Friday 20 June

Rowena's birthday. I sent a text. Got up at 7.30 and did same as yesterday. Drove to lower Trendebeare car park and picked up footpath into Bovey Valley quite easily. Kept to the path and up on to hound tor ridge the along behind Becky Falls. Lots of miserable signs warning people not to go off path without ticket so decided to return the way I had come. Then went up by stream onto the Heath and contoured round to road before being able to cross steam and contour back to car park. Thought my car had been stolen then realised I was in middle car park not lower one. Went to see Mary and have a coffee with her. Got back about 12 and went straight into the garden where I stayed sunbathing and cross stitching until 4 again. Lorraine rang to ask about buying new carpet - Carolyn is at the house helping her decorate her room. Had shower at 4 then took suki out for short walk - still very hot. Went to barn dance in the evening at The Dolphin. Margaret had asked me to go and Jayne came too so it was more bearable. Bit of a shambles with caller who didn't seem to know the dances himself and had difficulty reading the cards but managed to have some fun I suppose. Glad I went for Margaret's sake.

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