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Saturday 31 August

Mike went out all day ringing.  Lorraine and I did more sorting.  Lorraine did kitchen and I did bureau.  Also did shelves in extension.  Lorraine went off to Walworth and barbecue and I did cross stitch.  Finished another block so now ahead of schedule at last.  Walked suki and did ironing.  Watched foyles war then Lewis.  Had muesli and yoghurt for supper plus two club biscuits.  Wheat beer followed by scotch to drink.

Thursday 29 August

Got Mike off to work and took suki for a walk.  Lorraine back by the time I got home.  Started sorting cupboards in the kitchen.  Didn't get to do any cross stitch.  Went to guy's and failed to ring a peal of minor but did get a qp of Lightfoot 6 at last. Went to café rouge and had lovely steak frites.

Wednesday 28 August

Walked suki up to Chiswick to pick up keys via Chiswick House.  Had to nudge suki into the water to convince her it was shallow enough to stand in. Went to pet shop on the way home and staggered back with a rucksack full of treats and a 5kg bag of food in each hand. Svetla's last day before her operation. Had lentil rice and meatballs from lebanese for lunch.  Did cross stitch in afternoon which put me ahead of schedule for the first time. Went for supper with Caroline and pru.  Pru had forgotten so just came for a drink as her husband was cooking a special supper.  Had a lovely evening.  Finished "Girl Missing" by Tess Gerritsen. Mediocre. Watched Midsomer murders with a scotch.  Suki chewing at her tail and under belly a lot.

Tuesday 27 August

Took suki to gunnersbury for an hour.  Had tesco pizza etc for lunch.  Made humus wraps for supper- mike took his with him and went ringing with Tony at Sandon. I did cross stitch in the afternoon and evening and finished this week's block.  Then did ironing.  Watched Mrs Bradley mysteries on new drama channel but it was somewhat puerile.  Had nice early night.

Monday 26 August

Bank holiday.  Mike went off on Chiswick Ringers outing at 8 am - giving lift to Richard and Francis.  I took Suki for a walk and then did outstanding stuff on the computer.  Sent off Barnes Trip report etc to Ringing World, paid Ringing World block donation to date, paid membership subs to Mark, paid bills etc etc.  Also sent card and donation to the Gays from the Barnes ringers.  That took till lunchtime.  Had toast and marmite using the bread Lorraine and I had made a couple of days ago.  Heavy duty but makes delicious toast.  Had long chat with Lawrence on the phone. Took suki to ravenscourt park via Wendell and listened to archers omnibus and ambridge extra omnibus.  Rachel doing hedges when I got back.  Had chat to her.  Did cross stitch till 8 watching prerecorded foyles war.  Then finished off mash and pie filling for supper washed down with several glasses of montepulciano which had been on special offer at sainsbury. Watched another foyles war.

Sunday 25 August

Got up and walked Suki before going to 8 am service. Mike playing organ.  Rang at Barnes and Chiswick - making band up to 8.  Got home just before 11 and had chat with Lorraine on the phone.  Leanne had won £241 on bingo - Carolyn had paid for the books!  They were off to bingo again today before going to Fabian's barbecue.  Did the washing from yesterday and put computer on to sort out blog.  Ended up spending most of the afternoon sorting it out and copying it into the diary folder on the computer, including uninstalling app and reinstalling and re-typing Thursdays and Saturdays blogs which had disappeared.  Have discovered some of the photos have lost their link to the original.  Probably because I move them around to reposition them after publishing.  Finding the positioning of photos very tricky.  Have decided not to risk this again and will just resize them in future - they always go in as large when adding them via the app and I prefer the medium size.  I can reposition whe…

