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Clocks went forward but still managed to get up early enough to walk round parke for an hour before breakfast.  Went to service at Tracey house.  Very nice simple friendly service followed by tea and biscuits.  Walked round haldon woods in the afternoon. Got back about 3.30.   Gill and suki snoozed. Martin and Mike did wooden jigsaw then Mike went to see Mary.  I sorted out handbell dates and sent off committee minutes so that was a  lot off my mind.  Went to riverside for carvery.  Back in time to watch Foyle s war.


Fabulous day. Hot and sunny with slightly cold breeze.  Went to st Endellion where they were holding annual music festival.  Picked up Margaret from caravan site.  Arrived in good time and had excellent cheese pasty at farm coffee shop opposite church.  Left mike and Margaret there for choir rehearsal from 12.15 for 4 pm performance of spem in allium - lasting 10 mins!  Went to polzeath and walked to rock along south west coastal path.  Had cornish ice cream in rock (honeycomb crunch). Sat on edge of beach eating it.  Gorgeous scenery - spoilt by the zillions of people around.  Loads of people in sea surfing. Came back with detour to st endoc church in middle of golf course to see john betjeman's grave. Probably about 5 miles in total.  Absolutely fabulous walk. Got back to polzeath at 3.30 and went back to st Endellion to listen to performance.  Got back to house about 6.15. Gill and Martin had arrived.  Walked to Cromwell for pub meal. Clocks went forward.


Thurs  Walked up to Shaptor Woods in the morning, along the permitted path and back round on the footpath.  Took nearly 3 hours.  Lovely morning, bright and sunny but cold.  Both of us walked round Stover in the afternoon and then popped in to see Mary again.  Watched TV in the evening and did another wooden jigsaw.

Fri  Walked to recreation ground, through to Parke and back past the Library in the morning.  Then went to Wobbly Bob's and rang a peal of Lincolnshire in 1.54 hrs.  Mike's first on a campanphile.  Had tea and hot cross buns in the kitchen afterwards.  Back at home managed to slice top of finger with slicing attachment to mixer.  Good job it was after the peal.  Finished sorting out utility room drawers and shelves while Mike took Suki to Stover for a walk.
Walked round Parke in the morning - top path then back along the river.  Then went to get Euros from bank but they hadn't come in.  So walked Suki up in the afternoon and picked them up then.  Decided to walk back via the public footpath going up by the vicarage.  Suki was attacked by two dogs in the field behind St Paul's Close - one large black labrador type and a black and white jack russell.  Woman unable to control them and said they were her son's dogs and they were "naughty dogs".  Suki rather shaken but otherwise ok - although noticed a scratch in her ear later.  Made good progress on sorting out drawers in utility room. Rang handbells in the evening with Tim who came over to the house.  Scored a QP of Lightfoot 6 - which Tim called and which was his first Lightfoot 6 in hand.  Then practised Carlisle group for the rest of the evening.
Monday - walked round Parke in the morning, and wallowed round the Plantation in the afternoon.  Very muddy everywhere.  Went ringing in the evening and then to pub with Barry (Bob ill).  Invited to Barry's for supper later in the week.  Then went on mini-pub crawl to book at Cromwell and Riverside for eating at the weekend - and sampled the beer in each.

Tuesday - got up at 8.  Sunny but cold morning.  Went up on the moor where it was zero degrees and the ground was frozen solid.  Should have worn boots rather than wellies.  Goretex coat was excellent at keeping the cold out.  Suki chewed the ice on the puddles and picked a large lump of ice out of a stream and chewed it.  Weird.  Went to trago and bought more bedding and a nice pull along cabin bag for Majorca trip next week.  Also lots more sweets.  Both took Suki out in the afternoon and went on newly laid railway track in Parke.  Much cleaner and quicker but has lost a lot of its woodland character as it is rather wide and fe…


