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Thursday 25th September

Got up early to see mike off to work. Had chat with Malc and long chat with Jayne on the phone and finished off conversion of CDs. Went to Patricia's for lunch. Drove to Duke's Meadows and found plenty of parking. Cut out the boring road bit of the walk and also cut down on the time especially on the way back. Nice lunch of chick peas and spinach followed by melon balls. Got home and had shower then went to St Margaret's for Middx central committee meeting. Was a bit early so went to get a coffee at stall outside Westminster Abbey. Person was on the phone for a long time but I waited patiently and with good humour - and she gave me the coffee for free. Manned the door from 6 while members of committee rang a QP. Meeting finished at 8.30 and I went home and had toast and a couple of glasses of red wine while emailing Maryanne, updating satnav and watching Wycliffe in bed.

Wednesday 24th September

Did choir minutes and handbell schedule. Started project of converting audio books to mp3. Ordered a USB tape deck and then started on the CDs. Went to Guy's for minor. Quite a good journey for a change and we were early. Rang four and a bit extents before collapsing. Still only 7.30 so went for a meal at Azzuro. Not very impressed but the wine was good. Had slight domestic in Turnham Green Station about oyster placement! I paid for lady on bus who only had cash but had large suitcase and was being turned away by gage driver at 10 at night. Both had a cup of tea when we got in.

Tuesday 23rd September

Got up at 7 to put out bins and recycling. Got ready and had nice early breakfast. Rest of the day went well as a result. Did the ironing and all paperwork. Made damson crumble for lunch and pizza dough which I used for garlic bread for supper. Went separately to choir as I had committee meeting. Not a bad meeting and I was home in bed by 11.

Monday 22nd September

Mike's birthday.  He seemed pleased with allen keys, even though they are extremely long and not exactly portable. Spent the morning doing admin washing etc.  Had nice lunch mainly cooked by Lorraine - pasta and quorn pieces with grated cheese and pesto.  Went up to get nails done, but they were too busy so deferred till tomorrow.  Got back and mowed the lawn, tidying up the edges and spraying the path with PathClear. Went to Chiswick early with Mike  as he was meeting up with Francis to put new rope on tenor. Only other people to turn up were Nick and Shona so rang doubles all night. Had sausages and mash in pub for supper and a pint of wild river.

Sunday 21st September

Got up at 8 am and Mike and I had a cup of tea and a slice of toast and jam.  Gill and Martin got up about an hour later and after they had had the same Gill Mike Suki and I went out for a walk - with Mikey coming to join us at the last minute.  We went to the country park again and did the same walk as yesterday.  It was a lovely sunny morning if a bit windy. Went to The Queens Head in Sheet for lunch - very slow service and several mistakes with the food and bill, but the food was excellent.  In the afternoon Mike, Simon and Gill played their new game, Catan, with Mike being very firm about following the rules precisely and Simon getting quite wound up about it at times, although he still won! I sat with them and played Bejewelled.  Drove home at 5 and had a good journey back.  Mike did the scoring of the MD applicants and then I updated the database for him.  I did the agenda for the Choir committee meeting and then read a book for a while - most unusually.  Had a great evening the…

Saturday 20th September

Had a nice lie in and a relaxed start. Mike had his shower and then we had breakfast. I got ready while he walked Suki and then I packed a bag and we headed off to Petersfield for a weekend with Gill and Martin. We only left at 12 and the traffic was terrible around Barnes but we had a good journey after that. Lunch was ready when we arrived and we had home made soup and delicious garlic bread. The. We all went for a walk in Queen Elizabeth Country Park. Gill and I caused a cyclist to have a minor heart attack as we were walking along the mountain biking track! So we found another path back to the car park which was much safer. Went to Tesco with Martin when we got back and saw a Hudl on display but it wouldn't turn on! Had lovely beef dinner with lots of wine and an interesting coffee liquer to finish.

