Thursday 25th September

Got up early to see mike off to work. Had chat with Malc and long chat with Jayne on the phone and finished off conversion of CDs. Went to Patricia's for lunch. Drove to Duke's Meadows and found plenty of parking. Cut out the boring road bit of the walk and also cut down on the time especially on the way back. Nice lunch of chick peas and spinach followed by melon balls. Got home and had shower then went to St Margaret's for Middx central committee meeting. Was a bit early so went to get a coffee at stall outside Westminster Abbey. Person was on the phone for a long time but I waited patiently and with good humour - and she gave me the coffee for free. Manned the door from 6 while members of committee rang a QP. Meeting finished at 8.30 and I went home and had toast and a couple of glasses of red wine while emailing Maryanne, updating satnav and watching Wycliffe in bed.

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