Friday. Took garden rubbish to dump and got car washed on the way back. Then walked to Barnes for lunch with Patricia.  Atrocious weather in the evening.  Sat in car outside Fulham during qp with engine running to stay warm.  Rang a bit then dropped keys back to Eddie while others went to pub. Got back to pub in time for a pint and to witness Hugo buying a round!  Wonders will never cease.  Saturday finished new member packs. Walked to car wash with suki to get gloves I had left behind but they were closed.  Went to see "Flight" at odeon studios Leicester Square with Lorraine.  Had pasta and red wine beforehand.  Got in at midnight!  Sleeting all day.  Mike at college gaudy.  Sunday drove to car wash for gloves.  Still closed but man working in office so able to get gloves.  Arrived home same time as Mike so packed car and set off for Devon early.  Arrived 3.45 and took suki for a walk in stover.  Then called in to see Mary.  Still got to house in daylight.  Took rocking cha…
Initial plans for the day scuppered by request to go over to Barnes as reserve for QP as Rod stuck in traffic. Rod arrived moments after I had put in £2 for 2 hours parking!  QP was for enthronement of Archbishop of Canterbury taking place today.  Could 't go round to Patricia's as Raymond taking mid-day service.  Mooched about in Barnes indulging in some retail therapy for an hour. Middx committee meeting in the evening.  Very cold.  Gave notice not standing as ass sec again.
Went pushing old ladies in the morning.  Got all new member packs prepared.  Lee and Emma did the garden - amazing job. Cut everything back, mowed the lawn, weeded and turned over the earth. Made bread again - and it worked again.
A more productive day.  Reviewed all Middx peal ringers for 2012 and updated database.  Went out to eat at Cotes in the evening - in time for early set menu.  Had flatbread with Camembert and caramelised red onion to start followed by chicken and frites.  Bottle of house red. Apple slice and dessert wine to finish.
Third attempt at making basic white loaf in bread making machine was a success!  Lorraine and I enjoyed a slice while still hot.  Tried to get 31 new member packs sent out but ran out of ink so had to shelve half way through until cartridges arrive tomorrow.  Rest of day not very productive.  Helped Lorraine create new Godparent letter which was fun.  Ringing in the evening thin but useful for Nick, Shona and Katherine who practised Grandsire Doubles all night.  Pub has stopped serving Chiswick so drank Seafarer.  Ok - but not as nice as Chiswick.
Nice not to have to get up early to walk the dog before 8 am. Suki came back exhausted and slightly stressed.  Seemed to settle better after short walk. Spent the day catching up with stuff having put life on hold to learn St John!  Mega ironing session - watched Comic Relief night on iPlayer.  Did a bit of mending and email housekeeping too.  Second attempt at making bread - made bread pudding!  Perfectly edible, especially with honey spread on it - but sweet and stodgy rather than bread.  Relaxing evening watching TV and early night was a lovely change after hectic week.
Chiswick Choir concert - St John Passion.  Learning paid off and I had a good sing, even though on back row of altos again.  Stood on two hassocks which worked a treat.  Nice meal at Tarantella afterwards - and not too late (home by midnight).  Suki went for sleep over with her mates.
Walked the Thames Path to Richmond - about 7 miles.  Took 1.45 to Kew Gardens, 2.30 to Richmond Lock and 2.45 to town centre.  Target was jewellers where I took my rings and necklace to be fixed and charms put on bracelet.  Got tube back.  Rang QP of Bristol in evening - which Trisha rang well.

Wed & Thurs

Wed. Picked up Tony and went to the practice at Radlett. They were very accommodating and luckily thin on the ground so disruption was not a problem.  Tony still in "get you home" chair so not ideal but managed plain course of grandsire by the end.  Dorothea was there and was very pleased to see us. Went to weatherspoons in Stanmore afterwards where manager was very helpful even helping Tony in to car when we left. Thurs.  Finished all database updates for middx report and sent pages off to James.  Also refined some of the queries and forms and now have simple and straightforward way of producing all report pages needed.  Extra st john rehearsal in the evening in the church.  Went well. Negotiated early night without going to pub.


Another very cold day with biting wind.  Sun shone though.  Productive day doing church web site,   emails, middx database and singing through st John.  Rehearsal in evening went well.  All this practice has been worth it.  Fairly comfortable with it now.  Late night as usual after pub.


Went walking with maryanne.  Very cold and raw wind. Lovely walk though.  Frieth 6.1 miles.  Lunch at prince Albert.  Very dog friendly.  Qp of Cambridge lost - Francis not on form.  I wasn't in it but went along later to show willing.  Finished book "Devil's Edge ".


