The start of 2015

My 2015 resolution is just to blog the events each month rather than write a diary each day.

Monday 5th - QP at Clapham of Carlisle above methods failed again but we had a good practice.  I drove which only took half an hour each way as the traffic was so light.

Tuesday 6th - Bethany's birthday.  Saw our first parakeets in the garden!  No doubt we will soon be overrun with them.  Had annual car service and MOT.  They didn't turn up until 12.10 to pick up the car - suki waiting for her walk all that time.  First rehearsal of B Minor Mass - ok so will try to stick with it.
Wendy sitting at
 our "desk"

Where the photocopier used to be
Wednesday 7th.  Lunch with Wendy.  Met up at Pizza Express and had a good laugh and a catch up.  Then went and looked round Somerset House.  Amazed at how it has been refurbished and turned into a posh restaurant and bar.  Went in to look at our old office - which is now a bar - and sat at tables where our desks used to be.  Then wandered down the Strand remarking at how it had changed and remembering what old shops used to be there.  Must be getting old.

Thursday 8th.  Heavy rain.  Suki had her xrays and diagnosed with severe arthritis - poor thing.  Painkillers prescribed and special dog food.

Friday 9th.  Lost peal of 4xspliced with Steve, Hamish and Margaret in the last part when Steve had a panic about how many leads of Cambridge we had rung and put a bob in early. I was terrible to start but settled into it and stayed solid when all around crumbled in one of the Rutland courses.   Front castor sheared off Mike's wheelchair as I helped him up the steps at Barnes.  I had to go back home and get spare chair.  When I got back Mike was of course ringing - with the front of the chair supported by boxes.  Lorraine had Lisa and Sabrina over for the weekend - they arrived on Friday night and left on Saturday.

Saturday 10th - South & West District ADM.  We turned up in time for the service, tea and meeting.  Collected quite a lot of subs.  Meeting was quite short considering.  There was no sign of a quiz happening afterwards.

Sunday 11th.  Went to the cinema with Lorraine in the afternoon to see The Theory of Everything - very good film although I didn't empathise much with the Stephen Hawking character -  I have never like him in real life. However I had a lot of empathy for his wife - a bit too close to home for comfort!  In the evening went with Mike to try Kalamari restaurant again.  This time had a great time - proprietor very welcoming and helpful, nice greek wine, and excellent food. We shared a main course but had a starter and a dessert each, plus a greek coffee (like Turkish).  Even had a complimentary limoncello at the end.

High winds on Saturday brought down a very large tree in Wendell Park right across the entrance by the playground.

Ringing was somewhat dire at Chiswick - Monica was a bit distracted by her forthcoming trip to South Africa on Wednesday and did not go to the pub so that she could go home and print out all the paperwork.

Spent the day on  Tuesday trying to sort out web site problem for Barnes - news feed from CofE not working.  Took all day - finally cracked it at 3.45 pm when I worked out the coding they provided on their web site was faulty!

Snow on Dartmoor on Wednesday - the day I went down to Devon this month.  Mike went to work that day so I got an early start - the motorways were fine and the weather was fine and sunny.  The moor near Bovey had a light smattering when i went up in the afternoon to walk Suki - but the wind was fierce and the sky grew very dark and it started to rain heavily just as I got back to the car.  I went to see Mary on the way back to the house.  The road was closed and being dug up right by our drive - I couldn't get in when I arrived because Helena's car was by the drive and there was also a large lorry in the road, so I left the car on the road.  Later I was able to get the car in and out ok.

Had a lovely first evening chilling and watching tv, after making all the beds and putting all the Christmas stuff away.  I lit all the candles and cooked myself a meal of grilled fish (made it taste nice with the rapeseed oil from food festival - the lemongrass one) with mash potato and finished off frozen peas.

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