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New Car, Cantanti Lunch, Kettering Lunch!

I spent some time over the next two days restoring the data to my phone from the automatic backups and I must admit I was quite impressed.  I hardly lost anything.  I had to log in to all the banking and shopping apps again which took some time but there were no problems.  The only thing I lost was the current levels and stats of the games I play.  It didn't matter for any of them except Word Brain - I had played about 400 games and I will need to start again at the beginning and go through every level again.  I am not sure I can face it!

On Friday I went off to Ford at Alperton by public transport to have a look at a car they had got for me.  I wanted one exactly like my old one but with the addition of parking sensors. I was shown to the car and left to sit in it - and I promptly burst into tears because it looked just like mine from the inside!  I couldn't do much more than check all the buttons I was expecting were present and that the radio was the right one!  I also chec…

A difficult time in Devon

While I was in Majorca I received a telephone call from Tracey House to say that Mary had been in bed for a week and was not eating.  So the morning after I got back I headed off to Devon to go and see her.  I went straight to Tracey House when I got there.  Mary did look very weak but she chatted a bit with me and just seemed to want to stay in bed to be warm and comfortable.  I was concerned enough to suggest that Mike should come down - so he drove down on Sunday afternoon, after playing the organ at the convent. I then went to fill up with petrol and got some milk, and it was dark by the time I actually got to the house.  It was a lovely surprise to see that the handrail had been fitted to the front door steps, and the side of the steps had been painted.  The next day I saw a piece of gutter on the floor in the garden and looked up to find that the guttering had been repaired too.  At last!

In the evening I had a mini second birthday - I had taken all my cards and presents down wi…

Majorca visit to Amanda and Sam

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I had booked a week in Majorca at the beginning of November, and I booked a bag for the flight out so that I could take all the stuff from Butlins etc which Amanda had been unable to take with her in August, together with the supplies of Bisto Best, Azeera coffee, Corsodyl and Cadburys Chocolate which Amanda craved.  I bought a brilliant bag from Amazon which zipped up into itself for the flight back.  It was big and heavy but I was going to be driving to the airport and would use a trolley in the airports as much as possible.

Lee and Emma, Neville and Beau, who were going to be staying for a week, turned up the evening before I was flying out.  They immediately took the dogs out for a nice long walk, and then we had a supper of Linda's black pudding scotch eggs with olives etc.  Mike was out for a works meal but arrived home in time to have a drink with them.

I set off  to drive to Stansted quite early the next day and found the car park after a slight detour!  I was a…