Wednesday 22nd October

Jayne went to Glastonbury for a couple of days to say goodbye to friends.  Went for a walk with Trisha and Suki on the moor - the usual one from the top car park, over Hay Tor and down to the tramway then back through the quarry.  Got back with just enough time to change shoes and make Mike a cup of tea, then drive to The Dolphin for 11 am meeting  - where we got a cup of coffee.  They couldn't do next July because they have a regular car rally group that weekend.  Then went on to The Cromwell.  Gary very helpful and we had a look at the rooms which were very nice.  Dates clashed with possible wedding of wife's schoolfriend that weekend - but they are going to ask her if she can change the date!  Got back to house at 11.30 and then the three of us went out for lunch at Cafe 64 which was very nice.  I had the pate and toast again.  Dropped Trisha off at Newton Abbot station at 2.30 and went straight on to plantation for an hour's walk with Suki.  Tim came over in the evening and we ran a QP of Carlisle/Cambridge 23 spliced minor on handbells and then rang some of the other methods, including nearly ringing a QP of Warkworth.  When he had gone we had a beer before going to bed.

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