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March goes marching on

John came to the house with me the next day and did a thorough job of going through everything again, while I sorted out the last bits and pieces from the kitchen that we wanted and the last of the paperwork.  We took a break about 11 and went to the local cafe for coffee and a cake and went back again for lunch about 1!!  They will probably wonder why they never see us again after we had been such obviously well satisfied customers. In the evening John wiped Keith's laptop and set it up for Leanne to use.  He also went through all the 8mm films but there were none of interest.

On the Saturday John and I took the television over to Carolyn and John spent the day with her.  He set up the TV for her and also sorted out her iPad which had been locked by Apple.  Meantime I went home and spent a happy afternoon watching the Rugby.  In the evening I walked up to the High Road and met up with friends Ian, Marilyn and Les for a curry at Arkali - which we hadn't been to before so coul…

Goodbye Keith

The weekend was tinged with sadness as my uncle died on the Sunday morning.  He hadn't been very well when I visited the previous Wednesday.  We had got into the routine of him texting me beforehand to say what he would like for lunch - either chicken wings and fries from KFC or burger and chips from McDonald's.  I had found a drive thru for both but they involved slightly different routes.  This week he asked only for a strawberry milkshake from McDonald's.  When I got to the drive thru they said the machine wasn't ready yet and wouldn't be ready for another hour.  I decided to leave it as it seemed a lot of fuss for a milkshake, but then I thought it through and realised that it was so unusual that he must really be looking forward to it.  I was lucky enough to spot a parking space right opposite the McDonald's in Finchley, so I was able to get him one there and I am so glad that I did as he really enjoyed it.  I also made him a cup of tea after I had been t…

February ends with Rovers

Wayne sent some photos at last of the sun lounge in Bovey, which had been insulated (floor and ceiling) and decorated, plus new french doors installed.  We accepted a quote for him to decorate the rest of the house, and I had a fraught few days trying to choose colours.  Jayne even sent matchpots to me!  I will be so glad when this is all over.  The sun lounge did look very nice - and very pink!

Meanwhile, Amanda and Sam finally found an apartment to rent - overlooking the sea in Cala Vinyas (carrer sol) - and moved in.  They found a nice car too, and also bought Sam a moped.

Lorraine went off to Nicaragua for a week - staying in a spa retreat in a dormant volcano which had been bought by a friend of hers and just opened.  There was a lake at the bottom of the volcano and the resort had been built next to the lake.  It looked fabulous.

Lee and Emma came to stay for the week on 20th February with their dogs Neville and Beau.  This made for a noisy but happy week.  The dogs mainly got …