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Run up to Christmas

The weekend of 23rd November started with QPs and a peal for Dennis Brock's 100th birthday - Mike was involved in the ringing, having organised a lot of it, and we both went to the end of the service on Sunday in Sunbury - where Mike got a wave from Dennis and from the Bishop as they processed out, making others in the congregation wonder who this celebrity was who had sneaked in at the back!  There was a buffet lunch in the hall, but it was packed out so we just had a cup of tea and stayed around for a bit and then went home. There was an item on the BBC TV London News too - with Mike occasionally coming into view.

My diary was very full for the next few weeks right up until Christmas, and I didn't get back to the gym and fitness classes for the rest of the year.  I did however renew my membership, and book up for a refresher session in the gym in the new year.  I also purchased a leg-master and a v-fit stepper which I had seen advertised on Gumtree.  I drove over to Hilling…

Christmas Newsletter 2018

(click here for short, 2-page version pdf!)

Doesn’t time fly! It seems no time at all since I was composing last year’s letter. What a gorgeous summer we had - the heatwave seemed to go on for ever and I spent many a happy hour sitting in the garden - as did Suki!

As expected, Mary (Mike’s mum) passed away on 13th December last year - nearly 5 weeks after she first took to her bed and stopped eating.  Everyone at Tracey House was so good with her, caring for her and keeping her comfortable. They also took care of everything at the end which was very helpful. We were fortunate to be able to have the funeral before Christmas so it wasn’t hanging over until the new year. Mary had written down her wishes for hymns and readings and even a potted history for the eulogy! It was very easy to organise, even from a distance. She was well known at the church and there was a good attendance - I was particularly glad that her 90-year old friend, who had been her bridesmaid, was able to make it.  …

Ringing Weekend in Devon

I got back home at 9.30 pm - and met Mike in the street returning from a QP and practice at Chelsea Old Church.  It was a quick turnaround the next day as we were heading to Devon for a ringing weekend organised by Mike. Claire, Bjorn, Louise Palmer and Dave were coming down to stay with us, and the bands were being made up by locals, including Bob (on Friday) and Peter (on Saturday and Sunday).

We travelled independently so that I could stay on for a few days afterwards.  Mike went to work and I unpacked, did all the washing, put the house in order and walked Suki before setting off - arriving about 3 pm.  I just had time to sort out the huge pile of post before Mike turned up at 5.30 pm which was a nice surprise.

It was a very successful weekend - they scored all the QPs that were attempted (7 on Friday, 5 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday).  There was a curry theme to the methods chosen so it was appropriate that we had a curry on Friday night in Bovey, which was very nice. On Saturday w…

Birthday and Visit to Majorca

November started as October had finished - with no time to go to fitness classes! Monica fell over at the weekend in Maidenhead - dropping Marcia off from their trip to Tulloch, so she had been driving for 10 hours - and was in hospital in Slough with a broken hip, which had been pinned.  I went over to see her - what a nightmare it was trying to park in the hospital car park, with lots of vehicles going round and round waiting for someone to come out of a space.  In the end I gave up and came out intending to park on a road somewhere and walk, and was extremely lucky to find a space in the long layby outside.  A two-hour slot which suited me well.  Monica seemed to be quite cheerful and well and was already able to walk slowly down the corridor on someone's arm to use the facilities.

I had lunch with Len and Janet on 1st Nov - we met at Paddington station (torrential downpour thankfully easing as we left its shelter) and went to the Ask Italian Restaurant just a couple of minutes…