Barbecue and sunshine Friday 13 June

We used my little pink barbecue for the first time on Friday evening (ringing at Woolborough was cancelled).  Did everything wrong such as putting the lid on while the coals were heating up (which ensured they didn't) and noticing I should have lined it with foil after I had lit it.  I made veg kebabs and had marinaded turkey steaks in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice and garlic.  We ended up eating very late but the food was delicious.  We used it again the next evening with much more success - I had the coals lit at 6 and the food cooking nicely over hot ash by 6.45.  We used up the meat I had in the freezer - minted lamb kebabs and chicken lollipops, and again had veg kebabs.
The food finally goes on!

After the barbecue - candles and lights

After the barbecue - fleece and jumper
(and chocolate)

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