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Monday 17 February

Weighed myself for the first time in a week and delighted to be 10.10. At last a tiny bit of progress. Carolyn Leanne and Lorraine went to Majorca for a week today. Mike had been retching in the night and was still not well this morning. I gave him a diaralyte to drink while I got ready and then a cup of tea. He couldn't eat the slice of toast I made him. Had my porridge and tea and washed up,then took suki out to Acton park and then on to bank to deposit Jayne's cheque at last. Was going to bank more middx subs but discovered Lloyd's branch is now a TSB. Got back and Svetla helped me put heavy garden bags into car and I took them and other rubbish to tip. Fat slob of a man sitting in a chair told me I couldn't have level access to the skip and if I couldn't lift the bags I would have to go to Greenford. So I lugged the bags up step by step and then emptied them by hand until they were light enough to lift. Not one person helped me or asked me if I could manage. Wo…

Sunday 16 February

Slept badlly - seemed to be awake all night but couldn't be bothered to put music on. Got up early and packed and had breakfast. Left at 9 and went to Stover for an hour's walk with suki. Toilets now have notice on door asking people not to take dogs in. Ignored it as no choice! Arrived in Horsington at 11.50 sp took suki for a walk up to the church and then around the block up back lane and then went in to pub and had a drink and read my book on kobo till Jay arrived at 12.30. Had lovely carvery again - roast beef two Yorkshire puddings roast potatoes and 4 veg followed by sticky toffee pudding, all for £16 including drink. Had good journey home. It was a glorious day - warm and sunny. Arrived back home at 4 and went straight out with suki round Acton park. Mike was doing my church sitting duty and came home about 5 looking and feeling ill and tired. I pushed him in to the house and he went up to bed and I gave him a cup of tea and some TLC.  Tidied up and put packing away. G…

Saturday 15 February

Had a restless night and made ovaltine at 3am and read book - started girl who kicked the hornets nest on kobo. Put music on and finally fell asleep but woke late. At first bad weather but then realised sun shining. Back fence had fallen down - seemed to be the only damage. Pat came round and said he would sort it out which was a relief. Greenhouse thing also now virtually flattened so texted Bill to remove it. Sunny intervals and heavy showers all day. Suki and I went to Parke again in the morning along high footpath and back along railway track and then went to see Mary. Had jacket potato with tuna for lunch. Used machine to sew extra material round edge of poppies cross stitch so that I could put it in a hoop big enough for the picture.  Took suki to plantation in afternoon. Senior moment took me past usual parking place so parked at top of track and did circular walk from there - right round to Templar way. Did cross stitch in the evening and had red cabbage and mash for supper.wa…

Friday 14 February

Wild wet and windy when I woke up so deferred going out until 11 when it looked as if it was clearing up. Walked to Parke from house and went along railway track then up the road and back along lower woodland walk. It poured with rain the whole time although there was not much wind.  When I walked out it was not quite as flooded as Wednesday but on the way back it was worse! Slide stream was actually gushing over the foot bridge. Road very flooded and suki reluctant to go through it.  Mill park also ver deep in water in places. I put suki on the lead so that she didn't get swept away! When I got back my Chiltern books had arrived, and also a lovely valentines fresh flowers card. I went straight back out to trago to return the bread maker. They gave me a refund and I got a few bits including a belt as attempts to keep my trousers up with wool had not worked. When I got back in the car the wind had really got up and I was quite frightened as the car was rocking and the trees were be…

Thursday 13 February

This morning it was the turn of the toilet - which leaked when I flushed it. When I lifted the cistern lid there was a fountain of water gushing out. Luckily I had watched mike mend our inflow at home quite recently so I turned off the water at the stop cock and searched the cistern till I found a white plastic bit which I was able to fit back on to the in flow pipe. At least I didn't have to call the plumber in again.  It was a nice morning - a breather between yesterday's storm and the one forecast for tomorrow, so I ventured on to the moor with suki. There was a smattering of snow on the ground and suki was able to roll around in it for the first time this winter. I was nicely wrapped up against wind and weather and had intended to stay out for a couple of hours, but it started to grey over and snow, and it was cold and very blustery so I went back to the car after an hour. I spent the afternoon adding all the track details for the CDs of Jayne's I had copied - frustrat…

Wednesday 12 February

Weather appalling when I woke up. Storm force winds and driving rain all morning. Got up 7.45 and had a shower. Couldn't turn shower off afterwards so called plumber and luckily caught him before he had left for first job of the day so he came straight round and fixed it. Did ADM minutes and subs banking and finished off putting donated threads on to bobbins and colour matching them with DMC colour chart and filing them in boxes. Put it all away. Rain stopped at 12.45! So had couple of pieces of toast and jam and then took suki out. First walked to bank to bank subs cheques then went to hairdresser intending to make appointment for fringe cut, but they suggested doing it there and then while someone held suki and fed her gravy bones! That was a bonus and they didn't charge me either. Walked to Parke through the field past the library. Had to wade through quite a deep bit of flooded river over the footpath on the other side and was grateful for the fence to hang on to. Suki did…

