Saturday 15th November

Had a good night's sleep thank goodness, and was ready to get up at 7.15.  Very foggy but it was starting to lift as I got in the car at 9.15 so decided to go up to the moor.  Still foggy up there but lifting.  Had some nice rain to start with - quite heavy but I had all my waterproofs on.  Then it stopped and the sun came out.  Nice rainbow over Hound Tor.  Did the usual circuit from the small car park in reverse - ie up the big track and back by the contour from Black Hill.   Had spectacular views on the way back of the valley below and the low lying fog still to clear - especially towards Teignmouth.  Went to Bell with Suki at lunchtime and met up with Barry Bob Tony Karen(?) and Paul. Had pint of shandy and a cheese and onion roll. Went to Arnolds afterwards and bought a new and smaller smoke alarm plus some no nails. Did the hoovering and also glued smoke alarm holder to cupboard door and erected shower shelves (gluing top to ceiling). Very pleased with achievements. Put all clothes in the washing machine and went to bed at 7pm! Aborted plans to have shower as wanted glue to set. Having failed over two days to download Gravity I watched it by streaming direct from Drive. Then put washing on radiators and watched Lewis on iPlayer before having early night.  Weather was atrocious again - lots of torrential rain. 

Rainbow over Hound Tor

Rainbow over Hound Tor using zoom

Looking down over Yarner Wood

Looking out towards Teignmouth

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