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Visit to Sam and Amanda 23-30 Jan

Svetla's friend, Michael, picked us up at 8 am as arranged - he is a lovely man but conversation is somewhat one-sided as he is also quite deaf.  He talked all the way to Gatwick - and was very interesting and entertaining.  He took a route via Hammersmith, Roehampton, A3 and Worcester Park which seemed to take 30 minutes longer than Google was predicting via M25 - but it didn't matter as we were in plenty of time. Swept up by Special Assistance at the check in desk and taken through security - I got a bit flustered as we had been heading for Departures and were suddenly whisked away in another direction.  Finally got to departures lounge where we had a coffee and I did some shopping.  I got Mike a Galaxy Tab 3 for £77 which I thought was quite a bargain.   We wandered off to the gate once it had been displayed - and then got whisked away by someone again and on to the plane - going past all the other passengers who were having to queue in the small corridor.

Amanda was at Pal…

Devon week ..

I enjoyed a busy but peaceful week in Devon from 14 to 20 January. I am trying not to miss too many choir practices because of the difficulty of the B Minor mass, so only went from Wednesday morning to Tuesday morning. Rather a lot of handbell ringing planned - but I decided to go with it as another resolution is "do it while you can".  I am in danger of winding down before I physically need to do so!!  We scored a QP of 6xspliced and of Yorkshire Royal which was quite an achievement, and the peal of 6xspliced was lost after about an hour and a quarter when it all turned into a mush.  We have decided to go for a few single methods before trying again.

The weather was mixed - with a lot of greyness, cold and rain.  But there were also several wonderful days with deep blue sky, bright sunshine, very cold and with smattering of snow around on the moor.  I had some wonderful walks up on the moor towards the end of the week in particular - and Suki thoroughly enjoyed it too.  She…

The start of 2015

My 2015 resolution is just to blog the events each month rather than write a diary each day.

Monday 5th - QP at Clapham of Carlisle above methods failed again but we had a good practice.  I drove which only took half an hour each way as the traffic was so light.

Tuesday 6th - Bethany's birthday.  Saw our first parakeets in the garden!  No doubt we will soon be overrun with them.  Had annual car service and MOT.  They didn't turn up until 12.10 to pick up the car - suki waiting for her walk all that time.  First rehearsal of B Minor Mass - ok so will try to stick with it.

Wednesday 7th.  Lunch with Wendy.  Met up at Pizza Express and had a good laugh and a catch up.  Then went and looked round Somerset House.  Amazed at how it has been refurbished and turned into a posh restaurant and bar.  Went in to look at our old office - which is now a bar - and sat at tables where our desks used to be.  Then wandered down the Strand remarking at how it had changed and remembering what old…

New Year Week

Tim came round again on Monday morning to see if we could score a QP of the London lot but again we failed, although we rang confidently and it is obviously eminently possible.  In the afternoon Mike went off on Bob's outing, navigating for Barry, and I took Suki out for a nice walk (after a catnap on the sofa!). It was very cold and icy. I collected Ruth at 6.30 and drove to the pub in Kentisbeare to meet up with the ringers for a meal.  I was not very impressed - the room was cold and the chips and veg were served in communal dishes which I don't like (I like my meal to come all on my plate).  The salad was missing from my plate too - but the fillet steak was very nice, tasty and tender.  The port and stilton sauce was delicious but a bit too rich.  Mike was cold and tired, and I persuaded him to leave after the main course and we got home at a reasonable time.

The Hows were there when we got in (and the front door was open so I nearly ran Suki over but just heard her bark …