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Closure on the curtains!

I was home for one day after the Barnes ringing trip and then it was back down to Devon for a week.  I was determined that by the end of this trip I would have sorted out the curtains and blind once and for all - either by ensuring that Victoria came round or by going and collecting the blind and hooks/gliders and doing it myself.  I knew that she was on holiday until 19th so on 20th I texted her to ask her to come round.  She could not come any earlier than Wed 26th - the day I was due to go home!  So I asked her to come at 9 am so that I could leave at 10 am to walk Suki and drive home - and she agreed.

I had the thought of that hanging over me all week, but tried to push it to the back of my mind as far as possible. Jayne and I had a nice week together - we sorted out the linen cupboard and did various of the bits and pieces which still needed sorting.  I finally got the computer set up and I gave Suki her new blanket - which she seemed to be very happy with!

On Wednesday we walked…

Barnes Summer Trip 2017

12th to 16th July 2017.  Towers and pubs organised by Mike, hotels by Trisha



Artistic Notes on Churches

Quarter Peals

For me this trip was going to be a cross-stitching fest - staying in a hotel and enjoying the countryside and sitting in churchyards (weather permitting!) and watching Wimbledon finals week when the signal was good enough.  I didn't intend to do any ringing at all!

We picked up Peter and then Monica, and were on the road by just after 10 am.  We made good time and arrived at the lunchtime pub (The Greyhound at Ixworth) at noon - the official start time.  There were a few other ringers there already - but Mike, Monica and Peter got their lunch order in first and had all the available pork chops!  I ate my sandwiches in the car and had some coffee - then popped in to say hello and use the facilities. The ringers went off to ring and I did some cross stitch in the car in the pub car park.  By the end of the ringing nearly everyone expected had arrived.

I …

July - babies etc

July started with a visit from Leanne and family.  It was lovely to see them - Mike and I were the last of the family to get to hold Aidan, and I realised I hadn't seen Ollie for ages.  We had pizza for lunch and then Mike went off to a rehearsal and Voices of London concert at St Sephs, and we went for a walk in the park.  They got the bus back direct from the park and I had a nice quiet evening in reclining in my new chair and cross stitching while watching TV.

Amanda posted some photos including some of Bethany's graduation (she starts big school in September) and Harrison's first birthday.  I was amazed at how Harrison has grown - he's nearly walking!

The weather was boiling hot all week - and Suki was ill for several days.  I don't know if it was just the heat or something else.  She was sick and had diarrhoea for several days - which had me a little paranoid as it would have been heartbreaking if she had messed on the new carpet in Devon but luckily we were i…

London again - Crem and barbecues

Mike was out at work, and in the evening, when I got back from Devon, so I was able to have a quiet night in and chill out.  I composed an email to Victoria (Devon Blinds) and then slept on it before sending it the next morning with a few amendments.  I got a hysterical reply asking me why I was attacking her and stating she was very upset.  Clearly neurotic! Jayne rang her the following week and she said she was on holiday until 19th July!

The rest of June passed agreeably in London.  It was actually nice to get back here to relative peace and calm.  I made a last minute decision to go to the Fitness class on Friday 23rd, having not been for a couple of months.  The instructor thought I had given up!  I couldn't go again for the rest of the month although I did try the dance fitness class on a Monday for the first time and found it a good one so I have added that to my portfolio! I had put on yet more weight while in Devon so decided I needed to do more exercise as well as cut …