Had short walk in morning to pick up daffs and milk.  Intended to walk on hound tor before striking competition but met with torrential rain and cloud so low could not see hand in front of face.  Turned back to parke for walk. Nerve racking drive on narrow roads in mist and rain to North Bovey.  Difficult to park.  Dog not allowed in hall so didn't even get a cup of tea.  Arrived at one as requested.  Draw for call change comp at 3 after service.  Rounds comp first.  Rowena happy to look after suki the whole time.  Read book in car. Finally got to ring at 3.45 . Ropes incredibly stiff. Couldn't ring whole pull for judges.  Took 3 to stand.  Went straight home afterwards.  Sunday took Mary to church. Mothering Sunday.  She was pleased with daffs but wanted them put in vase in lounge.  All ladies given flowers in service.  I gave mine to jean brothwood for her neighbour. Rained constantly.  Drove home 1 - 4.30 pm. Mike took suki for walk while I emptied car and put things away. …


Explored path from Indio Road in morning - but large padlocked corrugated iron gate blocking it next to last house.  Could see over the gate very inviting looking path which, according to map, would make a good route through to other footpath route avoiding St John's Road which has no pavement.  What a shame.  Finished cupboards and drawers sorting for this week.  Weather improved in the afternoon.  Walked on moor.  Explored contour route round to Hound Tor crossing.  Reasonably successful but extremely wet underfoot, especially on "paths".  Boots and feet got very wet, and several routes had to be abandoned and an alternative found.  Lovely walk though and sun shone - beautiful evening.  Visited Mary on the way back. Suki now a firm favourite in the lounge where they congregate before tea.  Went ringing at Wolborough in evening with Ann, who gave me a lift.  Lovely bells and pacy practice.  I was very useful and rang in every touch until downwards.


Walked to Parke from the house in the morning - dark, gloomy and misty and very atmospheric, but soon turned to heavy rain. &nbsp Turned Parke back to muddy quagmire and very slippery in wellies.  Got soaking wet by the time we got home after over two hours (and no coffee and cake today).  Good progress on sorting drawers and cupboards.  Most things now sorted into one place and  important documents found and filed together.  Found old photos I had not seen before.  Rained heavily all day so short walk round the block to the shops in the afternoon.  Fence removed from next door gives very different feel to drive.


Rain forecast but didn't materialise.  Cloudy but sunshine came through at times, especially in the afternoon.  Walked hour and a half again in Parke in the morning - latte and scone at the end (out of teacakes!).  Began sorting conservatory.  Furniture arranged to include craft/sewing room and three cupboards cleared and sorted.  Walked on Moor in the afternoon Hay Tor>tramway + tor>cross tramway + tor>ridge to quarry + back.  Amazing how the moor and Parke have dried up.  Very good underfoot now and wellies not required.  Visited Mary on way back - insisted she didn't have a cold even though seemed to be streaming.

A sunny day

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day once the mist had cleared.  In morning walked for hour and a half round parke ending with latte and tea cake at new cafĂ©.  Work has started on railway track.  Walked for 3 hours from house up to shaptor woods along permitted path and back on footpath. Finally used pink car wash kit to wash car after walk.  Work started on the drive yesterday. Leylandi cut down.  Put new curtains up in bathroom.

Catch up

Tuesday 26 February.  New bed arrived today!  Absolutely wonderful.  Treated myself to new flanellete duvet set and specially sized fitted sheet.  Had a great night's sleep - really comfortable.  Very heavy - made of leather with fixed headboard.  Also bought faux leather side cabinet - such luxury to be able to put cup down.  Whole of base is available for storage.

Saturday 2 March.  Went for Walk 7 with MH from Stokenchurch.  In the evening went to Let it Be at Savoy theatre with Mike, Carolyn and Lorraine.  Excellent - gig really by tribute band but they were very good.  Drank champagne at £70 a bottle afterwards in the bar.

Sunday 3 March.  Missed 8 am and went to Evensong instead.  Church sitting in the afternoon so fitted well.

Monday 4 March.  Sunny in London - crocuses in the park looking lovely as still untrodden by kids.  Drove to Devon - only took 3 hours.  After quick bacon sarnie went for walk on Dartmoor.  Saddle Tor > tramway> high ridge>tramway>quarry>H…