Thursday 22 August

Dad's birthday.  Finished packing all the stuff and put it all in the car except for Mike's bag which went in Penny's car.  Mike set off to cycle with Anne.  I helped clean bunkhouse and locked up. Took chair to Aldeburgh.  Had intended to walk for a couple of hours in Dunwich forest before going home, but weather was wet and miserable and Suki was tired so decided to drive straight home.  Got home at 12.30.  Lorraine was there having got back from Majorca the day before.  We went to Ealing where Lorraine sold a ring and changed up her Euros and then we had lunch at a Thai restaurant and caught up with each other's news.  Went to Tesco on the way back.  Lorraine skilfully used vouchers to get £20 worth of stuff for £4.  Got home and took Suki for walk in Southfields park.  Then unpacked all the stuff and put it away and sorted the washing into piles - hoping for better weather tomorrow and Lorraine had lots of washing hanging around the place so seemed better to leave …

Saturday 24 August

Got up at 7 and had breakfast.  Made up Mike's bed and printed off route round Alton Reservoir. Set off at 8.45 am and arrived at visitor centre at 11.  Miserable wet day - persistent rain but reasonably light.  Didn't have change for car park but man at cycle centre said they wouldn't be round to check on a day like today with such bad weather.  Walked round cycle route, taking road alternative between Black Water Meadow and Birchwood.  About 8 miles - took two and a half hours. Got so hot in waterproof jacket I took it off as got less damp from rain than from being too hot.  When I got back had humus and olive bread with flask of tea sitting in back of boot with Suki. Had planned to have cat nap but last minute check of itinerary showed me ringing finished at 3 not 3.30 as I had thought.  So set off straight away for St Margarets in Ipswich.  Got there 20 mins before the end.  Succeeded in getting handbike, Penny's bike, wheelchair, Mike, Penny, me and dog into car t…

Friday 23 August

Got up at 8 - what a luxury.  Took suki to gunnersbury park for a change.  Took an hour to walk round.  Lorraine made lunch- pie filling and mash (frozen pastry having turned to mush so plans for pie abandoned). Finished another cross stitch block.  Did huge amount of washing and ironing. Caught up with paperwork too. Got humus from lebanese on way back from park in afternoon to go with olive bread which Lorraine and I had for supper.  Was ironing till 11 - but pleased to have got it out of the way.

Tuesday 20 August

Went for walk round Walberswick.  Through nature reserve,  across common and along river to sea. Had cup of tea at beach hut.  Lovely sunny day. Had intended to do shorter walk today because suki tired and somewhat reluctant to walk but got carried away and ended up walking for two and a half hours.  When I went through the gate into the nature reserve Suki seemed inordinately interested in something on the ground underneath it.  Turned out to be a bird on ground right by the gate. Not moving.  Possibly injured.  Definitely in shock.  Had gone when I returned.  Had mushrooms (left over from breakfast) on toast for lunch.  Did cross stitch in afternoon. Went to nearby londis and stocked up on adnams Southwold bitter at £17 for 12 bottles.  Went to pick up Mike from last tower as 12 mile cycle back. Had to take Suki for short walk away from tower as she was very distressed by the ringing.  Mike was keen to cycle back so I took the chair back and he really enjoyed the cycle without havi…

Wednesday 21 August

Took wheelchair to westhall and walked suki for 45 mins along nice footpath in nearby fields. . Then took chair to Beccles.  Nightmare parking.  In the end used blue badge.  Delivered chair and rang course of London royal.  Suki hated every minute of ringing.  Looked after by Anne while I rang.  Went to Dunwich forest and had jam sandwiches and flask of tea.  Then walked St Helena trail.  Took hour and a half.  Then went to st Peters brewery and bought lots of beer.  Waited for cyclists.  They just missed the bar. Transported beer for Simon and Jonathan. Went back to bunkhouse and arrived just as mark chilcott got off train.  Sat in courtyard drinking tea.  When Mike got back tried out the wheat beer which had been on special offer.   Pie and wedges cooked by Lawrence and Sylvia for supper.

