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February - Speed Awareness month!

31st Jan - I had a good trip back from Devon - I was lucky because I planned to call in at Haldon Woods just outside Exeter to give Suki a walk on the way home and it was heaving with people, in fact it was difficult to find a car parking space.  When I got to the pay and display machine there was a small notice indicating that the forest was going to be closed at midday because of the weather.  It was by then 1 pm and it was heaving with people enjoying themselves and they were piling in and paying their £3 to park.  So I paid and went for my walk, but when I got back to the car an hour later they had indeed shut the entry gate (exit was still possible) and there was bedlam outside with cars which had turned up and couldn't get in - many with bikes on top.  I don't know where I would have gone if I hadn't been able to get in there because it is 15 miles from Bovey and Suki needed a walk and I like it to be somewhere with toilets so that I can not worry about that side of …