Monday 23 June

Took Jayne tea in bed. Did some washing and took Suki out for an hour on the moor. Her leg seemed ok at first but she was soon limping again. Just went from small car park to quarry and back round. When I got back Jayne was up and doing stuff on computer. I had coffee then went to Exeter and rang nice QP Of 6-spliced wih Tim, Sue Sparling and Lynne. Went to Sainsbury again and got a couple more t-shirts and some wine and Becks Blue for home. Picked up veg samosas for lunch and spinach cheese and roasted pepper tartlets for supper which we had with potatoes from the garden. Sat in garden for a couple of hours with Jayne which was nice and had gin and tonic. Went to Bovey practice and then went for a drink as last night for a while. Had nightcap with Jayne when I got in.

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