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October - and Jayne goes back to India

I took Suki to the Pet Service at St Nick's on 1 October - we walked there and back!  She wasn't quite as settled as she has been in previous years - probably more nervous after the attack - and she growled at Fr Simon when he came to bless her, but I had plenty of treats ready as bribes.  There were also plenty of dog biscuits going at the end of the service so I think she enjoyed that bit at least.

The following day I rang a QP of PB Major on handbells before the Chiswick Practice for QP week, and then had to ring all evening as there were only 6 of us.  My wrists were really painful for the rest of the week.

Then it was off to Devon for the last time with Jayne.  We had a busy fortnight finishing off all the bits and pieces on "the list", but also had some quality time together, especially in the evenings. I even got round to taking a nice photo of the kitchen blind and chairs and emailed it to Victoria for her web site.

Lee and Emma came over a couple of times fo…