Friday 29th August

Went to Denham with Lorraine to walk Suki. It was good to get out for a couple of hours as suki somewhat short changed re walks recently. Went up by the lake and back by the canal. Got home about 2 pm and had Soulful Pots (butternut squash and lentil) for lunch. Caught up with blog in the afternoon. Then went to Tesco with Lorraine. Joyce rang re letter for typing - Anne Coward has cancer of the ear. Went ringing with Mike in the evening. Sat in vestry while they rang QP of Yorkshire. Rang a bit in the practice. Got payment from most of stragglers. Pub had withdrawn menus because of function but after complaints from us took orders. We all had fish and chips (they had run out if Nachos) Quite nice but I left all the batter as too greasy. Mike opened toffee vodka for me when we got home and I had a nightcap. Delicious.

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