Friday 19th September

Up for hours with Suki in the night as huge thunderstorm. Ended up sleeping for a while on the landing outside the bathroom as she had settled a bit in there. Finally got back to bed around 5. Rang a peal of Rutland on 5-6 with Steve Hamish and Muffie in the morning. I was a bit wobbly to start but eventually settled down. Got a congratulatory email from Tim, who had seen it and Wednesday's and was jealous of success, when I got home which was a nice surprise. Internet very slow all day as still uploading Trishas photos to Bellringers site. Much better once that had finished.  Went ringing later than Mike and participated well in the practice. It finished a bit early and Mike an I got away promptly so I was hopeful of getting home early as I had parked outside the pub to facilitate this. However  despite ordering our food we were served last, even after Gill and Tony who had sat down and drunk a pint before ordering. They had to go out and buy the nachos but they didn't say an…

Thursday 18th September

Got up at 6.30 and made breakfast.  Mike went off to work at 7.30 and I got ready.  Malc rang so chatted to him for an hour and then washed up and took Suki out.  Finished The Girl Next Door on Audible and listened to Just a Minute.  Bought a couple more audio books in the sale but haven't downloaded them yet.  Spent the morning on admin and practising Rutland for tomorrow. Had muesli and yoghurt for lunch. Spent the rest of the day trying to upload Trishas photos to the ringers site - still a way to go when I went to bed. Took suki to the vet at 6 and got more tablets and flea stuff. Popped to Tesco and got a few bits. Watched Wycliffe with a glass of red wine and made a lentil and veg "stew" which was delicious and used up cabbage and carrot from freezer. Finished off the sloe gin with hot drink as nightcap and went to sleep listening to Jim Reeves through sleep headphones.

Wednesday 18th September

Got up late, as I thought would probably happen. Mike kindly agreed to ring for me at the funeral at Chiswick so that I could practice Lincolnshire on Abel.  Tried to get the motion controllers working but not very successful so went back to the keyboard because short of time.  Spent about 2 hours practicing.  Had soulful pots of pulled pork for lunch.  Went to Guy's in the evening and rang a nice peal of Lincolnshire on 5-6 - everyone said it was good.  Very pleased.  Got home and had some crumpets and red wine then went to bed with a hot drink and sloe gin.  Mike had been to Mortlake practice and got in just after me.  Lorraine already in bed after going to college.

Tuesday 17th September

Slept really well and got up about 7.30 and put sheets and towels on to wash.   Jayne and I took Suki up on the moor - rather misty but sun kept struggling through and it was very warm. When we got to Haytor car park there were lots of ponies and foals around, including one pony who clearly wanted an ice cream! We walked over Hay Tor and down to the tramway then back through the quarry.  We went to see Mary on the way back and stayed with her for about an hour, then home for a cup of tea and I had a soulful pot for lunch.  Packed the car and set off  home just before 2 pm.  A good run home and got in just after 5.  Mike on conference call so I made some tea and when he had finished we had a nice chat.  He took Suki for a walk and I emptied the car and put things away.  We had Lahori curry for supper and then went off to Chiswick Choir.  A good rehearsal followed by a working group meeting.  Then agreed (reluctantly) to go to the pub so I didn't get to bed until midnight. Tried the…

Monday 15th September

Jayne and I took Suki for a long walk in the Plantation in the morning, and then went to Exeter.  We drove to the Sowton Park and Ride and took the bus in to the centre and had a happy time mooching about the shops.  We went to Cafe Rouge for lunch and I had my favourite Steak Frites with a large glass of red wine - Jayne paid (she had clubcard boost vouchers). Got back in the afternoon about 3.30 and after a cup of tea we both took Suki for a walk round the block.  I tried to go down the footpath leading to Drake Lane, but it was very overgrown and i got my feet stung by stinging nettles.  When I looked round both Jayne and Suki had stayed on the road!  So we went round by Coombe Close and then down the bridlepath.  I went ringing in the evening - we rang plain hunt on 4 for Lisa, Barry and Chris.  Lisa and Barry both did very well.  Went to the pub afterwards with Barry and Bob and then went home for a glass of wine with Jayne before taking hot drink to bed with toffee vodka nightca…

Sunday 14th September

Went to Parke at 7.30 then had breakfast before going ringing. Just 8 of us and we rang 8! Stayed to service as found out it was holy communion. Made arrangements with Ann and Margaret to go out to lunch. Rang Brookside when I got back and got a cancellation table for 4 which was very lucky as they were very full. Sorted out my threads from finished kits and put wolf on to smaller frame then we walked down to Brookside. Had very nice lunch of broccoli and Stilton soup, roast lamb and banoffee pie. Bob came round in the afternoon and helped us get the organ in to the sun lounge. Now quite crowded in there but still looking ok. Went up to see Mary and then went for a walk in Parke. Watched final two episodes of Honourable Woman. Had nice email from Mike.