Tuesday 11 February

Woke at 6 and heard howling gales and lashing rain so stayed in bed and only got up at 7.45 when it seemed to gave eased. More problems with broadband width so rang Tesco. Rang Ann and arranged to go to handbells on Thursday. Took suki to plantation for hour and a half then went to see Mary. Had soup and toadtbfor lunch. Then went to Trago and got wool for Monica plus a few bits and pieces. Got electric knife and £10 mini deep fat fryer for home and here. Took suki to Parke in the afternoon. Doing well on the calories until I decided to eat whole garlic baguette which had come out of freezer. Followed by glass of red wine then bag white choc buttons with ovaltine and brandy. Ho hum. Tomorrow is another day. Continued project of recording all jaynes music plus winding threads on to bobbins while watching Call the Midwife download.

Monday 10 February

Got up just before 7 and had shower and breakfast.  Cleared up and took Suki out at 8.30.  Icy so decided not to use car.  Walked to Parke and went out along the river and back along the higher footpath.  Took 2 hours.  Had milky coffee.  Expecting plumber at 11 - but Bill King turned up just before him.  I asked him about moving the rubbish in the garage, and mentioned about the fridge freezer to be dumped and garage freezer to go in the house.  Decided to it there and then! So spent the morning defrosting the garage freezer and cleaning it all up before putting it on and getting the food back in before it thawed.  Also cleaned the kitchen fridge again to take the fridge stuff.  Stuart and his son put in the towel rail radiator in the bathroom.  Decided to have dog leg pipe as alternative to tearing up the floors, which were all chip boarded.  It looked lovely when finished.  I decided to screw old towel ring, and old towel rail back to the wall.  Not sure it looks right but seems be…

Sunday 9 February

Joy of Joys - I was 10st 10 this morning.  That is the first progress since best weight achieved before Christmas.  Don't suppose it will last, but it was great to see it on the scales. Took Suki to Wendell and then went on the usual Sunday circuit. Mike played the organ.  Got home just before 11 and went with Lorraine to Dreams and purchased a new king size bed base - ottoman style storage like mine.  Then bought uplighter with reading light with nectar points from Homebase and then went on a sofa bed hunt.  Didn't find one that was right, although tempted by one in the Futon shop. Had a quick lettuce sandwich and gave Suki a quick walk in Wendell and then drove to Devon.  Arrived at 5.30, just as it was going dark so just let Suki out in the garden as too dark to walk.  Sorted stuff out and put all the socket extenders in place.  Worked really well.  Lit some candles and snuggled on bed in new pink fleecy throw from Son Ferrer market watching Call the Midwife on iPlayer on i…

Saturday 8 February

Gave Suki a quick walk in Wendell as Lee and Emma having her later.  Emerging crocuses reminded me that it was about this time of year that I first started this blog. Mike had shower and we both had breakfast - no sign of Hugo! He eventually emerged just before it was time to go, so I lent him my brand new vacuum travel mug to take his cup of tea with him. Mike went to Barnes learner practice.  I had shower and then Lorraine had one.  Did some washing. Lee picked up Suki at 11.30 and also took a couple of bags of food I had ordered for them, and I gave him a map and details of the walk I had done from Denham.  Cooked roasted squash, roast potatoes and red cabbage for lunch.  Mike delayed by traffic so Lorraine and I ate ours and cleared up.  Went to South and West ADM in the afternoon.  Picked up Monica and arrived early.  Helped put out chairs etc.  Mike went ringing but Monica and I stayed in the hall. Went over to the church for the service at 4.30.   Found I had missed Muffie and …

Friday 7 February

Walked suki in Acton park this morning. Blister under left foot still causing problems. Tried wearing mike's wellies. Worked fine with thick socks. Planned to take Carolyn to Wallingford to look round and view flat for possible swap but she texted not well so we deferred it. Sent parcel to Jayne. Went to Tesco to buy some things to cheer up mediocre soup made yesterday. Had the soup unaltered for lunch with garlic toast and it was fine! Fiddled about in the afternoon. Went to southfields with suki in the afternoon. Ringing was at mortlake this evening as charity ball at Barnes. Eddie Heath miscalled plain bob major but ringing was good. No others turned up but the nine of us had some good ringing till 9 then went to coach and horses. I had keys to lock up as waiting for mike an fi forgot to give them back to Francis. Thought I might have to go out to give them to him if they had his front door keys on them but he didn't respond to text so assume he was ok to get in to house. S…

