Friday 14th November

Slept badly.  Got up at 3 and made a cup of tea and watched Morse on ipad.  Very heavy rain and strong winds during the night - lovely lying snug under the duvet listening to it.  Stayed awake until 5.50 and thought I would get up at 6 but  then fell asleep until 7.30.    Lovely sunny day so went up on the moor.  Did a new route - up over Saddle Tor from the car park then straight on towards Hay Tor.  At the bottom contoured round to the right and kept contouring right round the tor.  Brought me out at the top of the quarry and then took the path to the tramway and walked back along it to the end.  The cut across on a path which took me over a tor and round the back of Saddle Tor to pick up the public footpath back to the car park.  Really lovely walk.  Then went to see Mary until lunchtime. In the afternoon I thoroughly cleaned the porch and the utility room.  Looking much better.  Went for a walk in the plantation by which time it was raining again.  Went to Wolborough in the evening with Ann - foul weather by then.  Russell away so it was run by Tim.  Was in bed before 10 pm with a hot drink and a sherry - and went straight to sleep!

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