Saturday 13th September

Got up early and took suki for short walk round the block then had breakfast and went over to Exeter for a handbell peal attempt with Tim, Sue Sparling and Barrie Hendry. A couple of false starts we then rang for 2 hours 5 mins and it came round. No way we were ringing that quickly so Tim decided he must have missed a part out.  He definitely put me wrong in a kerfuffle. Of course he blamed me and the treble although not too strongly. Went back and we got the sofa and chair in to the sun lounge. It looked good and the room did not look as "busy" as the photo makes it appear. Then went for a walk on the moor - small car park up to black hill and back along the ridge. Ran out of time to go and see Mary. Got into comfies and fleeces when we got back and watched two more episodes of Honourable woman with pasta, spinach and red wine.

Friday 11th September

We both got up early today and after taking suki for a quick walk round the block we went off to Torquay for the day. Meanwhile window cleaner came and manjira delivery arrived. Parked in marina car park (£8 for the day) and went to cafe by harbour for breakfast. Had to sit outside because of suki and it was a bit cold and windy. Walked along sea front to Cockington turn, then 3/4 mike through water meadows to Cockington village. Warmed up a lot and sun eventually came through. Rest of the day warm and sunny. Had lovely walk around the village and craft shops in country park. Then shared cream tea before walking back. Tide out so we were able to walk along the promenade on the way back. Wandered round the shops in Torquay then had a ice cream and sat by the harbour for a while. Drove to Preston Sands and walked in to Paignton about 4 pm. Had half a lager and a packet of crisps each sitting in the sun then did the shops. Got back to car about 6 and drove to Grossington Sands just to ha…

Thursday 11th September

Got up at 7.30 after a great night's sleep and took suki out up on to the moor before breakfast. The moor was looking glorious, covered in yellow and purple and it soon worked its magic on me. Had porridge when I got back. Jayne went out for a haircut. I went to Trago as I needed to get out of Bovey before they closed the roads for the Tour of Britain cycle race which was coming through at midday.  Got a few bits then went to Exeter Sainsburys and got petrol. Rang handbells with Tim, Lynne and Sue Sawyer. Tried for 6xSpliced but unsuccessful. In the afternoon started moving stuff around in the sun lounge preparing for sofa etc. moved stereo system into living room - which took all the time I had! Picked up Joyce from New Park and went over to handbells and had a great evening. Took hot drink to bed when I got in.

Wednesday 10th September

Slept really well thank goodness. Took suki for a short walk and did breakfast then packed the car and went to Devon, arriving about 1.30. Good journey down and I started The Girl Nrxt Door by Ruth Rendell on Audible.  Jayne out till 3. Had a soulful pot for lunch and relaxed with a cup of tea then when Jayne came in we sat and chatted for ages before I took suki for an hour to the plantation which was lovely. Had simple supper of pate and salad with red wine and watched two episodes of The Honourable Woman on iPlayer.

Tuesday 9th September

Didn't sleep all night. Ended up making a cup of tea and watching pilot episode of Wycliffe at 3 am. Got up in a black depression which lasted all day. Sorted out finances and personal admin, did the ironing and scanned all paperwork and shredded it. Lorraine came home in the afternoon and mowed the lawn. I popped down to Lahori after walking Suki and made up 6 meals for the freezer plus we had one each for supper. Went to Chiswick choir although didn't feel much like it, but it was better than anticipated and singing always helps my mood. Mike decided not to go to the pub (I had already said I was not going) and we went home and had a hot drink together in the kitchen before going to bed. I took a nytol just to be on the safe side although I was very tired.

Monday 8th September

Didn't sleep well. Brought WinRk records completely up to date and did cards for Caroline (peal to welcome hr first grandchild). Lorraine spoke to me today and all seems well - which is a relief. Went as reserve to Chiswick QP but luckily wasn't needed. Rang quite a bit at the practice and wrists sore afterwards. Got email from Caroline to say she hadn't been on holiday as both dogs run over outside her house - one dead and one in recovery. Really stunned me. Had steak baguette in pub. Somewhat boring - possibly because knocked back by Caroline's news. Mike insisted on having suki on his lap outside the door - and I ended up screaming at him and swearing violently because I was worried about her running into the road. Completely wound up and really don't know what to do to resolve the situation.