Monday 19 August

Similar start to the day.  Didn't wash up but sneaked out to nearby londis while suki distracted by food to get more red milk. Made flask of tea today which was very welcome later.   Went for long walk from Dunwich forest to Dunwich heath then round along cliff path and on up to Dunwich through national trust mount Pleasant Farm and picking up Suffolk coast path.  From there walked back to forest.  Two sets of toilets which came in handy.   Stopped for tea on cliff path. Path over Dunwich heath narrow through mass of purple heather with occasional splashes of yellow gorse.  Coast path at Dunwich goes past remains of franciscan priory.  Lots of warning signs about propensity of cliff edge to crumble. Walk took over 3 hours.  Got back about 2  and finished off salad.  Did cross stitch in afternoon.  When they got back sat around in courtyard drinking beer and then wine. Suki noticeably calmer although still manic about the pool cues.  Had shepherd's pie for supper.  Helped wash…

Sunday 18 August

Got up at 7 and had shower.  Breakfast at 7.30.  I just had my own muesli and yoghurt. Helped with washing up.  Got Mike off and waited for others to leave.  Then went round closing windows.  Did teeth and went to Walberswick nature reserve.  Walked the length along public footpath.  Narrow and sometimes a boardwalk.  Thick high reed beds on either side for most of it.  Came back along Suffolk coast path and back through Dunwich forest picking up trail I was on yesterday.  About two and a half hours.  Went back to Darsham and had salad sandwiches for lunch.  Then did cross stitch until they got back at 6.  Suki got under people's feet in kitchen so took her off for an hour round circuit locally.  Worked well.  Had roast chicken breast for supper.  Actually my turn to wash up this time.  Finished by 9 - one hour earlier than yesterday!  Had early night.

Saturday 17 August

Better division of labour this time.  Mike walked suki while I packed the car.  Would have left at target time if I hadn't walked dog pooh through the house!  Spent 10 mins cleaning shoes and carpets.  Left at 9.15.  Arrived at pub in Yoxford at 11.45.  First to arrive.  Got bike out and then had crab and crayfish mayo baguette for lunch.  Mike went off at 1.30 (penny late because of faulty indicators).Suki and I went off to Dunwich forest and had a lovely walk.  Got to Darsham at 5 and unpacked,  sorted bed and mattress etc. Suki barked at everyone as they arrived.  Also manic barking at anyone playing pool-she only had to hear a pool ball being hit from wherever she was and she rushed in to the living room to bark at them.  Ended up sitting in bedroom with her as being a pain.  Steve and Harriet cooked sausage and mash for supper.  I didn't have the spotted dick pudding. Helped with washing up.  Pk has cancer.

Friday 16 August

Skipped breakfast as still feeling full from dinner last night.  Went to Twickenham for handbells.  Another failed attempt at Yorkshire.  Decided to go for Cambridge next time with me inside so practiced plain course on 3-4 and 5-6. Finished off packing in afternoon. Updated Satnav and put in a couple of routes for Suffolk. Got final itinerary by email.  Suki and I listed as official attendees under heading of back up.  Walked suki and went ringing. Did cross stitch in the car while they rang respectable qp of London - Hugo's first.

Thursday 15 August

Mike went to work and I walked suki. Then went for free health check.  Declared officially inactive!  Cholesterol levels back to normal and 6% risk of heart attack or stroke.  Appear to have shrunk by one inch as now 5'3. Spent rest of day packing and getting ready for rovers. Went to Bell and Crown for dinner with usual choir members. Macaroni cheese was good but somewhat rich.  Got home at 11 and went straight to bed.

Wednesday 14 August

Relaxed start.  Took suki out after breakfast.  Svetla quite late.  Sorted out arrangements for rovers with mike.  Did cross stitch in afternoon.  Small amount of progress.  Went to guy's in evening with mike to ring minor.  Didn't score anything but had good practice.  Went to café rouge after and had steak frites followed by clafoutis.  Had dessert wine too.  Got home just after 11.

