Thursday 9th October

Got up at 6 am after restless night.  Mike went to work and I took Suki out early.  Did some more taping of book/drama tapes - it will be a slow process.  Converted Dad's CD to MP3 so now I can listen to it on my phone.  Went to Tesco with Lorraine and bought a few bits and pieces. Finished Audible book Natural Causes by James Oswald.  Enjoyed it except for reliance on existence of "demons" passing from one person to another.  Seemed to spoil an otherwise good story.  Scored highest Bejewelled score to date this morning. Went for supper with Pru and Caroline in the evening - went to Tas again and had a delicious meal, including baklava (a three-pieces portion each!) and I had a raki. When I got in I converted Dad's Memories DVD to MP3 and loaded it on to my phone - very pleased with the free software I found to do this.

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