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A brief spell in London

Back in London I tackled the pile of admin which had accumulated while I had been away - including lots of correspondence regarding Keith's "estate".  There was also a mountain of ironing.  It took me a week to clear it all, but eventually I was able to update this blog and make some progress on some of my other projects.  I decided to leave returning to fitness classes until I was clear - and only managed one class before the end of the month.

It was the Middlesex AGM on the Saturday, and I prepared all the membership certificates ready for collection and also had a big box of clothing labelled up and ready for distribution.  In return I came home with two boxes of reports to distribute!  Suki went to stay with Linda for the day and overnight so I didn't have to worry about her.  I went to Pimlico to ring for S&W in the striking competition.  We came fourth out of four as expected.  Monica struggled to control the treble, and it was very much a second string ban…

Back in Devon at last!

At last I got the magic text from Wayne that they had finished all the work in Devon and cleared away.  Just in time for me to go down for Easter.  First I picked Jayne up at Heathrow about midday on 4 April.  I decided this time to park in the short term pick up car park and pay the fee - which was only £6 - and this took away all the stress of where to meet and avoided the risks of picking up in the meet and greet area.  I got Suki out of the car and we walked around outside the arrivals area until finally Jayne came out (dogs were not allowed in the terminal itself which was a shame as I would have had a coffee and enjoyed the wait).  It was really great to see her again.

We went straight on down to Bovey from Heathrow, giving us 3 hours for a good gossip and catch up, arriving just before 6 pm.  It all looked fabulous - and I was particularly impressed with the rewiring and all the extra bits which had been done without being part of the specification.  There were outside sockets …