Tuesday 13 August

Ringing handbells in the afternoon so took Suki for two hour walk in Burnham Beeches in the morning.  Sunny day and very pleasant walking - didn't see anyone except round the car parks.  Made cheese on toast for lunch and then went off to Highbury.  Rang peal of 8xspliced with Mike Trimm, Tom Hinks and David M.  A good peal with exciting moments!  Mike's little radio suddenly turned itself on in his bag about 40 minutes before the end - and stayed on!  Concentration levels went up and ringing slowed down but was good.  Completed peal in 2:15 - so we had been ringing very fast at first!  Had a cider to celebrate, while the others had a beer.  Helen came in from work and everyone else then drank several gin and tonics before we all went out for a curry.  About 10 minute walk away - but the food was very good.  Had one Cobra beer with it (everyone else had several!).  Possibly enjoyed the food more because hadn't been for a curry for quite a while. Got 9.30 train back and was…

Monday 12 August

Had a busy morning.  Had to wash all bedding including duvet - such a good drying day that duvet was dry enough to put back on the bed at night. Went to pharmacy and got aquacell. They couldn't trace wrist supports on system.  Then went to Westfield and got a couple of waterproof mattress protectors and had a happy time in the clearance sale at kathmandu. Got tee shirt and walking trousers with zip off bottoms plus another lightweight summit sack and some washing stuff for waterproofs.  Went to guy's in the evening and rang peal of Rutland on the tenors for the first time.  Bit of a struggle at times but ok and everyone very pleased.  Came back on the district line route and got salad wrap from Lara.  Enjoyed it at home with large glass of wine watching have I got news for you.  Qp of plain bob major was successful at Chiswick called by monica.

Sunday 11 August

Usual church and ringing circuit.  Lovely sunny day.  Mike did reading at 8 am then played organ then drove to Kent for Hugo qps.  Supposed to be Yorkshire royal at Leeds ended up as grandsire caters at Folkestone!  I took suki for little walk at midday then went church sitting.  Finished another block.  Almost on schedule now.  Need to do another block by end of week.  Took suki out again afterwards and then watched tv and did cross stitch for rest of evening.

Saturday 10 August

Got Mike off to ringing morning in East Hertfordshire.  Gary came for ladders at 8.30.  Quite sad to see him go.  Lee came back to free up remaining stuck window. Wrote to Carolyn.  Took suki to Burnham beeches for two hour walk. Explored permissive path through woods.  Not circular as expected but lovely walk.  Lots of deep sink holes and beautiful woods.   Came home and went to tesco.  Had tuna mayo bap and scone for lunch.  Did ironing then did cross stitch for rest of afternoon.  Had jacket potato for tea.  Watched Midsomer murders then cricket highlights then Lewis.  Polished off bottle of wine between us.

Friday 9 August

Got up early and had shower etc.  All packed and ready to go by 8.12.  Went to haldon woods and had lovely walk. Good drive home arriving 13.10.   Gary still working.  House a tip!  Depressing.  Mike went to tesco for milk and came back with cherry scones.  Delicious.  I moved lawn and then did unpacking.  Gary finished at 7.30.  Beginning to lose concentration and blue paint going everywhere!  Took me till 9.10 to clean up and get everything back to normal with nets up etc.  Didn't go ringing as front door had to be left ajar.  Had beer and lettuce sandwich and scone and went to bed.

Thursday 8 August

Similar to yesterday.  Had breakfast first.  Alarm maintenance at 8.30. Then took suki out.  Got diesel and went to stover.  Templar way circuit.  Fetched Mary back for coffee.  Had steak and Guinness purse for lunch from freezer.  Still fine.  Walked in Parke in afternoon.  Rang handbells with Tim from 6.30 till 10 trying for Carlisle group.  Had crumpets and beer before going to bed.

Wednesday 7 August

Got up 7.30 and had breakfast.  Did first load of washing.  Went out with suki at 9 up to moor.  Templar way from small car park then up bridleway and back along contour path.  Nice hour long trip.  Hot and sunny.  Went to Tracey house and brought Mary back to house for coffee.  Good idea as could see Mike and also get change of scenery.  And I could get on with washing and hanging it out.  Took her back for lunch.  We had soup.  Then went to beauty salon for relaxing back massage.  Wonderful!  Mike had finished jigsaw when I got back.   Took suki to plantation in the afternoon.  Mike went ringing at Lustleigh.  I cleared hedge cuttings into green bin and practiced some Carlisle and Rutland on Abel.  Then watched Lewis with glass of wine.

