Butlins 2015

Having packed before going off to Devon, I was ready to leave once I had walked Suki and had breakfast.  Lorraine and I got off at 10 and had a good journey down to Bognor arriving about 12. We checked all of us in to the hotel and then had a coffee and sandwich in the hotel cafe. Carolyn, Leanne and Ollie arrived about 1.30 and John arrived about 3 - by which time we were all in Lorraine/Leanne's room waiting for mine to be ready (the last).  We had rooms next to each other which was good. Each day there would be a towel sculpture left by the cleaners - which was a rather nice touch.

 We did all the usual things - funfair, amusements, soccer training.  I went to Splashworld twice with Ollie - Lorraine couldn't go because of her recent tattoo so it was all down to me. Ollie and I went down the white slide a lot - I shall give up when he wants to start going down the flues!  We ate at the diner the first evening - Mitzi had left which was a big disappointment to Ollie.  I had nachos which were also rather disappointing!  Leanne and Lorraine had a couple of goes at Archery and Lorraine booked in for the climbing etc on the last day, but it poured with rain so she abandoned the idea.  We both booked in for the Great British Folk Festival in December at Skegness while we were there.

I walked in to Bognor on Wednesday morning, while the others went to Ollie's soccer training and then John and Carolyn came on the noddy train to join me.  I had a wonderful time walking round the shops and indulged in lots of retail therapy.  I was particularly pleased with my purchase of a pink shopping trolley - which also helped carry everything else back.  With my freedom pass and state pension I am now a proper pensioner!!

We had a lovely family meal on Wednesday evening - courtesy of John - in Turners and we were impressed both by the menu and the professionalism of the staff.  Things seemed to have improved a lot since last year.  In fact we hardly found anything to complain about the whole time we were there which is unheard of! On the last night I went for a meal with Leanne and Ollie at the diner again and then we went to the funfair which was open late, while the other three went to see Steven Mulhern on stage. Then Lorraine and John had a meal at Pappa Johns while Carolyn went back to her room.  Things were a bit tense the next day at breakfast - while at the same time everyone seemed keen to go for 7 days next year.  Perhaps with more time to do things on our own it might be ok.

John's photos are here https://goo.gl/photos/Xa7S1Y68HbcdFQw2A

Lorraine's photos are here https://goo.gl/photos/TYqBRfMPgoxf8fDb7

And mine and Leanne's are here https://www.flickr.com/gp/jillwig/h72xw2

Someday I will put them all in one album!

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