A nice weekend - but must stop falling over! 6-9 June

I went home on Friday 6 June, calling in at the Half Moon in Horsington on the way to meet up with Jay for lunch.  Had beautiful Ham Eggs and Chips - although it lay heavy on the stomach for the rest of the day.

I have fallen over twice this weekend.  The first time I smacked a full bottle of Chateau Neuf du Pape which was somewhat distressing. I was walking round to CJs on Saturday and thought I would take one of my special birthday present wines for a change. Trust that to be the time when I misjudge the kerb and fall flat on my face ( well hands and knees ). I scraped the skin a bit, but was most upset about the wine.  I went back and got the other bottle I had - anniversary 2012 this time.  Then on Monday I skidded on the wooden ramp outside the back of the pub ( before I had had a drink!) which was wet and slippery with mossy stuff - and I was only checking that no-one had blocked the disabled access with their car as Tony was at Chiswick that evening so their were two wheelchairs to get through.  I walloped my leg a lot harder that time and it was bruised for several days.

Suki went off with Lee and Emma on Sunday afternoon and Mike and I went over to Steve's to attempt a peal of surprise minor.  We didn't get anywhere near but had about 3 hours of practice!  Afterwards we hosted supper in the Italian restaurant in Twickenham for Steve, Mary, Maryanne, Monica, Susie, Pete and Muffie. It was a great evening and everyone really enjoyed it.  The food was excellent and we had a couple of bottles of really good montepulciano to wash it down.  I ran Monica and Susie home afterwards, and Susie gave me the picture of Roger's she had promised me.  I was so pleased to have it and will treasure it always.  Lorraine helped me put it up over the living room door the next day (with a bit of girlie measuring!).
The picture belonging to Roger
given to me by Susie

On Monday 9th I went over to Clapham to ring a QP of Carlisle - but we met short as Tom had not sent out a reminder and Jinny had not got it in her diary and was in Suffolk.  So the 5 of us went for a coffee and then I went home again.  Ho hum!

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