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Saturday 28 September

Nice relaxed start.  Mike went to Barnes.  Spent the morning doing personal admin then put all the photos onto computer and then uploaded them to Picasa  Internet very slow.  Just over 100 photos took from 3 to 9 pm to upload!  Nothing else could be done on internet meantime and I ended up turning off the wi fi on my phone so that I could use the 3G signal. Practiced a bit more on  Abel then Mike and I took Suki to Burnham Beeches and had a lovely walk with lots of ball throwing.  Came back and got washing in (nice and dry), had shower and went out for Japanese meal.  Actually enjoyed it all - and we had two bottles of Chardonnay with it.  Finished off with Green Tea and Saki.

Friday 27 September

Had breakfast at 8.30 and then packed to go home. Checked out of hotel just before ten and then the others turned up. Put all luggage in the car and we're headed for the funfair by 10.04! Carolyn and I sat in the weak sunshine while Ollie went on trampoline, tugboat, flying chairs and trabant. I took him on horses. Then went inside and Ollie went on indoor climbing area while we watched and had hot chocolate. Then at 12 we called a taxi and the others went off to the station and Lorraine and I drove home. Got in just after 2 . Mike just making himself a jacket potato. Had some lunch and washed the towels then caught up with some emails before taking suki for a walk.  Went to bell ringing and practised on mobel while they attempted a qp of stench pipe. Rang a bit when they needed me. Shared sausage platter with mike for supper (with extra chips).

Thursday 26 September

I took Ollie to tadpoles this time. Joined by Lorraine and Leanne later. All 4 of us went on the white slide together! Can't believe I did it. Shamed into it by 3 year old. Went back to hotel room afterwards for a shower and Leanne and Ollie came too for a bath. Lorraine went to hairdresser and had wash and blow dry. Leanne and  Lorraine did aerial adventure again in afternoon. Then went to fair. Leanne and Ollie plus John and Lorraine went on the go karts.  John looked petrified at times with Lorraine driving but she came in first! When fair closed we realised had missed tots soccer and we're just feeling disappointed when we saw soccer man Ritchie on his way to the pitch. He told Ollie to come along as he was doing another session for those who had missed out.  This one was much better than the first one and we enjoyed being raucous on the side lines.  He got the parents running and shooting too. Then he gave Ollie and another little girl a "test" on their own and …

Wednesday 25 September

Carolyn and Ollie had haircuts today at the on site hairdresser. Did much the same things with Ollie. I went on the horses a lot with him. He spent a long time in the indoor climbing area while I watched. Lorraine and Leanne went on the aerial adventure which they enjoyed so much they booked to go on again tomorrow. We all had a night in and watched films on film 4 in our respective accommodation. I did some cross stitch and went to sleep at 10.

Tuesday 24 September

Met for breakfast at 8.30 then went to splash world. Lorraine took Ollie to tadpoles fun activities for half an hour and then played in the pool for another hour and a half. We watched for the whole time. Very hot and humid in the gallery. Ollie went down the white slide for the first time. Carolyn and I went on the noddy train to Bognor and I put cheque in bank then we walked around for a bit. Went to coffee shop and I had tea and Danish while Carolyn had banoffee milk shake and banoffee cake! Cake too large and too much cream. I helped out! We walked back along the sea front. Went to tots soccer in the afternoon which Ollie enjoyed. Weather good again although sea mist kept sun at bay until the evening. Ollie played on stuff and we watched!  Went to cash bingo in the evening.  No wins and not much atmosphere!

Monday 23 September

Set off for butlins at 9.15 with Lorraine.  Good journey and arrived 11.45.  Waited by gold reception for Carolyn Leanne and ollie who got there just after 12. Reception 10 mins late opening.  Booked in at gold but chalet not ready.  Put everyone's cases in my car.  Then booked in at wave hotel.  My room was ready so went up with case and admired it.  Very pleased.  John arrived just before 3. Chalet ready so took everyone's luggage there.  Ate at 4.30!  Wasn't long before everyone playing donkey derby.  Went to centre stage venue to watch Kevin cruise.  Terrible!