Tuesday 6 August

Got up late and had leisurely breakfast. Got 2 telephone calls and a text to say washing machine arriving between 1 and 5. Took suki up the moor as nice sunny morning.  Did circuit from small car park contouring round and over black tor and back along ridge.  Much less dry up there and plenty of puddles for suki to sit in.  Hay tor very crowded and sound of chattering could be heard from ridge.  Saw lots of ponies and foals.  Got back and went to library to return audio book.  Got a bit of shopping from tesco and some strong cheese and a pastie from Mann's. Mike went to ring for Barry's mothers funeral and stayed to the service but not the bun fight.  Shared the pastie for lunch.  Washing machine arrived about 3. Water taps turned to off position caused some consternation as old machine had apparently been working like that but it was all ok when disconnected.  Had to cut off plug and rig up extension lead to go through hole in unit top when they had gone and also screw down …

Monday 5 August

Got up early and had breakfast then took suki to the shops as raining.  Did some more cross stitch. Had early lunch of rump steak (found in freezer) and jacket potatoes.   Mike went off to ring a peal at Highweek in the afternoon. Torrential rain all afternoon which eventuality eased off at 4. Went out then and walked to parke with suki and did circuit out by river and back along track.  Got back about 6 and went out ringing at 7. Nice practice - only 8 ringers. Lisa tried the 7 for the first time.  Went to pub afterwards and drank too much house scotch again.

Sunday 4 August

Got up 6.30 and took suki for short walk.  Had porridge and blueberries for breakfast then went to 8 am service. Stayed on for ringing.  Mike went to Lustleigh but I went home and made some coffee and did cross stitch.  Mike started jigsaw when he came back. Rained all day.  Had soup for lunch. Went to parke for walk and the heavens opened.  Got umbrella from car - suki walked between us sheltering from the rain too!  Got quite wet anyway.  Went to see Mary then home for more cross stitching and jigsaw.  Had pasta for supper and watched poirot with glass of wine.  Then watched brilliant programme I had recorded - folk on BBC from fifties and sixties.

Saturday 3 August

Got up early and walked suki then had breakfast and packed car.  Gary came at 9 so helped him put ladders in hall and set off for Devon. heavy traffic and several delays added an hour to the journey.  Had quick cup of tea at the house and then went off to Widdecombe for the invitation striking competition.  Arrived at 2.30 just as it started.  Left Mike to it and went off for a walk on the moor - doing a circuit with help of birthday map maryanne gave me. Steep climb to begin with but lovely once up.  Nice to see different views of moor.  Could hear the bells most of the way round - as could suki!  Slight navigation error on way down just as I met couple who asked me the way.  Sent them off on route I thought I was on.  Soon found it going off in wrong direction and retraced steps and found the right way.  Lots of keep out signs made the place feel very unfriendly.  Guess that is the problem with tourist spots.  Very glad to see couple go by as I was buying a Devon toffee ice cream.  …

Friday 2 August

Thunderstorms this morning.  Suki petrified again - even though the thunder was some way away and there was no lightning.  Crawled under the side panel of the computer desk and onto the bottom shelf!

Still warm but about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. All paperwork dealt with and shredded so actually sat and cross stitched for a while.  Went to Barnes with mike and had to ring because Hugo didn't turn up.  Qp of Pudsey called by oli - rubbish composition!  Joined in the practice quite a bit too.  Had lamb steak in pub. Nice bone for dog.

Thursday 1 August

Hottest day of the year so far.  34 degrees.  Poor Gary was melting.  Finished all paperwork and shredding!  Went to dumping ground at last.  Gary got fan down from loft.  Suki suffering with heat and not very interested in walks.  Went to guy's to ring handbells in the evening.  Rang in fish lab which was lovely and cool.  Didn't score peal but had a good ring.  Went for supper at cafe rouge.  Steak frites again.  Scotch and ice when I got home.

Wednesday 31 July

Mike went to work today and then straight out to Radlett in the evening so had the whole day and evening to myself. Walked suki later when svetla here. Listened to 3 lots of archers and also archers extra omnibus.  Did lots of paperwork also washing and ironing. Cross stitch in the evening watching more Lewis.