Sunday 7th September

Mike playing the organ today.  I went to 8 am and then Monica and I decided to go to Gail's for porridge rather than Guliano's. I took Barnes ringers over to Chiswick - and Monica took them back again.  Got home (Lorraine not in and not note - so we still haven't spoken properly now since Wednesday evening) and produced the dedicated ringing card, and also started the process for a new order of Middlesex clothing.  Had Waitrose fish cakes with mash potato, grilled tomato and cabbage for lunch.  Was going to have the carrot and ginger mash I had made but it had gone so presumably Lorraine had it yesterday.  Mike took Suki for a walk.  Lorraine came in just as I was finishing the washing up from lunch and beginning to wonder where Mike was.  She was on the phone and went straight into the living room without acknowledging me! So I went out as we were going to ring handbells at Steve's and we were already late.  Spent all afternoon trying to ring surprise minor again with…

Saturday 6th September

Went to Ringing Roadshow - dropped Suki off at 9 am at Lee and Emma's and then picked up Monica.  Got there about 10.20 and stayed all day.  The weather was good which helped.  Bought a few bits and pieces and went to amusing talk by Steve Coleman and an amazing handbell concert by a very large group of ringers - the biggest bells were enormous and made of aluminium as bronze would have been too heavy to lift. Saw Jay and had a coffee with her for about 10 mins.  Food outlets minimal and had to queue for nearly 30 minutes to get a pasty.  Earned lots of brownie points though by getting pasties for Barry, Bob and friend whom I had met at the beer tent (where else!). Had pint of lager with my pasty and then "did" the stalls.  Monica and I ran out of steam about 4.30 and sat down with a cup of coffee in the sunshine and then went to the car to read.  Mike arrived at the car just after 6, having just rung a QP on one of the mini rings! Called in to Park Royal on the way home…

Friday 5th September

Lorraine went out while I was walking Suki and I didn't see her all day although she did text to say she was at a work event.  Cleared out the bookshelves of old Aces paperwork etc and put lots of books out to go to the Harvest Fair, creating more space so was able to move books from dressing table at last.  Cleared out dressing table drawer and put all candles and incense in there - so now dressing table nice and clear for cleaning.  Also threw away stuff from bedroom mantlepiece so much clearer.  Greased the washing line pole and did some washing.  Went to Barnes as reserve for QP as dedicated ringing for Philip and Shelagh Mitchell.  They were present throughout to listen to it and provided cake to go with the cup of tea afterwards.  Had nachos at the pub after practice which were very good again.  Mike stayed on to watch the cricket so I got a lift home with Monica.  Opened the sloe gin for a nightcap when I got in - heavenly!

Thursday 4th September

Cleared the paperwork today - scanning and shredding it all. Decided to registrar for Ocado shopping so as to get soulful pots. Got £20 off and free delivery. It took ages to browse stuff and I stopped when I got to the minimum spend as i had had enough by then. I was impressed that I could import my favourites from other supermarkets. Lorraine in stroppy teenager mode today shutting herself away in the living room and lying on the couch watching programmes on her iPad all day.  We barely spoke.  She managed to get the washing line out of the hole where it had been stuck for two days.  I did the ironing in the afternoon and watched some Wyclyffe - carrying on to watch it on live tv in the evening while I had some pasta and a lager. Had the evening to myself as Lorraine working and mike at Cantanti for first rehearsal with Stephen in charge. Went to bed early.