Sunday 22 September

Mike's birthday.  Went to 8 am. Jackie celebrating in her lovely American accent.  Just had hot chocolate for breakfast.  More personal admin when I got back and paid bills.  Lorraine cooked omelette and chips for lunch.  Lovely.  Took suki and Mike to Burnham beeches for an hour.  Suki chased ball the whole time.  Fungi almost completely gone or turned to mush.  Sang choral evensong which went quite well.  Roy was there so I enjoyed it very much.  Lorraine had cooked supper when we got back.  Used up last of fish in freezer with potato and carrot mash,  spinach and roasted squash wedges.  Yummy.  Tried some of Mike's birthday beer in the evening- of which there was quite a lot! ! Joy of joys-new season of Downton abbey started.

Saturday 21 September

Had a nice relaxed start.  Took suki to acton park in the morning.  Saw dead rat in road and pile of sick on the corner.  Just hate living in London sometimes.  Came back and did huge pile of ironing.  Watched Lewis.  Had cheese salad wrap for lunch- wraps were too poor to roll and had to be eaten flat with knife and fork.  Did personal admin in the afternoon.  Mike ran learners practice at Barnes in the morning then pruned lavender and took suki for a walk in the afternoon.  Left me free to get on.  Did packing for butlins.  Went to CJ's for dinner for early birthday celebration for Mike. Lorraine came too.  Had bottle of champagne and bottle of red wine given to us for anniversary last year. Tried the pad thai but chicken seemed under cooked.  Sent it back once but replacement no better.  Loved all the other food though.  Just won't have that again.

Friday 20 September

Went walking with maryanne in the morning.  Did the Bradenham walk again to recce it for ramblers tomorrow. Good weather.  Went to red lion for lunch which has been open for about a year under new management.  Delicious haddock and spring onion fishcakes plus excellent pint of rebellion.  No one else in the pub.  Very friendly to suki.  Had pedicure in afternoon and helped Tony with phone problems.  Rang in qp in the evening.  Several goes at double court.  As expected people couldn't stick to line.  Freya ringing tenor as Hugo dropped out at 3.30.  Rang grandsire triples eventually.  Didn't ring for rest of evening.  Arm and wrists painful.  Phaedra massaged left biceps which made it feel bruised but possibly did some good.  Menu changed again in coach and horses.  Able to get humus and pitta again for £3. Had that with portion of olives.

Thursday 19 September

Got up early and got Mike off to work.  Took suki out.  Went to Euston with jayne.  Had hot chocolate and croissant in the plaza outside station.  Jayne caught 11.13 train and I got home about 11.30.  Spent a couple of hours housekeeping emails and dealing with them.  Sponsored maryanne and donated towards educators trust mini bus.  Cross stitched for the rest of the day and finished another block.  Had veg curry for supper and finished off the red wine.  Watched silent witness and Lewis.  Also practiced Cambridge on the ipad.

Wednesday 18 September

Went to Burnham beeches for nice long walk with suki and jayne.  Had panini and hot chocolate at the cafe.  Just managed to avoid occasional showers.  Took pasty back for Mike's lunch.  Went for a mooch round shepherd's bush market in the afternoon.  Jayne bought a scarf but couldn't find a handbag she liked.  Popped into tesco on the way home and picked up a few bits.  Was going to go to Lara in the evening but ended up just relaxing in the sitting room listening to music and drinking red wine.  Lorraine made veg green thai curry and also cooked us pasta.  I downloaded some useful apps to the ipad and read the handbook!

