Kate in there and she came over to chat.  She had just paid deposit on new house near 5-a-sid…

Tuesday 11 June

Psyched myself up to go to fethiye.  Had my swim and breakfast and caught 10 am dolmus.  All went well. Lady next to me (chinese?) was going to fethiye on the dolmus for the first time and complained bitterly when it stopped and waited for old woman to get off and go into a shop to drop off bags.  She said it was time wasting and what if we were in a hurry.  Not sure she has quite understood the turkish way of doing things! ! Went straight to carpet shop in old town and bought bedspread for Devon and a scarf.  Then pottered around and had orange juice before walking to market along sea front.  Has changed a lot.  Huge square with statue replacing scrubland.  All quayside repaved prettily.  All caf├ęs now operating from purpose built units rather than wooden cabins.  Even fish and chip boat had tables on quayside.  Lots of fountains and water features including one shooting up under a perspex ramp which one has to walk over. Lots of seats with pretty trellis arch over each one.   Bought…

Monday 10 June

Got up early again and swam 50 lengths before breakfast.  Had yoghurt banana apricot and sprinkling of coffee and chocolate muesli.  Summoned up courage to ask birgul about plugging in cooker and she pulled out fridge and plugged it into socket behind further down the wall.  Spent all day by the pool.  Very slow progress on bayeux cross stitch because so tricky. Finished Next by Michael Cricton.  They didn't come round today asking if I wanted a drink so I didn't buy one!  After sun gone went up to apartment and had beer then cup of tea and did easy cross stitch till it was too dark to see.  Listened to George Harrison double cd album.  Then had shower and cooked veg pasta in garlic manjira. Red wine.  Bowl of cherries for dessert. Coffee and turkish delight.  Sitting on balcony listening to Andreas Bocelli. Read more of Cold Granite by Stuart McBride on phone.  Had such a good evening it was 10.45 before I went to bed.

Sunday 9 June

Got up 7.15 had cup of tea and went for swim! Swam 50 lengths (length being 11 strokes) then dried off in sun. Went back in 9.15 and had shower and got ready for church. Had coffee bread and jam for breakfast. Rita and Alan arrived.  Malibu gone so number of cats around has increased.  Apparently Malibu stolen although story is a bit vague. Went with Kate in taxi to church.  Lots of people there - about 15. Huge piece of plum cake and cup of tea afterwards.  Got lift back but declined invitation to lunch.  Went to market and bought cheese olives and salad stuff.  Also couple of polo shirts and some turkish delight.  Usual turkish delight man wasn't there so went to second favourite.  He struggled with the concept that I wanted a whole box of cherry flavour and didn't want to mix them.  Sat by the pool for rest of day although plagued by little flies which bit.  Got mosi spray in the end which helped a bit.  Posted card to Mary in evening then bought a few more bits before goi…

Saturday 8 June

Slept well.  Got up 9.30. Surprised to find there is now a view from the balcony looking over pool.  Big tree has been cut down.  Can't hide behind it now.   Went to shop for water orange juice and breakfast things.  Had yoghurt and muesli.  Spent the rest of the day on sunbed by pool in usual spot recovering from travelling and beers and liqueurs last night.  Swam 30 lengths.  Had bread and jam for lunch. Rucksack had materialised so put phone on charge.  Came in at 6.30 and had cup of tea and updated blog. Light rain but not much in evening.  Walked down to end of harbour then back along main street.  Mercan pizza gone.  Didn't fancy any of the restaurants so ended up back at yagmur where I had delicious cheese omelette with green salad and chips.  One beer then early night.  Finished Harold Fry book.

Friday 7 June

Took suki out early.  It was cold and raining!  Then pottered about until 12 when I left for Gatwick.  Smooth journey.  Supposedly had extra leg room seat but it looked same as others to me.  But middle seat free so space to spread a bit. Had tapas snack box and red wine on flight.  Huge queues at visa control.  Took me 45 mins to clear airport.  Yilmaz there to meet me.  Got to yagmur and had a few drinks with oriel went to bed 3 am local time! ! Rucksack hadn't made it to the room so unable to charge phone as plug in the rucksack.  Turned it off because very low after reading book and listening to music on flight.  Have started reading Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry.

Thursday 6 June

Got up early to see Mike off to the work.  Did washing.  Then went off to meet maryanne at Wooburn green to recce ramblers walk again.  Another lovely hot day.  Got to car park half hour early.  Had great walk. Then sat in garden of nearby pub which we hadn't tried before because no dogs allowed inside.  Had steak baguette and chips.  Got home about 2 and crashed out in garden for an hour.  Then did packing and watched csi in the evening with a cider.

Wednesday 5 June

Got up very late.  Waited for svetla to arrive so could catch up then took suki for walk in Burnham beeches.  No charge for parking during the week.  Lovely sunny day.  Took map this time and worked my way round outside edge.  Had tea sandwich and Bakewell tart.  Went to guy's with Mike to ring minor with Caroline.  Long hot journey
No lifts at Hammersmith.  After lots of false starts actually rang just under half a peal. Went to tas as Caroline had been to cotes for lunch.  Very busy but did their best to get us a table and serve us quickly.  Still very late home.

Tuesday 4 June

Another lovely sunny day, although quite breezy. Took Suki to Richmond Park in the morning - needed a fleece. Spent an hour and a half walking and sitting by Beverly Brook throwing the ball. Listened to second album of project -  Bon Jovi.  Again surprised to like that one too. Then finished off paperwork (at least the old pile) - hurray.  Also sorted out computer filing and photos so feeling very satisfied with that.

Monday 3 June

Yet another lovely sunny day.  Walked Suki through Southfields to David R_S house to deliver Sunday stewards rota then round Acton park in the morning.  Did lots more paperwork - almost all gone now.  In the afternoon walked Suki through Wendell to Ravenscourt and round.  Listened to first album of project - Oasis.  Suprised to find I quite liked it.  Went ringing in the evening and had steak baguette and chips in pub afterwards - washed down with lager for a change.

Sunday 2 June

Another lovely sunny day.  Did ironing after church while watching CSI dvd.  Then when Mike came in from playing organ at convent we got handbike and went to Richmond Park.  Mike did a couple of circuits while Suki and I walked by Beverly Brook.  Suki happy to chase a ball so I sat on a bench in the sun and threw it for her with the flinger.  She went down to cool off in the brook every so often and it all worked very well.  Had cup of tea and baguette in cafe about 3 pm and then came home.  Got through lots of the pile of paper which has been hanging around for a while.  Had meatballs and mujendra rice takeaway from Lebanese for supper and red wine.

Saturday 1 June

Mike ringing QPs most of the day.  I took Suki to Burnham Beeches in the morning and had two-hour walk. Lovely sunny day.  The gorse was amazing.  Got back and mowed the lawn, then put washing out.  In the afternoon put all my music on to the 32gb micro card for my phone - stripping folders of jpg and other extraneous files so as to fit it on.  Worked a treat. Even had thumbnails for the albums on the phone notwithstanding the jpgs were not there.  Now have project to listen to every album - especially those I have been given and not yet listened to. Watched CSI dvds in the evening and had Tesco pizza.

Friday 31 May

Had a productive day sorting stuff out on the computer and getting through the paperwork.  In the morning went to Acton park to meet up with  Emma and new dog minder lady called Linda.  Spent about an houri n the park including having a cup of tea from the cafe.  Went ringing in the evening and had nice lamb steak in pub afterwards.  Hugo came to stay but was quite well behaved.