Another week in Devon

I fitted in another enjoyable week in Devon - driving down on Tuesday 12th.  Jayne and I are beginning to work through "The List" of things to do or sort out before she goes back to India in October.

I finished off sorting out her music library, getting rid of duplicates and putting albums in the right folders.

We also made a start on refurbishing the shed to withstand the winter.  We couldn't get the cladding we wanted in B&Q or Jewsons, but were directed to a timber merchant near Ipplepen.  We went there in the pouring rain, intending to pick up the timber and then go on to the storage unit in South Brent.  However the cladding only just fitted in the car lengthwise diagonally and so we decided to take it back to the house and make a separate trip to the storage unit.  Jayne was squashed under it in the front seat holding it from hitting the windscreen.  Then we went to the storage unit and emptied it - and again Jayne ended up squashed under the Ikea unit which just fitted in diagonally.  Jayne was pleased to finally be rid of the storage unit costs.

Tom made a start on the shed, under Jayne's supervision, while I was out ringing handbells - a QP of 6 spliced surprise major.  He did a good job and it looked much better and definitely sturdier.

Lee and Emma came over to help with clearing out and sorting the garage.  Emma and I took the dogs out for a long walk in Parke, leaving Jayne and Lee to get on with it.  We had a lovely walk - despite the torrential rain which fell on us just as we were at the furthest point away from the house!  Otherwise the weather was lovely with sun and blue skies.  When we got back the garage was done - and was so much better.  Everything was neatly stacked round the sides on shelves and there was plenty of room to move about.  Lee then set about tidying up round the shed and getting rid of all the undergrowth and brambles.  Suki and Beau had a major fight so we had to keep them separated.  Emma told us she was pregnant, due in April - which was lovely news.

We had Sunday lunch at the Dolphin - very nice but far too much!  We shared a starter and a dessert but we could have done with sharing the main course too.

I went to see Mary a couple of times.  The second time the travelling was horrendous as the Haytor Road was closed and all the traffic had to use the Manaton road.  There was complete gridlock at every passing place, and I had to squeeze by such a small space at one point I scratched the car right along the length of the side on the hedge.  I wouldn't have gone but I had promised to take her a card to sign for Mike's birthday.  I told her we were going to Lord's for the day next week and she remembered going to Lord's as a child with her grandfather and taking packed lunch prepared by her mother.  She said you had to sit on benches without backs (I was very glad when I got to Lord's to find that it was all seats now).

Suki and I had some lovely walks, especially the ones in Yarner Wood.

There were only 5 of us at ringing on Sunday morning.  I also rang at Lustleigh in the evening for their Harvest Festival service - Bob gave me a lift.  The Monday night practice was reasonably well attended, mainly by learners from other towers, but neither Bob nor Anne were there so it didn't have much direction.

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