Roving Ringers Reunion Weekend 21-22 Feb

Lee and Emma picked up Suki on Friday afternoon - which left us clear on Saturday to just get up and go.  We were going to listen to the Everest book on the way up to Huntingdon - but we couldn't get the phone audio to work through the bluetooth on the car, even though the phone was shown as paired.  So we listened to an interesting programme on the Bach Magnificat instead.  We set off a bit late but got to the first tower at Godmanchester about 10.20 am and Hal immediately came down and carried Mike up.  I tried to ring there but they were too heavy for me and the ropes were new and springy so I didn't carry on.  The next tower was St Ives - which was a ground floor ring with an awful lot of rope, so I didn't ring there but stayed around in the body of the church chatting.  I walked back to the town before the session finished and had a happy time browsing round the shops and farmers marker.  I got myself some nail varnish - another first shock horror!!  At the market I bought a Wild Beaver pie (steak in beaver ale!) and a Penguin Pie (fish!).  Then went to the pub to meet up with the others for lunch.  We both had a light lunch - and went across to Greg's afterwards to get a cake for dessert.  I got a belgian bun which I kept for later, but Mike found a sheltered spot in the high street and ate his custard slice there and then.  We then had a look round the little museum which was rather interesting, and went back along the river so Mike could look out for possible mooring spots for Intrepid.  I rang at the tower after lunch, which were light and easy going, but didn't ring at the final tower which was a tricky 6.  I sat in the car and ate my belgian bun - and got the phone audio working through the bluetooth so were were then able to listen to the book for the rest of the weekend.  The Marriott Hotel at Huntingdon was very nice and we had a ground floor room close to the bar.  I had brought some of my new clothes to wear - and they went very well with my pink jewellery from Sidmouth Folk Festival and my turkey sandals.  I had also remembered to bring my charm bracelet.  The meal was very good - we had a strange pinot noir wine with it but it grew on me after a glass or two.  At the meeting Helen took over as President, and David Richardson became Master.  I got myself a double scotch to see me through proceedings - so didn't feel much like trying anything too challenging on handbells afterwards!  On the Sunday we had a nice relaxed start with breakfast at 8.30 and then off to Over - a ground floor ring where once again there was a very long draft so I didn't ring.  Tony tried them but couldn't manage the long draft.  Then we went to Cambridge.  I left Mike at Great St Mary's to ring and went for a coffee - found Helen and Tony in a nearby cafe and then ended up drinking Helen's coffee as she had to go and ring.  Tony and I went to find the loos and then wandered round the market.  I bought some incense, an olive loaf, a couple of jamaican patties and some decorated gingerbread.  Then we went to the pub to wait for the others to join us.  The roast lunch was excellent. We finished the afternoon at the catholic church - by which time it was pouring with rain and very cold.  I went up the tower but I didn't ring - read my book on Kobo.  I am enjoying Gone Girl a lot - it certainly is better than the film (although to be fair I enjoyed the film except for the ending).  We listened to Everest all the way home - arriving back around 6.45 pm.  Suki didn't come home until the next day!
Handbells after the dinner
Scrubbed up!

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