Saturday 25th October

Mike and I took Suki to Stover for a walk in the morning while Jayne went for coffee with Pat and Annette.  Then we tidied up the house and Jayne hoovered round and touched up the paintwork in the bathroom.  We had veg soup for lunch and then we packed up the car and left for London.  We got back home just after 5 and booked a table at CJs for 7 pm.  We had a cup of tea and sorted stuff out and then went round for a lovely meal - we each had ristafel extra.  We took a good bottle of red wine, plus the bottle of dessert wine we had had for years which needed drinking up.  Went straight to bed when we got home.  Lorraine stayed at Carolyn's - she was a bit upset as her car had been vandalised whilst parked in Dordrecht road so she didn't want to risk it happening again.

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