Thursday 6 February

Got up early and got dropped off by mike at chiswick house for long walk with suki of about an hour and a half. Weather deteriorated once I had got back in. Caroline cancelled handbells because still I'll so lovely long day and evening of blissful solitude. Paid the bills and tidied emails again. Then spent some time sorting out music and replacing damaged Andy Williams LP tracks with downloaded versions from YouTube. Also sorted out Cliff Richard album where song titles were incorrect. Then loaded phone with the good versions plus all the music I hadn't been able to copy before ( Windows 7 converts them for the phone automatically.) Had lettuce sandwiches for lunch and jam sandwich for tea. Probably too many carbs! Did small amount of ironing. Made leek and onion soup but it was very mediocre. Had to blend it at 10 at night because I has used Lorraine's big pan and had turned gas too low to keep it simmering so took longer than anticipated. Took suki for quick walk in Sou…

Wednesday 5 February

Tube strike. Had to work out alternative route to Guy's.  Took suki to Burnham Beeches. Notice out saying car park closing at 12 due to high winds forecast. Had lovely walk for an hour - very squelchy underfoot. Got back just as rain started. Dreadful weather door the rest of the day. Cooked sausages with roast potatoes carrot mash and red cabbage for lunch. Did stuff on the computer in the afternoon including practicing Yorkshire. Just going out with suki when heard from Caroline that she was not well. We agreed to cancel handbells. I was quite pleased not to have to travel to London given travel,problems. Did cross stitch in the evening and watched recorded silent witness. Had sandwich and glass of red wine for supper. Went to bed at 9.30 and had nice early night.

Tuesday 4 February

Car parked in metered bay so took suki to Gunnersbury in it to move it. Had nice walk round the park and met Lee at the end and had a nice chat. Nice and sunny but started to rain quite hard just as I got to the car. Had rush of blood to the head and spent the rest of the morning cooking! Had got yet another red cabbage in the veg box and still had the last one to use. Went to Tesco and got some apples and braised the red cabbage with them and sultanas ginger balsamic onion etc. then made celeriac and blue cheese bread which was very successful and delicious. Made celeriac soup with the remainder which we had for supper. Spent too long playing spider solitaire again. Did some emails and amended choir minutes. Went to choir - good rehearsal. I knew all the music so there must be some bits I haven't sung at all. Meeting of working group afterwards which didn't seem to get us much further forward as regards action but was a useful discussion forum. Finished in time to get to the …

Monday 3 February

Got up nice and early. Back up to 11 stone a bit disappointing. Took suki to Richmond Park for an hour and a half - blustery and quite cold but sunny and blue skies.  Went from Sheen car park to Pembroke Lodge then round to Pen Ponds and back over the open area to car park. Used coconut and lemongrass sauce which Lorraine had brought home with veg left over from box for lunch. Very nice. In the afternoon prepared forms and receipts for subs collection on Saturday. Also practiced some Yorkshire and did email housekeeping. Alley came round for a lift to chiswick. Went ringing. Had to ring a bit. Tony came. Not many at the pub - Eddie had to eat all the chips but then Francis turned up and helped out. Drank diet coke again. Took hot drink to bed.

Sunday 2 February

Had a good night's sleep and got up just after 6.30 - waiting for cuckoo clock to sound but it had stopped! Took suki for a quick walk to Wendell. Mike making tea when I got back. Went to 8 am. Mike did readings. Vagrant Michael in church. Considered giving him my tea but moment passed. He was disruptive a couple of times and left before the end. I was needed for ringing at both Barnes and Chiswick. Went to Sainsbury and got lots of discounted montepulciano. Filled up with diesel. Went home and had baguette with cheese and sausage from son Ferrer market. Spent an hour or so dealing with emails then we both took suki for a walk in Acton park. Nice sunny day. Today's Alzheimer moment was to chuck the tea bags in the washing up and the tea spoon in the compost caddy. Sang choral evensong at St Nicks. Reasonably successful and enjoyable. Lots of basses. Organist played jig fugue for outgoing voluntary which was nice. Went for drink with the crowd before going home and having chees…

Saturday 1 February

Mike went off ringing QPs and I went to Denham to do 7-mile Colne Valley circular walk I had stumbled across when researching New Year's Day canal walk.  Walking by 9.10.  Took me four and a half hours because went slightly wrong in the woods and then decided to research possible short cut for future, and also because unable to get under railway bridge at Ickenham due to floods so had to do long detour.  Lovely morning - clear and sunny and not too cold although the wind was somewhat chill.  Underfoot was extremely muddy and often deep in water - luckily boots were up to it.  Had blisters under both feet by the end.  Also found I had burrs sticking to my ear muffs - but only after I had been talking to people whilst completely unaware of this. Got home and changed bedding and did washing.  Then had lovely hot shower and got into comfies for the evening.  Did cross stitch and watched England being beaten by France at Rugby in the last few minutes.  Had pate from Son Ferrer market f…

Friday 31 January

Went for a longish walk in the morning around the parks.  Have started cleaning Suki's teeth after walk and giving her a brush.  Did the ironing - and sewed missing buttons on to trousers.  Very domesticated! Updated Chiswick Choir website and did various email etc admin. Rang in the QP as MdeF dropped out at the last minute.  Rang the tenor behind to first QP of Stenchpipe Bob Triples.  Hands went numb but forced my way through it.  Had chicken and chips in the pub - new on the menu.  All served on a bread board.  Chicken turned up in a mini colander and was very greasy and difficult to eat as it was still on the bone.  Chips were nice. Had reasonably early night and alcohol free day!