Wednesday 3rd September

Mike went to work.   Got up early to go with him and walk back from Chiswick House only to find there was dog sick all over the place downstairs.  Suki went straight out and lay on the lawn when I opened the door.  So she clearly wasn't up for a long walk.  Mopped all the sick up and then did breakfast.  Suki came in when Mike left but didn't make a sound. Spent the morning finishing the handbell music. Got the blue screen of death on the laptop just as I had finished but luckily was able to log back on again. Laptop definitely on its last legs. Lorraine went out all day with her friend, leaving the  washing line stuck in the hole. I sprayed WD40 down it and tried several times through the day to extract it but all to no avail. Suki bucked up about midday somintook her out for a walk but she clearly wasn't 100%. Put my old shoes in the recycling bin as they didn't take them on Tuesday as they weren't bagged.popped out later to post Mikes parcel of music. Came home …

Tuesday 2nd September

Got up late after another good night's sleep.  Not quite so many aches and pains today.  Typed letter for Joyce then took suki out about 10.30 and delivered it on the way back.  Caught up with email admin etc.  Spent most of the rest of the day on the handbell music in MuseScore.  Sevdie came in the afternoon as Svetla on holiday.  Mike out between 11 and 2 getting car serviced.  Late lunch of soulful pots Mexican bean.  Took suki out again at 6 to southfields.  Bumped into Rachel Cooper.  Nearly finished Time Machine on Audible.  In evening mike tried to fix cassette deck - eject button not working  - but without success.  Went to bed with glass red wine and watched Wycliffe on ipad.

Monday 1st September

Slept like a log!  Got up late - at 8 am.  Aches and pains seemed to have receded, although wrist still very sore from humping furniture around. Supposed to be having an Indian Summer this week so washed my sheets - it started raining as I was hanging them out and didn't stop all day! Left them out anyway. Put the final bits and pieces away and caught up with emails and personal admin. Frustrating time on the phone to Post Office savings failing to get anyone to deal with my problem of having two online ids and thus unable to transfer money between accounts. Wrote several personal emails to friends and John - have been meaning to do this for ages. Went ringing at Chiswick. Reasonably well attended. Had sausage and mash in the pub - they didn't have the new Fullers lager "Frontier" which was a shame as I would have liked to have tried it. When we got in Lorraine wanted me to look for a spider behind the bottles on the "bar" but I couldn't find it. Had an…

Sunday 31st August

Went to 8 am in separate cars because Mike doing readings then playing organ.  I did the usual rounds, treating myself to a chocolate croissant for breakfast.  Then spent the rest of the day sorting out the back bedroom.  Mike rang QP at Barnes at mid-day and walked the dog in the afternoon.  I finished moving the furniture around and assembled the second futon at about 5 pm, then spent a couple of hours putting everything back that I had dumped in the front bedroom.  It was actually great fun, and I was very pleased with the result, but absolutely whacked.  At 7.30 we walked up to Chiswick High Road intending to go to Indian but it was closed, so we walked on and went to Saigon Saigon instead.  Lovely meal and several Vietnamese beers.  Collapsed into bed absolutely exhausted and went straight to sleep.

Saturday 30 August

Removals turned up at 8 am. Mike went out to ring QPs then too. Spent all morning till 2 pm cleaning out extension and rearranging stuff to give more clearance for Mike now organ has gone. Then started on back room to accommodate futons.  Ended up cleaning and rearranging bathroom too. Cleared out wardrobe, putting many shoes in the recycling (including the pair that had stuck to the wardrobe floor!) and finally dumped all back copies of Web User. Mike came in about 4 but was very tired so I walked Suki. Extension looking clean and tidy, but upstairs in total chaos - but I had run out of oomph by then and having cleared my bed so I could get in it I decided to leave the rest for tomorrow.  Got ready and went to Cantanti party hosted by Stephen, ok. Nice nibbles. Made bottle of Brakepeare last all night. Martin had done photo book for. Geoffrey which was very good (and occupied Mike for nearly an hour). Left just after 10 which was good.

Friday 29th August

Went to Denham with Lorraine to walk Suki. It was good to get out for a couple of hours as suki somewhat short changed re walks recently. Went up by the lake and back by the canal. Got home about 2 pm and had Soulful Pots (butternut squash and lentil) for lunch. Caught up with blog in the afternoon. Then went to Tesco with Lorraine. Joyce rang re letter for typing - Anne Coward has cancer of the ear. Went ringing with Mike in the evening. Sat in vestry while they rang QP of Yorkshire. Rang a bit in the practice. Got payment from most of stragglers. Pub had withdrawn menus because of function but after complaints from us took orders. We all had fish and chips (they had run out if Nachos) Quite nice but I left all the batter as too greasy. Mike opened toffee vodka for me when we got home and I had a nightcap. Delicious.