Tuesday 17 September

Got up at 7.45 . Rushed around putting rubbish and recycling out and bringing in veg box.  Had shower and breakfast.  Jayne up by then so came walking with me and suki.  Went to acton park.  Sent out agendas to choir committee and sent out guy's handbells availability email then rustled up some soup and garlic bread for Mike.  Also made some bread.  Jayne and I went to Westfield for a mooch.  Walked round a bit then went to Jamie Oliver"s for set lunch and glass of wine.  Then went mad and bought myself an apple mini ipad.  Can't believe I have actually bought an apple product.  Driving me mad already at not knowing how to do things but will hopefully get used to it. Got a nice pink cover for it.  Came home and purchased Mobel app for it. Also got connected to home wi fi.  Cooked pork chops potatoes green beans and gravy for supper.  Went to choir practice in separate cars because I had committee meeting after.  Hopefully my last!  Got petrol on the way home.  Got in 11.2…

Monday 16 September

Quite late getting up and getting out with suki.  Spent morning on computer and in dispute with stannah over invoice for call out.  Went up to Euston in afternoon to meet jayne off train from Birmingham.  Had cup of tea when we got back then took suki for a walk.  Lorraine staying over at Carolyns.  Went to Chiswick ringing in evening.  Lots of people at the practice.  Arm hurting quite a lot.  Had steak baguette in pub.  Ovaltine and scotch when I got home.

Sunday 15 September

Had nice relaxed start.  We went to 10.30 as ringing at Barnes later because of patronal festival so couldn't do both.  Dreadful service.  Back to church Sunday with dumbed down words and naff hymns.  Followed by splendid buffet lunch in hall. Went to black park country park in the afternoon.  Rained quite a bit but managed to stay under trees during worst bits.  Cross stitched for a while when we got back and watched morse. Then went out to eat.  Aimed for strada but got to Lara and decided to go in. Amazing mezes starter.  Had kofte and then baklava and turkish coffee.  Mike took half his seafood casserole home.  Nice red wine called pamukkale.

Saturday 14 September

Decided to go home today. Put washing on as soon as I got up.  Quite a nice sunny blowy day so put it out for a while.  Put second lot on and took suki to parke.  Usual circuit of woodland walk and back by the river.  Spent rest of morning cleaning round surfaces and bathrooms.  Had fillet steak and stir fry for lunch.  Fresh raspberries for dessert.  Left at 2 and walked in stover for an hour.  Reasonable journey home getting back around 6.30.  Unpacked and washed Hugo bedding ready for jayne.  Watched tv with red wine.  Had jam sandwich when Mike came in around 10.

Friday 13 September

Got up late so had quick walk in Parke before going up to see Mary.  Her godson Philip rang her as arranged - once i had reminded him! After coffee came back and had clean round including hoovering up cobwebs around the house and in back porch.  Cleared out the remaining cupboard in hall. Had pasta for lunch.  Miserable weather.  Took suki for walk from house in the afternoon for about 40 minutes.  Did some cross stitch then finished up the chicken in a couple of sandwiches for supper. Anne picked me up at 7 and we went to wolborough practice.  Got back at 9.15 and went straight to bed with hot drink.

Thursday 12 September

Parke in the morning from lay by.  Two jack russels attacked a spaniel as we passed by.  Started by river but then went up to top path. Went to hairdressers for fringe cut.  Posted parcel to Christina.  Moor in the afternoon.  Small car park down towards bovey then contour round. Ended up on summit of black Hill then back along the ridge.  Had sandwiches for lunch and sandwiches for supper.  Went to Anne's house at 6.30.  Beautiful house and garden including small orchard dripping with apples.    Amazing evening ringing handbells with the Moretonhampstead tune ringers.  All sorts of different techniques including echoing, tapping with rubber mallet,  banging on table and plucking.  Three hours flew by.

Wednesday 11 September

Plantation in the morning.  Found path avoiding swamp. Must try it in winter to see if passable. Went round edge path which is still nice and dry at the moment.  Ferns beginning to turn looked very pretty.  Went to Exeter at lunchtime for another attempt at Norwich royal with me on the tenors.  Tim failed to put final wrongs in.  Then tried Yorkshire major with Lynne inside.  Failed.  Took suki out to parke in the afternoon then up to see Mary.  Wrote card and envelope for Christina' s new baby.  Waited outside house for half an hour for bob to pick me up for Lustleigh practice.  Then gave up and went in for nice evening cross stitching and watching tv with red wine.

