Saturday 4th October

Rained heavily all night and still raining when I got up (latish). Walked on the moor in the morning - thinking we were going to get wet, but as we got out of the car the rain stopped and we could see the edge of the weather front passing over us followed by blue sky and sunshine.  Went from small car park to Black Hill and back along the tramway.  Then went to see Mary - she was playing bingo but stopped to come and talk to us.  Suki rather truculent and grumpy!  In the afternoon wrestled for two hours with the loo seat, and came to the conclusion that it was faulty as the spindles kept falling out when we tightened them.  Left it in place albeit somewhat wobbly until we could take it back.  Took Suki for a quick walk in Parke - got a space in the layby after third time of passing!

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