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Feb - peace and quiet return for a while

I took the old Fiesta over to Carolyn's - free parking anyway.  Got the paper chase underway for the log book to get it taxed.  Went home on the bus and tube - with a flask of honey and lemon from Carolyn.  Felt really awful with my cold and had another early night.  Not much better on Friday - although went to the fitness class. We had internet problems so it was difficult to get stuff done that I needed to do.  Didn't go ringing and had another early night dosed up.  Went walking with Maryanne on Saturday 4th - she had had a cancellation so I filled in at short notice.  We did a new walk from the Whip Inn near Princes Risborough.  We had nice weather, after early rain, but it was very muddy underfoot.  The pub did nice food although I felt the locals were giving Suki a long hard stare for being there.  We had soup each and shared a calamari starter.  Route card

In the afternoon the BT Openreach engineer came to fix the o2 broadband, which he did by changing the lines, and wh…

Back to Majorca

It was a godsend having Lorraine around to see to the children on the morning of the flight.  She also put all the stuff Amanda was leaving for Leanne in the loft once we had left.  The taxi (Transporter!) was on time at 9 am and we had a good journey to Stanstead - very easy and he was a good driver.  Amanda did all the heavy work with the trolley and bags while I took control of the buggy and Bethany. We were in plenty of time which was just as well as it took a while to check in - especially as the car seats and pram chassis needed to be checked in at the large baggage area.  After going through security we made a base and Amanda sourced some coffee and pastries.  The flight was quite full - both children were very well behaved.  The transfer worked well - and was very good value at £14 for all of us.  It was a minibus which we had all to ourselves!  Sam and his dad (Daz|) were waiting for us outside the apartment and it was good to be able to hand over some of the carrying! The ap…