Tuesday 10 September

Slept really well and got up 7.45.  Put washing on and had shower and breakfast.  Sunny day and breezy again so hung washing out. Put card through Helena's door re what tree surgeon will do.   Took suki up to the moor.  Bit worried because wind was whistling round my ears a lot and could have done with my hat so didn't stay out for as long as intended.  Walked from small car park out along ridge then down to quarry and back along tramway.  Got back and had call from Helena-all sweetness and light! ! Rang southern electric and got direct debits halved and £550 refunded.  Went to high street and meandered around doing bits and pieces.  Got lovely tuna baguette at bakers.  Had lovely relaxing back massage.  Picked up some fillet steak from butcher on way home.  Rowena came to walk suki at 5.30 but was back in 10 mins because worried about a man whom suki growled at.  Played with suki in the garden for a short while.  Then came in for a drink and played the piano and tried out abe…

Monday 9 September

Went to Devon.  Reasonable journey and arrived at 1.45. Sunny with blue sky although breezy.  Rained all day in London.   Helena rang Mike to complain about shrubs pushing fence over.  Unpacked and had cup of tea.  Went for walk in Parke then went to see Mary.  Caught post on the way back.  Had stuffed tortellini with cheese and salad for supper.  Tree surgeon came 6.30.  Really good.  Agreed £800 worth of work.  Will prune magnolia,  remove laburnum,  cut back shrubs and hard prune the hedges.  Went ringing.  Did plain hunt for Lisa and Chris.  Went for drink with bob. Red fox was on and really good.  Just had one pint though as tired.  Had hot drink and watched tv for half an hour.

Sunday 8 September

Had nice lay in till 8.30.  Got up and had tea and toast.  Read magazine.  About 11 went out for walk with suki.  The others went for cycle ride.  I took car to Buriton and met them by blackberry bushes.  Picked two cartons.  They cycled off and I took blackberries back to car via excellent walk through back of Queen Elizabeth park.  Got back at one and had cheese and meat lunch.  Sunshine interspersed with hail and torrential rain.  Looked at holiday photos on tv.  Went home at 6.  Got in and unpacked.  Gave suki  one of the oxtails Martin had given her. Carried Mike upstairs again.  Sorted out podcasts, paid bills and did other stuff on computer. Had cheese on toast for supper.  Watched QI.

Saturday 7 September

Got up leisurely and followed new departure procedures to leave for Martin and Gill's. Didn't work as well as last time as Mike couldn't get suki past the corner of dordrecht road. But otherwise worked well.  Got to Petersfield at 11.30-reasonably easy journey with occasional small delays.  Had nice lunch of bread cheese and meat.  Went for walk in queen Elizabeth country park.  Usual route.  Took tediously long time to get anywhere. Lots of ball throwing for dog.  Split up after an hour and boys went back with Martin and Mike while Gill and I carried on for longer (and faster) walk. All met up again at car park. Drank weiss beer when we got back and watched strictly.  Had lovely huge marrow stuffed with lamb plus roast potatoes for dinner.  Nice red wine.  Peach liqueur with dessert - cherry jam cheesecake made with semolina instead of cheese.  Watched last night of the proms with cheese board.

Friday 6 September

Weather turned.  Lots of rain.  Lorraine wanted to go for long walk in it so we went off to Burnham beeches.  No rain there but had lovely walk for a couple of hours.  Lots of amazing fungi.  Did cross stitch in the afternoon.  Rang in qp at Barnes and quite a lot in the practice.  Francis' birthday.  Shared nachos in pub.  Stairlift failed again when we got home so carried Mike up the stairs.