Thursday 30 January

Got up early and mike dropped me off at sutton court road on his way to work. Suki and I had nice walk in chiswick house for an hour then walked home. Went to pet shop but it wasn't open at 8.30. Got home and did washing up then bits and pieces all day. Prepared some stuff on membership database. Changed light bilb. Practiced Cassiobury on Abel etc. had short walk in Southfields in afternoon. Cleaned suki's teeth and gave her a brush. Went to Guy's in the evening and failed to ring peal of Cassiobury. Went for drink with Caroline and Mark. Mike was in when I got home so rustled up olive bread and pate for his supper. Had ovaltine and started on the lemon curd liquer.

Wednesday 29 January

Woke up just before alarms and got up at 6. Had shower and ate a banana. Went down and checked out at 7. Transfer taxi supposed to arrive at 7.10 but arrived 15 minutes later by which time I was beginning to get a bit nervous. Picked up one other person in Palma and arrived at airport at 8 for 9.55 flight! Got chatting to the other lady in taxi and ended up going for a coffee together and sitting together on the plane. Palma airport very quiet and plane half empty so very pleasant and time went quickly as chatting all the way. Sam had made me ham sandwich which was delicious and I bought a hot chocolate to go with it. Landed at 11 and got Stansted express back to London. Cold, grey and wet weather. Arrived home at 1 just after mike had had lunch. Emma took suki out for a couple of hours and I unpacked and did washing and then did computer stuff, sorting out emails and paying bills etc. Mike went off to Radlett in the evening with Tony and I sent out forms for Middx subs to southern to…

Tuesday 28 January

Spent the morning sitting in sunshine in apartment doing cross stitch and listening to "Cockroaches" audio book. Amanda and Sam arrived about midday and we had a very pleasant walk along the sea front round to Palmanova. Sunny and warm - didn't need my coat - but again rather windy. Had a nice coffee in Palmanova sitting outside cafe in the sunshine then strolled round to O'Neill's for lunch. Again sat outside and had very tasty chicken burger. Went home and Sam showed me how to put music on iPad. Watched two films "Olympus has Fallen" which was brilliant and "Insidious" which was supposed to be scary but was difficult to follow and although it made me jump a bit was a bit average. Had pizza delivered from Pizza Hut - delicious. Burger and Pizza in one day!! Said goodbyes to Amanda Sam and Bethany which was sad. Took taxi back to hotel one last time.

Monday 27 January

Pigeon flew in open bedroom window while I was having a shower. Had to rush in to bedroom to get dressed then open curtains and patio door while keeping wary eye on pigeon, which flew out as soon as door was open thank goodness. Walked in to Son Ferrer. Warm again but even windier than yesterday. Amanda and I went to Porta Pi (with Bethany) to get security tag removed from inside baby bag! Had a wander round the shops. I found nice pink jumper. Bought Bethany a Mini Mouse outfit.

Went to Meson Son Ferrer for dinner. Had amazing steaks - Sam's t-bone was enormous. Sam had red wine to drink - a first for him.  Amanda ran me back to the hotel.

Sunday 26 January

Walked in to Son Ferrer. Summy again but quite windy - could hardly hear my audio book for the wind at times. Streets and sea front were deserted at 10.30 - quite amazing and very pleasant. When I arrived at Amanda's the door bell wasn't working but luckily Amanda opened kitchen window and I shouted Hola! Went to Meson Son Ferrer for tapas lunch and then a little walk round town. Warm enough to sit outside to eat. Amazing food. In the afternoon Amanda put up the baby gym and tried it out on Bethany. Spent the evening crashed out on sofa watching tv and film "Oblivion" which was very good. Downloaded film database app recommended by Sam and used it four times this evening! Got "disco taxi" back to hotel.

Saturday 25 January

Walked in to Son Ferrer again in the morning. So warm I had to carry coat and jumper.  Had a nice lazy day at Amanda's. Did some cross stitch and watched tv - lots of episodes of Big Bang Theory which I had never seen before. How come the American's can make so many funny comedies and so many of the British ones are so banal. Had chicken fraitas for supper and watched film.