Thursday 5 September

Stairlift failed to work so Mike had to get down stairs on his backside.  Phoned them at 9 but failed to get a fix included in the service visit which is due.  Very offhand woman on phone.  But can't exactly take business elsewhere.  Call out fee is £87. Engineer came and fixed it by changing the arms over but I also ordered new part (plus further call out fee! ). Very hot day again.  130 car pile up on sheppey bridge in Kent in thick fog. Went to guy's in the evening and attempted surprise Minor with James.  Didn't get a peal but eventually got a quarter of Cambridge 6. Came home and had the other tin of pride.  Went to bed then got text from Mike asking if Hugo could stay the night (they had gone ringing at Kensington). So got up and sorted out bedding.

Wednesday 4 September

A very hot day.  Took suki to southfields in the morning.  Then spent morning sorting out more kitchen cupboards.  Put all eternal beau stuff on top shelves either in boxes or wrapped in cling film (they do that in the savoy apparently). Lorraine went off for lunch with fabian so I then just pottered.  Didn't really settle to anything. Had pizza salad and garlic bread for lunch.   Decided to go and explore Black Park Country Park.  Traffic was heavy because only left at 4.30.  Temperature gauge showed 30 degrees!  Had lovely walk for an hour and made a nice change.  Someone gave me their car park ticket so didn't need to pay the 2.50  charge.  Delays on a40 on the way home.  Mike went off to goldsmiths.  I had soup and homemade bread for supper.  Did some cross stitch but found it too difficult to concentrate as watching first episode of original Silent Witness.  Then watched Whitechapel.  Had early night with ovaltine.

Tuesday 3 September

Mike went to work.  I got up early and had shower etc, put washing on and got Mike to drop me and suki by hogarth roundabout.  Picked up keys from church (both monica and Mike having failed to do so last night). Had nice walk round Chiswick House then walked home.  Out for about 2 hours.  Hung washing out and put bread on to bake. Went to tesco and stocked up on meat and other stuff for freezer.   Spent rest of day cross stitching.  Finished another block and started another one.  Definitely got slippage now.  Walked suki in southfields in afternoon.  Watched Wycliffe and frost on tv. Stopped stitching and had cold tin of pride- mainly to help ease space in groaning fridge. Had early night.  Mike went ringing at Stevenage with Tony and got in at midnight.

Monday 2 September

Weather unusually hot for Sept. Booked hotel at butlins and downloaded their app.  Sevdie came in afternoon to clean.  Svetla going to Bulgaria this week for operation.Went to guy's early to have a sandwich and coffee first.  Rang peal of CYNR.  Went for quick drink afterwards with Peter and David.

Sunday 1 September

Usual start. Mike played organ and went to ring qp at acton (failed). I met with Nicky at 10 to give her keys for sitting and went through a few things.  Filled up with petrol.  Got home about 11 and made wholemeal loaf in machine.  Mowed the lawn and tidied the garden a bit.  Cooked lots of veg for lunch.  Mike had last of the duck with it I just had veg and gravy.  Mike walked suki.  I did cross stitch all afternoon.  Also practiced Cambridge on 3-4. Watched tv and had bread and cheese and mackerel fillets for supper with a beer.  Took hot drink and scotch to bed.

Friday 30 August

Went for coffee with Muffie at squires of halliford garden centre.  Had a great catch up chat over tea and toasted tea cake.  Then a spot of retail therapy.  Bought lots of Yankee candles in sale.  Lorraine made pi filling again for lunch.  Tomato and cheese this time and pastry stuck to paper used to line dish.  Still delicious.  Had it with lovely beans from veg box. Lorraine and I tried to fix dog guard in car.  Needed a special star head screwdriver.  Then realised we could just wedge it in without fixing it to anything.  Just as good (only rattles as much as the cage did) and means I can take it out if needed.   Took suki to vet because of skin irritation.  £170 for antibiotics shampoo and cortisone injection. Went separately to ringing and got there 7.30.  Made them up to 8 so rang quite a bit.  Menu changed at coach and horses.  Now 9.50 for humus and pitta masquerading as Mediterranean platter.